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你可以先参考[交流区(1)]讨论过的问题, 可能有你想知道的答案.  再不然你可以把你的自制酵素的心得和问题放上来,跟大家交流交流。

Please feel free to discuss anything related to Homemade Enzyme here. You might want to take a look at some of the F.A.Q [here].


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  1. 5 color bean enzyme…
    i have recently harvested the said enzyme … result ??? incredibly GOOD … hahaha … wanna try ???
    for the medium size horlick bottle … u need … red, green, white, yellow and black bean … 60 gm each …
    wash the bean thoroughly … soak all the beans the nite b4 till the next morning …
    wash n rise the bean thoroughly … n refil the water n soak till nite …
    wash n rinse the bean thoroughly for the last time … u can see the bean begin to break …
    pour the content into a sieve n let them drip dry till the next morning …
    pour the bean into the bottle … a layer of bean … a layer of sugar (pian tang) till the end … top up with sugar again … close the cap … n wait for 3 – 4 weeks …
    result ??? u get a bottle of malt like enzyme … sweet … n smell of black soy bean …
    some said taste like essence of chicken … some said like malta … some said like soya sauce … watever it is … it taste VERY GOOD ….
    give it a try … u wont regret …
    ps … according to the chinese sen-sei … black is good for the kidney … red for heart … white for the lung … yellow for the spleen … green for liver … the 5 major organs in the body ….

  2. 凡夫俗子

    wao….five colour bean enzyme….really a good try…nvr heard tat beans can use to do enzyme….i juz knw tat black bean is really helps in producing blood…n it is taste good using to boil soup…i will try it after i back to my hometome…

  3. 婉妍
    i m sure u can get glass bottle or containers in most supermarket …
    do u live in msia … which part ???
    i have bought these glass containers in jj … ikea … or shops selling kitchen utensil …
    the price varies with the size of the container … ranging from a fes ringgits to rm30+
    usually glass bottles are preferred for making enzyme meant for our consumption …. u may use plastic rubbish bin for garbage enzyme though …
    one thing for sure … u can monitor the activities of the fermentation process if u use glass container compared to plastic container …
    have fun …

  4. croydon
    aiya … i 4got to tell u … when making enzyme fruit punch … not only u can add in honey to sweeten the drink … u may squeeze in some fresh lemon to enhance the fragrance …
    hahaha … don 4get 2serve me one

  5. 凡夫俗子

    Im in Tangkak Johor
    i can get plastic de easly coz my kids always buy the sweet got container free :>
    and got sales at rm2 de shop
    but less for 玻璃 (actually im penang ppl married here so i also dunno where got sales)
    plastic de also can see inside but just dunno good to use it or not
    now i already start 垃圾酵素
    1 week already
    now got many white white thing
    i think is ok

  6. Sugar (including sweets) are VERY VERY VERY BAD for kids and adults. You can google to find more info or click [here] . It is better to get rid of the bad habits. Just my 2 cents.
    p/s: Sugar after fermentation is difference from sugar in original form.

    You should be able to get the glass container from the supermarket, Tesco, Jusco, Giant, Parkson, Econsave, ……..

  7. 婉妍
    though i m far from being an environmentalist … i try not to use plastic … especiallly when it comes to food n drink … so i don encourage u use plastic containers, (though they may b translucent to allow u to see wat is inside) … for making enzyme for consumption … but … of course … the choice is yours

  8. xinyi
    u must soak all the beans at least 24 hours 1st … to allow the bean to break … so that the enzyme inhibiter in the bean is broken down ….
    no need to wait for full germination … so long the bean begin to break la …
    u will b pleasantly surprised of the result … cheers …

  9. when i free i will try to get at the store see got or not
    yes you are right sugar is not good for kids
    i now remember i can get the plastic at my friend there who he father selling the snack

    how your 黄金”酵素
    i plan to do but my hb not agree
    coz he want eat it :>
    but i have doing 柑皮環保酵素

    got 2
    1st 1 is using sugar plastic container
    that day 2 day i not doing to see it
    it got black black
    after i goyang it is ok now just got white no black

    other 1 is start yesterday using the plastic bottle like 5kg oil
    see it today going very fast got many air inside

  10. 美国植物治疗学博士 – 圣提诺的证言 (Humbart Santillo)



    方法有二 : (i) 生食 (ii) 摄取酵素补充物





    ~ 活化细胞
    ~ 净化血液
    ~ 抗炎抗菌
    ~ 抗癌抗菌
    ~ 促进清化
    ~ 增强免疫力
    ~ 促进新陈代谢
    ~ 触媒催化作用


    (本文取摘于<> – DR.BERNAD JENSEN)

  11. I tried papaya & ginger to make enzyme, already 3 months.
    Lately, I saw some white stuffs floating on the surface. I have tried to shake a bit the container to moisturise the white stuffs hopefully it will disappear. After trying for a few times, the stuffs still there.

    What is it? Ok or not? If it’s yeast, it should disappear, right?


  12. Thomas,
    If it is the good bacteria, it will disappear eventually, but after 3 months if it is still there then maybe is the ginger skin or something else.

  13. Thomas …
    wat i did ???
    i use a clean dry spoon … n stir the content thoroughly … it just disappears …
    the white stuff may look a little aweful … but i think it is good bateria … so long u don get the black1 …

  14. 凡夫俗子
    ok…thx for ur advice…but i thk i will not b able to start it now…hv to wait until my sembreak start…n i will start it tat time…

  15. Hi, i made papaya enzyme last Sunday, 以有三天了!看了您的木瓜酵素,原來要加黃梨和檸檬的!我現在才加黃梨和檸檬可以嗎?

  16. poh,

  17. 旨在分享:

  18. kwan yau,

  19. I am new to this enzyme thing. Recently I heard Lemon Grass enzyme is good mosquito repellant. Can someone share some ‘know-how” please ?

  20. juan …
    hi … the lemon grass enzyme u talking abt is wat we call garbage / eco enzyme … mr enzymo has posted a write up how to diy this type of enzyme …
    it is real eazy … give it a try … u will love it …

  21. Enzymo,

    请问洛神果的果实是否可以和花瓣一起做酵素呢? 还是只有花瓣才行 ?

  22. juan,
    You want to make enzyme as mosquitoes repellant ? As what 凡夫俗子 has said the garbage enzyme is good enough if you dun mind apply on your skin.

    That’s depend on your sugar ratio. But alcohol is almost unavoidable.

