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  1. Would liked to know where I can buy jaggery (indian sugar) in Johor. As I hd been asking around and not a lot of people know where to buy it. Hope u can help me in this matter.

  2. Where can I buy big glass jar???

    Use Oligo sugar instead of rock sugar or ‘pian tang’ for healthy purpose. Oligo can be found in Tesco (Organic food section) or Organic shop.

  3. xinlan ….
    u can get jageery in most indian grocery shop … some come in loose form … while others in rock form …
    jaggery is a hindi word … but most indian in malaysia speak tamil … so it u ask for jaggery … they most probably will tell u “ta ada” … hahaha …
    so my advice is – ask for brown sugar dari india … and compare wat u see to wat mr enzymo has posted here …
    but personally i think pian-tang can do the trick already … no need jaggery la ….

  4. hahaha … pei sei … mr enzymo …
    i din realise it is an old posting le … hahaha … i thought this photo gallery thread is newly added …
    u know wat … i added dragon fruit enzyme to my kefir this morning …. to get a double booster to deter h1n1 … hahaha ….
    joyful will sure tease me lou-mong-don liao … hahaha ….

  5. Hahahahahaha, this is so hilarious !!

    Thomas, please excuse him, he just came back from outer space, lost a bit of his orientation. So, blame not on the kefir, hahaha. The way we brew kefir can never get that much alcohol unless he drank the kefir he made in July last year.

    Boy, my lunch got digested in a matter of minutes after the good laugh…

  6. haiya … u two not very good kawan le … like that also want to tease me … sob … sob …

    u know i i took the trouble to ask my indian friends … that is why i know jaggery is a hindi word … if we ask a tamil speaking indian … they too wont know wat it is … and will tell u “ta ada” ….

    for this … i thought i deserve to receive two claps …. hahaha …

  7. 1) I notice that in your recipes from the book, you don’t peel the skin of lemon. I have heard that lemon skin, likes its seeds, can cause bitterness. Is it true? Is it alright that I discard the skin?

    2) Before I found your book, I had read from other books that only request for 2 weeks of soaking the mistures. I made one but the result was alcohol. How many weeks should the process be (mad and min) so that I can get rid of that heavy alcohol taste?


  8. foong,
    I am try to make natural, healthy & eco-friendly enzyme here, not the best tasting enzyme. Most people think sweet is tasty but not me. When I eat bitter gourd I enjoy the bitterness, When I eat lemon, I enjoy the sourness, …. there’s must be a reason why God created so many taste…maybe He wants us to enjoy difference taste, because each taste represented difference nutrition, no ?

    I am trying to use all natural ingredients in the enzyme making, most of the DIY enzyme lovers do not like the bitter taste of the lemon, so if you are 1 of them, then you need to peel off the skin and get rid of the white layer (between the flesh & the skin), which I think is a waste if you throw it away, but anyway it is your choice.

    I always avoid seeds in the enzyme diy, that is why you don’t see me doing Dragon Fruit Enzyme in the book. The reason is because of the enzyme inhibitors, or you can refer to the book, there are some write up by the editor.

    There are many methods & theories in enzyme diy, my method is just 1 of them. By using natural sugar and ferment in a (almost) sealed container, alcohol is unavoidable. You can try to open the lid during fermentation to let go some of the alcohol but you have to take note on the contamination risk.
    There are other type of sugar that will not produce alcohol but you have to ask the one who recommended & selling it.

    I hope I have answered your Qs. Take for your support 🙂

  9. joyful,

    May I know what is the taste of kefir, bcos I don’t take milk so as my children.
    I am really enjoy reading the mails but still have no time to diy the enzyme as well
    as kefir yet!

  10. June,

    It’s interesting how sometimes we can dream or think about something we love to do in life but when we are awake or back to our daily routine and busyness, those dreams slipped by us. Same analogy applies with diy enzyme and kefir brewing.

    So, June, get into action tomorrow. Don’t think too much, just go and buy the necessary utensils and materials and join the fun.

    Kefir tastes like sour cream or liquid yogurt. If you are afraid of milk, you will miss out the wonderful nutrients of milk. Kefir is a value added milk.

    And June, why are you found here in photo gallery talking about Kefir? Find you way to the Tale of Kefir, can? Your Q may be valuable to the new Kefir readers there 🙂

  11. Hi taywusiew,

    This blog contains a lot a lot of information and sharing about DIY enzyme for healthy living. Please feel free to explore each thread when you have the time.


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