    花瓣 果实才行, 其他随意. 凡夫俗子讲得对,是果花来的,花早已谢了。

  23. Yumiko … hi … hi …
    luo shen hua or rosella we use for the enzyme is not the petal … but the sepal / receptacle of the flower … which is dark maroon in color …
    the flower of the rosella is actually light purple in color … a very sweet flower … but it does not last … it withers within the day …
    i do no recommend to put in the fruit … cos the resulted enzyme is a little slimy n sticky …
    ciao …

  24. if 放 3 month,酒味就越重,小孩子可以食吗?另外我上网看第一个月的水果酵素是酒,第二个月是醋,第三个月才是酵素。

  25. 我的老妈子问,她要做tomato的,她听朋友说tomato酵素吃了年经十年。哈!哈!哈!but她不知道tomato要mix with which fruit better.
    my apple+lemon alrealy two week,刚好孩子喉咙痛,我就加水给他一杯喝,对吗?

  26. Hi俐臻, I found that the alcohol smell strongest during its fermentation period, most of the time between 1st week onward (it varies, my papaya starts on the 3rd day), I left it for 3 months and everyday open the glass lid to release the gas. I found this method is more effective becos I’m those who couldn’t tolerate any alcohol smell/taste, & I’ve harvested few with virtually no alcohol smell/taste. BTW, if the fermentation stops and the smell/taste is stll there, I left it for another month or 2, the smell/taste will eventually subside, & occasionally opening the lid to release some gas. PS: Opening the lid has to be quick (open & close immediately) to avoid contamination. Cheers.

  27. 嗨,Thomas老師,您好,又是我…


  28. 我想学自制酵素,any suggestion ? 应该开始那一种酵素?我又很怕那种alcoholic smell, 可以给我一点意见吗?

  29. may … hi hi …
    i do agree with 原子小金刚 that p/apple is a good choice … cos it is cheap n good … n we shld try to eat local in season fruits n vege …
    so far i have tried p/apples + chiku; or passion fruit; or purple cabbage; or banana; or durian belanda; n or lime … all turn out fabulous … unique taste in its own …
    give it a try … b adventurous n creative in ur diy enzyme … u will sure enjoy it …

  30. 俐臻,
    番茄加木瓜我有做过, 老人家喝的话可以加点老姜.

  31. enzymo君,
    请问腌制的木瓜有没有木瓜酵素? (一种小零食, 青木瓜+糖+醋腌制的)
    不知是否有酵素的功效, 其制作方法很简单两三天就可以吃了. 谢谢.

  32. I would like to start trying..but….how to get rid of the alcoholic smell…oh I am a good girl, I can’t drink alcohol… haha…( I really cannot stand the smell lah..)

  33. 嗨…Cynthia說的木瓜酸,我小時候也常吃。不過,總覺得製作的過程和酵素是一樣的…那不能算是酵素嗎?有什麼分別?


  34. Hi 各位, 有很多朋友都对“第一个月是酒,第二个月是醋,第三个月才是酵素”的说法有很多疑问。我的个人经验和见解是: 没有一定的绝对,主要的还是要拿捏那个“发酵期间”,作过几次的经验自然而然就会有自己的一套“功夫”,我的“入门功夫”是从这里学来的。每次作酵素时都是新的体验,唯一不变的是: 用心照顾,和每天都要观察它们的变化。刚开始我也是没有信心,读了这整个网站两三遍才决定动手做,过后才知道其实没有自己想象的那么复杂。

  35. Hi Anna, 薄荷本身有殺菌的功能,我们制作酵素的过程是在培养酵母菌,逻辑上说是会有抑制的可能性。我本想下个环保酵素修剪些薄荷来尝试。如果是为了帮助喉咙痛不如用开水泡薄荷叶茶不是来得更方便。酵素主要功能是来帮助食物消化。

  36. mr enzymo 孩子喝了我的爱心酵素,喉咙不再痛了,酵素真神奇。原子小金刚我赞成你的说法,我也是读了这网站好几遍。你看,现在我都没发问问题了!哈哈哈!除非我要问的问题这里没有啦!我做上瘾了,今天我做了papaya+火龙果,另一瓶做papaya+banana.

  37. Joyce,
    我想enzymo君要提醒我, 腌制食品必须超过20天才没有毒素, 而要腌制食品超过20天必须用大量的糖或盐甚至加入防腐剂才能让食品不会腐坏, 所以外面卖的木瓜酸可能不是好东西, 但我覺得自己製作的木瓜酸如果只放糖+醋和製作时注意卫生并腌制超过20天, 应该能得到木瓜酵素, 只是一个是喝的一个是吃的 …
    不知道enzymo君有什么见解? 谢谢.

  38. like wat 原子小金刚 said … whether the end result is wine or vinegar very much depends on how one controls the fermentation process … cos both red wine n fruit vinegar manufacturers claim that their products contain enzyme good for our disgestive system … so there is no such thing as “enzyme” … to be more precise … wat we are doing is just “fermented fruit / vegetable juice” … same concept like yagurt / vitagen …
    my cousin sister has done mint leave + lime … the taste is just great … i think it may be good for sore throat … that i m not sure … cos i don have sore throat when i dranlk that enzyme … but it is a recommended combination … ciao …

  39. Cynthia,
    我也來了有一段時間了,最近開始有點想要做看看了…^ ^

  40. 原子小金刚 & anna,
    对, 但我比较喜欢生食薄荷叶.
    如果要做酵素也不妨试试, 因为所谓的殺菌的功能其实是解毒, 大可能是指含有可消灭害菌的益菌.

  41. Cynthia & Joyce,
    简单来说腌制食品要照正确的方法和腌制时间来做, 是没有问题的.

    如果觉得papaya+banana 比较干可以加柠檬.

  42. enzymo 君的意思是说腌制的木瓜酸没有酵素的成分? 那还是不要偷懒乖乖做木瓜酵素来喝好了 🙂

  43. OIC 🙂

    Hi May, 不用大半年啦,我说过的,要看状况,我的平均是3-4个月,因为我的酵素瓶是放在房间里,晚上睡觉有时会开冷气. 那如果您的环境温度较暖就有可能发酵的比较快,所以说要观擦呀。不能一概而论。如果你是担心酒味,开瓶放气时你会嗅到的,每天放尤其在“发酵期间”,3-4星期后酒味会减少。尝试作一次就大概董了。

  44. Cynthia … hi …
    i don eat commercially pickeled food cos … these days ppl r mercenary n unethical … in producing such food stuff … they use chemical n artificial ingredients to speed up the making process … very much unlike in the good old days … most ingredients r naturally plant base …
    so it is not the pickled vegetable … salted egg / fish … century eggs that make ppl sick n unhealthy … its the way how they are made …
    so the golden rule … every time we look at the food we r abt to eat … ask ourselves how natural they r from their original form … i have not taken tomato or chilli sauce for ages … i only take fresh chili n or garlic raw …

  45. Hi 凡夫俗子, thanks. This is true, nowsaday ppl only look at $$$, so commercial just want to earn fast $, more tasty, convenience and nice look food even more harmful to our body. Today a auntie told me 酵素 cannot drink, nowsaday all fruits & veg all got poison, got dun know what germ … (very funny hor, all type of chemical she dare to eat and never ask for the source but self made 酵素 is to clean our body poison and improve our digest, she dare not drink …)

  46. hi cynthia …
    it is the power of advertisement n packging that have created an illusive n perceived value … hahaha … many of us are fooled by our eyes, ears, nose and tongue … that we tend to follow blindly … just becos some celebrities are the spokemen / spokewomen for the products … sigh …
    nvr realise that we, the consumers paying for all these advertisement n packaging … how many of us actually realise that the box n paper bag for the moon cakes actually cost more than the cake itself ???

  47. anna,
    I have not done any noni before but the method is the same.
    first layer of noni, following by second layer of sugar , follow by third layer of noni, flow by forth layer of sugar, follow by fifth layer of lemon and lastly cover by last layer of sugar. The total sugar used vs. the total weight of noni + lemon is 1:1 , or 0.8:1

  48. hi anna ..
    noni by itself does not produce too much fluid … n it is slimy n thick … so wat i did … was to mix it with pineaplle … the combination was great …
    the method is just like wat mr enzymo said … making no difference wat fruit u use …

  49. enzymo
    I noticed the sugar level u suggest is too high. When i made enzyme, the sugar level was 0.25 : 1 or 250 g sugar add with 1000 g fruit. Did what I made is enzyme? Please let me know. tq.

  50. Hi 凡夫俗子,
    I have try to make the 5 color bean enzyme, after I have soaked all the beans for a nite some beans have break n some beans skin was float on the water, when I wash n rise the beans, do I need to take away the beans skin? Thanks.
    When I wash the beans some 胚芽 also fall out, the 胚芽 suppose is the most nutrious part of the beans, so very wasted … must gentle a bit …

  51. hi cynthia …
    ya … u can remove the floating skin … but need not deliberately remove them ….
    u r right … try not to remove the bean germ … they r delicate … so handle with care .. hahaha …
    u will b surprised that the resulted enzyme is pretty sweet … may b it is becos beans contains oligosacharide …
    wat i did for the last batch … i did a 2nd fermentation with apple cider vinegar … that means … after the 1st round of normal fermentation … i add in acv for the 2nd round of fermentation … the result was great … i got a 5-color bean vinegar enzyme … dare to try ???

  52. hi … cynthia …
    i wld recommend simple combo for kids … not something exotic …
    from my experience … kids love tomato … dragon fruit … rosella (luo shen hua) of course … if u can afford strawberry … cos these enzyme r generally sweet gecos of the glucose in the fruits … kids too like the color cos it looks like ribena color …

  53. Hi 凡夫俗子,
    Thanks for your recommendation, but I thought beans are very good for kid growing tall n healthy … my little monster don’t like those beans beans, except Mr Bean 🙂 but he like my homemade enzyme a lot, I am so happy to get your secret receipt hope that he can take this 5 beans enzyme to be added for his daily implements …
    I think beans are a bit over nutrient for adults, specially for those who have 痛风, 风湿 n 尿酸, having beans will wosen their condition …

  54. hi cynthia …
    very often we get the cause and effect all salah (wrong … for those who cant understand bahasa….)
    yhe consumption of beans don cause those sickness u mention … but those who have such sickness not recommended to consume too much bean … as they are high in protein …
    so it is recommended that we should cut off red meat … another source of high protein food … n swtich to plant base protein eg beans …
    the culprit for such sickness is actually our body disgestive system is weak … can digest the protein to be absorbed by our body … the incomplete disgested protein flakes get into the bloodstream instead … causing all the pain …
    so long our disgestive tract is in order to disgest … carbohydrate, protein and fat …n to be absorbed by our body … n not backflow into our blood … our health in general will improve … all these impurities getting into the blood actually pollute the blood … making it thick n sluggish that it can flow smooth without obstruction in our blood vessels …
    sorryn … talk too much … hahaha … pai sei …

  55. 痛风(gout) & 风湿 (arthritis) are two difference things.

    Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in the body. Uric acid results from the breakdown of purines. Purines are part of all human tissue and found in many foods. The excess can be caused by either an over-production of uric acid by the body or the under-elimination of uric acid by the kidneys. Also, the ingestion of foods high in purines can raise uric acid levels in the blood and precipitate gout attacks in some people.

    Beans are rich in purine (嘌呤) that’s why it is believed that not suitable for gout patients. But I am not sure about germinated beans.

  56. enzymo,

    yesterday on the way back to my kampung, i bought 1 big papaya, 2 small pineapple, a kg limau nipis. Can i mixed them together to make a mixed fruit enzyme.

    For old people (age 75) which type of fruit enzyme is good for them. I meant not so “cold” and no “angin” tq

  57. anna,
    Actually after fermentation, all the “no good” factor of the fruits and vege will become “good” but if you are worry you can add some ginger into the mix.
    The papaya & pineapple plus some lime/lemon is the perfect combination to make enzyme for the whole family.

  58. ezymo,

    can u pls tell me how to avoid 水 氣in the glass container. i noticed that after a few day the fruits put inside the glass container, there is water on the wall of container. i think the water will cause my failure in making enzyme.

  59. hi anna …
    the water vaporises cos of the fermentation …
    if u don like the sight of it … give it a good stir with a clean dry spoon … or u may just shake the bottle …
    no worry … the vapour wont cuase failure to ur diy enzyme …
    ciao …

  60. Anna,
    I noticed that if I filled the container to 80% full, this would not happen ie the 水氣.
    I made a small amount of enzymes using big bottle recently and water vapour formed on the wall of the bottle. I guess it was due to weather change. So far, it looks pretty healthy with no sign of failure yet 🙂

  61. Hi Enzymo,

    我刚在三天前做了水果酵素,用organic火龙果和lemon加oligo 900寡糖,lime flower蜜糖.我已经很小心没触到水,可是lemon皮且发霉.还可以用吗?我已把发霉部份拿了.有什么办法可补救?谢谢


  62. ahtye … hi …
    is the mould u get white or black … if it is white … then not to worry … if u don like the sight of it … just give it a good stir with a clean dry spoon or u mere just shake the btl … the mould will go away …
    if the mould is black is color … u need to remove that particular fruit slice / cube … n add in some more sugar … n give it a good stir too …
    don worry so much of the bubble …have some patience …

  63. Newbie …
    its always recommended not to use plastic container to diy enzyme for ur own consumption …
    watever u said … during fermentation … there is chemical reaction taking place … n the plastic may get toxic …
    after reading so many reports on plastic toxic for using plastic bottles for drinking water … i always refer to use glass container … my drinking btl too is glass not plastic … cheers …

  64. Xiagucao …
    as mr enzymo always stress … enzyme is not a miracle cure … but there r feedback that ppl sleep better after taking enzyme …
    i presume when one’s health get improved … so will be the sleep …
    patience n confidence is a must in watever we wanna do …

    mr enzymo … so long u don call me kepoh … hahaha …
    but i wld very much appreciate it if u cld point out my mistake … so that i learn … actually this is the reason y i log on here … learning n sharing … cheers …

  65. i heard from my friend that there is new method of doing enzyme. It is a new plastic pail made with anti-oxidation material. According to her, she just put fruits, sugar and water and ferment it in the plastic pail for only 4 days? She bought the pail from eco-paradise shop. Does anyone know about this? Is this a new and special method of making enzyme? You guys may want to check out the website. i think just go to google and type in ecoparadise. you can find the information there. Is this pail really make with anti-oxidation material that can speed up the fermentation??

  66. Xiagucao & 凡夫俗子,
    Thanks 凡夫俗子 for answering those Qs.
    Here’s my though : ” when one cannot sleep, something must have gone wrong inside the body (brain is also part of body), if something went wrong then by right our body should be able to heal itself (according to self healing theory), so if the self-healing power’s not working, then our immune system is not working properly, if our immune system is not working properly then probably enzyme & probiotics can help……”

    Just my opinion, what do you think ? Again, no harm trying, you can choose the type of fruits/vege that you like.

    The pail is EXPENSIVE !

  67. Hi Newbie, Thomas is right!!! this kind of high-tech gadget are expensive!!! I own a jug mentioned to be able to kill 99.9% germs, and yet my beverage can grow mold.

  68. Yumiko ..
    the color alone cant determine if ur enzyme has gone bad …
    how does it smell ???
    if u can still place it close to ur nose … n smell fruity n sweet … then most probably it is still ok …
    look for black mould …
    i have been told once the enzyme has turned bad … it gives out garbage dump smell .. so far i have not failed … so i donno how bad the smell can be …
    cheers …

  69. It is in my opinion that we ought to keep the way we do thing simple and as close to nature as possible. High tech gadget sometimes has commercial agenda in it and we find ourself paying an arm and leg for something that is not worth its value.

    If we keep procedure simple, the chances is, it will be sustainable. One may give up easily if the process is too complicated or fussy. This is just my 2-cents inexpensive view 😉

  70. 凡夫俗子

    I havent seen any black mould so far.. (touchwood)
    just uncomfortable while seeing the fruit itself turned black..
    ok.. i’ll check the smell tonight..
    Anyway thanks a lot for your advice. ^_^

  71. I tried to keep my cost as low as possible, bcos S’pore fruits are not as cheap as M’sia, and I can also share it among my friends, and they really appreciate that b’cos they knew the price if they’re going to get them off the shelves. Unless anyone of them are generous enough to donate any of these “Hi-Tech” Gadget, I’ll be glad to accept and use them in return of their generousity. Ha… 🙂

  72. Yumiko,
    I believe on the the part that expose to the air turn darker in color. It shld be OK but remember to give it a stir/shake the bottle a little.

  73. enzymo,

    i have done my noni enzyme. the ingredient is simple. noni add honey. no “kencing” smell after 10 days. i will keep for another 20 days before drink. tq

  74. Hi all,
    I am very new to DIY enzyme, my daugther now very prone to flu and cough, so my neighbour said carrot ezyme is very good for air passage allergy.

    1) now I am started my 1st white carrot+lemon+honey enzyme, now is about 2 weeks, so long i didn’t see any white mold or bubbles exist, think is due to the honey right?

    2) I also started make my dragon fruits+lemon+brown candy enzyme last 2 days, it is now came out a lot water, think it is starting its fermentation process.

    3) i am using the fruits skin and other vegie waste to add on dark sugar water to make waste enzyme, it was producing lots of gas..

    to me, i have confidence those enzyme i made (even though is my 1st time) is going to be success and good one, coz i believe they do came out good. i indeed very agree to 凡夫俗子, you need good mood, confidence and believe in what you are doing.

    thanks for you guys sharing so many info on doing enzyme..

    cheers always.

  75. hi ellie welcome to the enzyme fraternity …
    hmmm … u don sound like a newie … very confident indeed … thumb up for u … keep it up …
    a quick remedy for dry cough … slice/shred the luobu (radish) and soak in honey … for abt 12 hours … dilute the honey with water … 2 – 3 times a day … it helps …
    cheers …

  76. Yumiko …
    no need to stir / shake it daily la .. every other day will do liao ….
    the critical period is usually th 1st 10 days of fermentation …
    once it has settled down … u can leave it in peace … cheers …

  77. 各位同好, 百香果做酵素会不会变粘稠, 倒不出?
    做龙珠果酵素要不要去掉种子, 同样的如何避免粘稠? 谢谢.

  78. 凡夫俗子:
    thanks for the compliments, paiseh…..ya, i was so keen to start making enzyme, so my head will said:”go for it” and i will happily waiting for the result day. got people said, you must spread positive energy then only will attract some more positive/good energy, am the 1 always positive…

    and also many thanks for your sharing on the radish honey drink. will try it later.

    anyway, will come back here more often to check if any new posting.
    keep it up your good work every one.
    cheers always.

  79. Cynthia …
    just harvested my passion fruit + p/apple last weekend …
    no … i don have the problem u mention … the enzyme is clear … golden yellowish in color … nice to look at … n nice to taste …

    remove dragon fruit seed ???
    how ????
    hahaha … tell me if u find way to remove dragon fruit seed … i wld pai u as my sifu …

    i think the problem u have is that we shld mix those fruits which do not have a lot of juice with fruits that give out lot of juice … like pineapple / orange etc …

    for me … i mixed passion fruits + p/apple … dragon fruit + tomato … pretty good combination … try it out … cheers …

  80. Hi 凡夫俗子,

    Thanks, cos have read enzymo 君 commend that most of the seed cannot be eaten raw & …. n if seed can make eco-enzyme become sticky so I just wonder whether it will happen too when we make the consumption enzyme … 🙂 Want to make the dragon fruit enzyme for my son to replace his RibeXX 🙂 Thanks for your recommendation, sure will try 🙂

    ” to remove dragon fruit seed ” just place the fruit on a sieve with small samll hole one, then press hard hard, then you can get the fruit and seed sperated liao … hahaha …

  81. hi cynthia …
    don u worry … it wont get sticky … so long u use 2 parts of tomato or p/apple n 1 part of dragon fruit …
    pretty sure ur kid wld like it … cos it taste good … n look good …
    cheers …

  82. Hi Cynthia,

    Some seeds are unavoidable such as dragon fruits, kiwi, banana and grapes. I feel a bit ridiculous to do “Micro Removal” :), but I’ll definitely remove those like Orange, lemon, mango, especially when doing for consumption, they gave bitter taste. As for Eco-enzyme, I will not care so much, I even through in papaya seeds, and so far they worked well. Last 2 days I did 2 big bucket of mango eco-enzyme, hundreds of mango drop near my office & they’re too raw to be eaten, instead of letting them rot I through all of them for eco-enzyme, the fragrant is terrific.

  83. Thanks 凡夫俗子 & 原子小金刚.

    我偏向赞成enzymo 君的看法: 大多数植物/水果的种子不能吃/被消化/甚至有毒素 。。。

    虽然说我们所卒取的酵素最后将被过滤食用,但也考虑到发酵的过程中会不会也卒取了种子其中不能吃的物质(喝酵素是为了排毒保健不是误食毒素,纯属个人想法,我比较怕死 :)),所以在制做酵素时我都会用容易去子的水果或尽量去掉种子,即使葡萄的种子据说能抗氧化我还是拿掉了,其他如香蕉/奇异果就不太可能去子所以很少用或只小份量的加在其他材料。置于百香果和龙珠果因为种子比例多所以担心酵素会变粘稠,会试试凡夫俗子的建议(但我会尽量去子:)) 我孩子吃龙珠果在排污时会拉出其种子,证明其种子不被消化。谢谢。

  84. 原子小金刚
    huh … banana got seeds one meh … yet to see one le …
    hahaha … me sua-gu la …

  85. 凡夫俗子,
    You always buy nice & big imported bananas from the supermarket that’s why no seeds, ppl who eat banana from kampong got seeds. 🙂 (Example: Pisang Raja)

  86. Cynthia is right, seeds cannot be digested. thats why during extraction of enzyme, it must be filtered out before consuming.

    Haa… those bananas & so called “seedless” Guava from supermarket still have seeds, its just that they are “under grown”, “thanks but no thanks” to genetic technology. I saw a documentary show, the price behind those commercial agriculture & beautiful fruits. I forgot which country, the pesticide they use was so intense that their soil cannot be reuse for the next 30 over years, underground water are all contaminated & the poison had penatrated to all locals, not only themselves but their future young generations are affected – just because the government want good revenue from beautiful bananas. Over harvesting of wheat field also causing thousands acre of land useless each year, the soil became too soft to hold any plant.

    I’ve been to Italy & found they practise good agriculture habit, like not using artificial fertilizer & not using pesticides & after each harvest, they let the land to rest for a year before new plantation. They believe in protecting the resources so that they could use them in the long run, & not long-term damage for the price of short term profits.

  87. sorry … i nvr know banana got seeds … hahaha ..
    nola … i don always eat imported banana … i m a strong supporter of local fruits … but i only eat 1 type of banana … that is pisang berangan …
    very strange le … 原子小金刚 is from sg … a very big city wo … how come she knows banana got seeds one ???

  88. mr enzymo …
    read a book recently … by a japanese … who specialised in using enzyme to treat his patients …
    in his book … he mentioned that once the seeds r fermented … they are different from their orgininal form … ie not “raw” per se …
    wat do u say ??? no worry … just wanna hear ur view … i wont quote u la …
    cheers ….

  89. 凡夫俗子,
    I believe the Jap is taking about natto (納豆) – a fermented cooked soybean.
    My views is simple ONLY germinated and/or cooked seeds is edible, but germination & fermentation are two difference thing. Papaya seeds from our fully fermented garbage enzyme can still be germinated. why ? Think…..
    I agreed with Dr. Mercola that only 3 type of soy products are edible : Natto, Miso & Tempeh . All these 3 are cooked & fermented soy products.
    Tofu are not included…so those vegetarians who take soy product please don’t come & whack me because it is just my 2 sen amateur opinion.

  90. o … wat if we germinate the beans 1st b4 they r being used to diy enzyme ??? cos u actually can see the beans break n u can see the sprout … of course not so long like the taugeh la …

    hmmm . i do agree that we shld not consume raw bean / seeds … cos they are a source of life … it is how the plant “zhuan zhon jie dai” … hahaha …

    cos of the protective enzyme inhibitors … birds may eat the fruits together with the seeds … but the seeds cant b disgested … that is how the seeds are transported wherever the bird bang sai … hahaha … this is the wonder of nature … so we shld follow the nature n not against it …

  91. Ha! 凡夫俗子, I’m a He not she, too bad to disappoint you, hehehe…..

    I have to know what I’ve been putting into my stomach mah… All fruits have seeds, thats a common logic isn’t it?

    Cheers. 🙂

  92. 原子小金刚 …
    oic … no wonder ur nickname is so MAN … hahaha …
    hmmm … u r quite right … technically all fruits shld have seeds … but i have not really seen a banana with seeds … have u ???

  93. 既然种子吃进去不能被消化, 放在垃圾酵素中也不能被分化, 那就该依附大自然的定律让它们执行原本傳宗接代的任务吧 !

  94. 请问有尿酸的病人可以喝酵素吗?书上说避免大量进食发酵的食物,不晓得是否包括酵素呢

  95. yumiko …
    its true that ppl with high uric acid cant consume too much beans or bean related products …
    but don 4get to cut down meat too … cos not only beans contain high protein … meat n milk products too have high protein content …
    just a reminder to u cos many ppl associate high uric acid with beans only … which is grossly untrue le …

  96. 凡夫俗子,
    Yes I do think that you shld germinate the beans 1st b4 diy enzyme, it will make a whole lot of diff in nutri. content and less enzyme inhibitors. Little sprout is enuf.

    尿酸的病人是应该减少含”嘌呤(purine)”食物的摄取. 应该多饮水,多吃成碱性食物,避免超重或肥胖, 避免酒精. 豆类之所以不适合尿酸的病人是因为它含”嘌呤” 不是蛋白质的关系. 我倒是没听过要避免发酵食物, 不过DIY酵素中含少许酒精,但每次只喝20-30cc 调稀过的酵素,应该不碍事,但要视病情的严重性而定.
    我在3/23/09 也有稍微提到.

  97. 凡夫俗子, If you observe the center of each bananas, u shld see very teeny weeny black spot, thats the under grown seeds. Some not even mature enough to show black.

    Yumiko,尤其是黄豆产品和江鱼仔都要避免。Chorella, Alfafa 和Spirulina 对尿酸有很大的帮助。我有个朋友服用后手指骨骼变形都有好转。

  98. Crystal
    no doubt i have plenty of confidence in “enzyme” … but don take it as a miracle cure … hahaha …
    one thing for sure … taking enzyme is long term … it will generally improve the well being of a person … bcos of the improvement in the disgestive track … will lead to better digestion … better absorption … better detoxification … n over time u will find that the bad things disappeared without u noticing …
    wat we need … is confidence … confidence … n confidence in enzyme …

  99. 赞成. 所为 “病从口入”, 其实很多病源是因为人们在日常饮食中摄入毒素后又没办法排解, 久而久之就集聚成患诱发各种病症, 所以消化系统好自然能提升我们的免疫力, 身体就会更健康, 这是治本的办法.

  100. Cynthia …
    we r so expose to advert … media … n spokeman / woman for certain products that we have been brained washed … to such extent that we only trust doctors blindly …
    forgetting the best doctor in this world is within ourselve … our own immune system …
    we cant b so ignorant as to think that animals in the wilderness wont get sick huh ??? so how they get cured ??? … fasting n raw herbs are their remedy … they r smarter than human … cos by instinct … they know all raw food contain enzyme … n necessary nutrients to heal their sickness …
    hahaha … sometimes we …human … have over estimated ourselves … we shld open our heart to learn from nature … afterall human is an integral part of nature …

  101. Human evolution to new era becos the discovery of fire – Cook Food.
    End of modern human era – Cook Food. To be more precise, Processed Food.
    Try 1 experiment, leave a French Fry outside & see how long it’ll decompose.

  102. 原子小金刚
    but it is difficult to revert dear … we have gone so deep that there seem to b a journey of no return …
    the impact of processed food industry on the world economy is enormous … the economy may collapse if the processed food indusry collapsed …
    same thing happened to cigarette … there is so much publicity how bad it can do to our health … how come no country in this world ban the sale of cigarette … the same reason la …
    sad but true … sigh …

  103. I always think that raw seeds are not edible but I didn’t know raw seeds are also not to be inhale, LOL ! Read this [news].
    What “amaze” me is how easily doctors were “convinced” he had cancer. You know radiation therapy is often used along with chemotherapy to treat lung tumors, so imagine what if the doctor decided to do the the usual treatment instead of surgery. Scary ?

  104. 大家好。最近因为熬夜所以脸上冒出了很多痘痘。想请问除了使用环保酵素来敷脸还有什么自制酵素是比较适合的?需要用什么东西搭配才能达到理想效果?需要让它发酵多久?

  105. mr enzymo …
    one of our relative from penang brought us a bottle of enzyme …
    i tasted it … a little gassy … with a slight bitter after taste of limau katsuri …
    she told me this is the popular method of diy enzyme in the north …
    wat u need is to get a friend to give us mayb say … 200 ml of the enzyme …
    all u need is to pour it into a plastic btl … eg those soft drink 1,5 lit btl … n top up with water … 2/3 full and let it ferment for 6 mths … n it is then ready to be consumed …
    i heard abt the method b4 … but 1st time i try drinking it …
    i told her i can agree with the method … but i don like the idea of using plastic bt to do fermentation for 6 mths …
    since we have been warned not to use plastic bt even for drinking water … so i think it is more unsafe to use it for fermentation …
    she told me using glass btl may lead to explosion … lol …
    i told her to open the btl once awhile to release the gas la … but she said not supposed to open the btl for 6 mths … sigh … so let it b la …
    cheers …

  106. xinyi …
    if u have not started ur enzyme fermentation … u may want to try a quick way to fix ur “dou dou” 痘痘 problem …
    u may want to juice vegetable eg .. cucumber or celery stand alone or u may mix the two for a combo …
    drink a glass in the morning empty for a few days … u will find ur dou dou disappearing …
    of course u can use enzyme … but u need to wait for at least 2 if not 4 weeks b4 u can harvest … by then u may have a face full of dou dou … then not beautiful lo …

  107. 凡夫俗子,
    I have never heard of the method, maybe it is just a popular method among some friends & families.
    Do you mean dilute 200ml with water and continue to ferment ? Sounds like the eco-enzyme method.
    With the extra microorganism from the water without additional sugar, the risk is getting higher.

  108. mr enzymo …
    it also sound to me more like eco enzyme …
    but since she used clean water … distilled water … i think it shld b safe wa … i drank a table spoonful last nite diluted with 300 ml of water … nothing happened … hahaha …
    ya … she said just add fresh water … nothing else … sound like fermented water huh ???
    but i still prefer our method … i just kept to myself … i din try to discourgae her method … so long she feels comfortable … i just suggested to her to use glass instead of plastic btl …

  109. 凡夫俗子,

    Strange methods. What’s in the water to feed our friendly bacterias? Eco-enzymes has the sugar and fruit peels which in itself contains enzymes for further fermentation. Anyway, this is just my personal understanding.

  110. 嗨, 我是酵素DIY新手, 想請問一下如果發現酵素有少少發霉(黑色的, 但我已用湯匙把它連水果一起拿掉) 酵素還能繼續嗎?!

  111. 看了很多舊交流區的解答, 發現我的酵素不可能再繼續了… 很傷心…
    但真的不能喝了嗎?! 因為打開瓶蓋時還嗅到很香的奇異果味呢….

  112. Hi Emilia, 不用这样快就下结论, 确保黑霉取出后, 放多几个星期看看味道会不会变臭,如果臭了就代表失败了,如果是我,我会拿来做环保酵素因为吃进肚子里的还是保守比较好. 玻璃瓶一定要处理干净,作酵素前我会用烧水烫过然后倒过来放让它干了才作. 记得作酵素的前两三个星期一定要每天确保水果是泡在水里,如果浮起来就稍微跟它摇晃一下,千万不要让它干掉,干了就会发霉.我是固定每天早上和晚上都作者个动作所以从来没有发霉的问题.

  113. hi joyful & cynthia …
    it was given to us by a relative from penang …
    she just keep telling us that it is good for health …
    ask her y ??? she cant answer …
    lol … u know la … the usaul auntie … just follow … nvr bother to dig further what it is all abt …
    i took a table spoon … tasted gassy … a litter after taste bitterness of limau katsuri …
    i bring it up here … just to verify n confirm if anyone of u know abt this method … cos she told us it is a popular method used in the north …

  114. Emilia … do u mean ur enzyme still giving our sweet aroma ???
    if it is so … then i think it is still fit for consumption …
    unless it is giving out foul smell … like the smell u get in the garbage dump … then … may b u can use it as fertiliser lo …

  115. Hi Emilia ,


  116. since emilia said “打開瓶蓋時還嗅到很香的奇異果味呢”
    i think the enzyme is still ok … if it has gone bad … nowhere she is going to smell “hen xiang” de kiwi fruits la …
    don give up … as 原子小金刚 said … u must shake the btl regularly to ensure that the fruit cubes / slices are coated with sugar syrup … then they wont get moldy la …
    keep us posted … we wanna see u successfully diy ur 1st batch of enzyme …
    cheers …

  117. 謝謝你們的回復. 看了你們既回復后, 我又重獲信心喇!!!

    我有用熱水燙過瓶子但沒有每天搖晃瓶子, 因為看到某個網站, 說第三/四天才可以開罐用干凈的湯匙攪拌一下.

    對, 沒有臭味. 還是很香奇異果味道.

    醬我今天放工回家看看那些霉還有沒有出現. 如果沒有的話, 我會依照您所教的那樣, 加些糖, 再觀察幾天!!

  118. alice,
    我不知道那里有梅子买, 梅子好像不是马来西亚的水果。
    如果你在马来西亚, 黄梨木瓜已经是很好的酵素材料了。


  119. Enzymo,
    我也知道自己太急促了一点, 但我喜欢吃奇异果,所以就想到先做自己爱的口味… :p

    原子小金刚; 凡夫俗子 & Cynthia,
    好开心,因为回家看到我的酵素没有再生霉,依照了Cynthia所教的加了糖,不到一阵子又看到有很多泡泡冒出来了!!! 我的酵素又开始有生命啦!! 会依照原子小金刚的方法, 早晚摇晃一下瓶子!!

    我很贪心, 因为我已经开始我第二瓶甜菜根酵素咯!!! 好紧张哦!!!

  120. Pingback引用通告: 克丽丝游仙境-这就是生活
  121. Emilia …
    if this is the 1st time u do beet enzyme … i will recommend that u mix it with tomato or papaya … cos just beet alone … the taste may b quite bland … not many ppl can accept the taste …

  122. 大家好。我刚刚才了解到酵素的知识。我在网上查到一种可以制作酵素的桶,好像是在马来西亚销售的,名字叫:日本ecoparadise制作水果酵素抗氧化发酵桶 。不知道这种东西对于初初接触自制酵素的人会不会有帮助呢?我对用普通得瓶子自己制作有点没信心呢。呵呵

  123. but i put lemon together wor… dunno can help to enhance the taste or not. i try to use lemon + beetroot + sugar to make fruits juice, the taste was very nice!! hope that my beetroot enzyme also can get the same taste.. ^_^

  124. snow,
    这桶要一百多零吉一个。 制作酵素靠的是方法和耐心,桶倒是其次。如果你非要买这桶才会有信心,那要注意这桶是10 公升的,要很多材料才能满,如果做一点点,里面就会有太多空间,增加污染机会,虽然厂家说这桶不会发霉,是不是真的,我倒不知道。

  125. Emilia …
    since u have mixed it with lemon … let it be lo … no problem one la …
    all these r part of experience … later on u will learn how to mix n match … but i think ur combination shld be good too … cos lemon fragrance is universal … quite suitable in any combo mix … cheers …

  126. Hi, I’m Jane,
    Wow! Reading wat u guys have written is quite entertaining and at the same time enriching my knowledge.

    Just 2 weeks ago, I have this craze for making diy enzyme. I made both types – the glass btls and plastic bottles(1/2 yr in the making).

    But based on wat u guys said, is plastic really that ‘not good’? I wasn’t convinced too at first but quite a few of my friends has convinced me….so I try. ??

    Do u have any info about wat fruits for wat cures in enzyme making?
    I m blur blur right now but am so desperate to know.
    But I fell in love with the taste of red dragonfruit enzyme drink the first time my friend gave me.
    But….I dint know about the lemon seeds cause bitter taste in the making?!
    Why is pineapple so bubbly whereas some fruits are not at all?
    Which is better?I made quite a few kinds- apple,orange, pear.
    If I use unripe papaya and unripe bananas? Seperate or mix them?
    While in process, is bubbly(gassy) a good sign tat it’s active?

    Looking forward 2 your reply.

  127. Jane… hi hi …
    when subject to heat … the plastic of the bottle can leach out chemicals like Bisphenol-A (BPA). intake of BPA can cause growth of cancerous cells in your body like breast and other type of of cancer …
    hahaha … now u scare or not ???

  128. Hi Jane, Whao!!! U really know how to ask questions (all at once) :).

    I try to remove as much lemon seed as possible bcos of the enzyme inhibitor resides in all seeds, it do give some bitter taste but not as much as the skin & the white portion of the fruits.
    Both pineapple (bromelain) & papaya (papain) are high in enzyme,if there is alot of bubble/gass means ur fermentation is very active which is a good sign. I prefer to release the gass often to prevent as much alcohol from condensing back to the enzyme.
    Seperate or mix of different fruits depends on personal liking, I personally like 1 fruits than mixture bcos of the taste and fragrant are more concentrated, some fruits has less mosture like Guava & banana,hence I prefer to mix them with other fruits, try not to mix too much in one bcos we do not hv the knowledge of which fruit could counteract with who.
    I prefer to use semi-ripe fruit than unripe fruits, unripe fruits may not be suitable for those with sensitive stomach.

  129. 凡夫俗子,
    是, 我的甜菜根+檸檬酵素現在已經可以嗅到很清香的香味了!!

    想請問一下, 因為之前我的奇異果曾生過霉菌, 我怕夜長夢多, 想提早兩個星期就收成, 可以嗎?! 還有, 為何有時我會嗅到我的奇異果有很濃的酒味但有時卻是淡淡的奇異果香味呢?!

  130. Hi Emilia,

    No answer from those prof … I try with my experiences (correct me if I am wrong …)

    你的奇異果酵素的霉菌处理后如果不再发霉不必急着收成, 兩個星期的酵素还发酵不够, 酒味很重但果汁不浓, 所以你會嗅到酒味和淡淡的奇異果香味, 因为一些果果还没发酵呢. 我觉得辛辛苦苦做了酵素又不够发酵, 没把原料的精华卒出很可惜, 我做过奇異果的发酵一个月后原本青色的果肉会变成淡黄色, 酒味不浓果汁香淳.

  131. Hi Emilia, 不用担心了, 有酒味就是它正在发酵,可以安心多等两个星期以上才收成。

  132. hi emilia …
    not to worry la … it does not mean that once u find black mold .. u will get mold again …
    the basic principle is that so long u have more good than bad bacterials … it wont not turn moldy … hahaha … big bully also work in the baterial world … big bacterial will eat up all the small bacterial …
    from my experience … i find giving ur enzyme a good stir once a while help to release some of the alcohol … it will evaporate …
    keep us posted once u have successfully harvested ur enzyme … enjoy …

  133. 請問一下版主那個酵素是每天都會冒泡泡嗎?


  134. 另外請問一下版主教的水果酵素都是說放大概三到四個星期

    可是在”第一個月是酒、第二個月是醋、第三個月是酵素” 的文章最後
    快快发酵2-3 个星期就采收,我看了有点心寒; 你们确定放少糖,
    害菌能被压制下来吗? 你确定2-3星期可以完全发酵吗?】

    教學是說三四個星期,可是那個文章卻說【发酵2-3 个星期就采收,我看了有点心寒】



  135. 原來可以加水啊?不過好像比較少有人在加厚,



  136. 木木 …
    usually u will get lot of bubbles during the 1st week of fermentation … after that the bubble will subside …

    like mr enzymo … i prefer to diy my enzyme without adding in water … i think those who add in water are the ppl who sell their enzyme … so u will get more mah … hahaha …

    but i usually drink it diluted … 30 ml with a glass of water

    cheers …

  137. 木木
    haha … u know u use 心寒 so many times that it also makes me 心寒 liao …
    it goes to show u have no confidence in the enzyme at all … then wat prompted u wanting to try to diy enzyme …
    faith, confidence and patience are needed to diy a good btl of enzyme …
    be more adventurous … whether u harvest ur diy enzyme after 2 or more weeks fermentation wont kill u … cos we always ingest more toxin n poison in our daily food n drink … just that u don see …
    cant blame u … most of us have the ostrich syndrom … that things we don see … we eat …
    cheers …

  138. hi yong … i donno wat is 火钻祘头
    but i have done the following recipe :
    red / yellow / green bell pepper
    onion / garlic / ginger …
    all these ingredients are supposed to be good for reducing cholesterol, blood fatty acid, blah blah ….
    u wanna try … ?

  139. Hi 木木, 我做过加水的不过加水的过程我不喜欢因为水果好像在浸泡在水里,收成时的水果是烂烂的。而不放水的过程里水果再前8个小时进入脱水状态收成时的水果还是一块块的,可以吃。

    泡泡的多少不重要, 如果发出腐烂的臭味才算壞掉, 如果是酒或水果清香味就算ok了。

    有个提议, 如果您把过去和现在的“自制酵素交流区”读完再加一两次的实际经验,您也可以称得上至少是半个”酵素武林高手”哈哈 🙂

  140. hi! 大家好,我是看了大家的讨论后对酵素有了很大的号奇和期待。所以在25/4/2009做了一瓶木瓜萍果(自家种的)酵素。26/6/2009又贪心的做了一瓶萍果和葡萄。。。
    haha…好开心,因为现在已经没有再发霉了,还有很多泡泡冒出来!!! 我每天早上都会摇晃一下瓶子!

  141. 问天 …
    i suppose when u diy ur enzyme with just fruit & sugar … the enzyme u produce is concentrated …
    on the other hand … some ppl add in water when doing their enzyme … then the resulting enzyme wld not be that concentrated like the 1st method …

  142. hi leng leng …
    u can unscrew the cap to release the gas … cos i did come across friends’ enzyme “exploded” …
    i think opening the cap once a while also help to release some of the alcohol …
    hope ur maiden try come out successful … cheers …

  143. 大家好,
    我的奇異果酵素已經三個星期多了, 但我看到有些果肉已經開始化開(好像外面買的有渣果汁一樣), 這樣正常嗎?! 是不是因為奇異果的肉比較軟, 所以會”化開”呢?!

  144. Emilia …
    u r right … not to worry … that the kiwi fruits start to “melt” … it is perfectly normal … same things will happen to pumpkin … banana …
    so long the color is good to look at … the smell is sweet n fruity … no black mold … u r on the right tract to harvest ur kiwi enzyme soon …
    cheers ….

  145. Emilia, 您所说的现象是正常的, 软的水果如奇異果, 火龙果, 香蕉到后来都会如您所说的化開。比较硬的水果如黄梨和苹果就不会。

  146. yes!! then i can harvest my kiwi enzyme soon!! 🙂
    那我就可以放心等收成咯!!! 好高興哦!!! 🙂

  147. Hi enzymo & frens
    im a “new hand” in diy enzyme. i’ve enjoying this web page since last wk n i hv gain a lot of knowledge n idea in my enzyme diy. but i still hvg some ?? 请教各位达人的宝贵意见. tks
    my hubby is a hep. B carier & i hv 3 kids, 11, 9 & 2 yrs old. so im thinking of making alcohol free enzyme for my family. all u guys using only rock sugar, pin phiang, brown sugar….. but im using only oligo n honey (biogreen).
    My ?? is

    1. my enzyme just like “sleeping beauty” never hv bubbles or gas like wat u guys talking about. is it bcos of my oligo n honey not much sugar content? (bco of my hubby’s problem so i try to make low alcohol enzyme)

    2. if no bubbles and gas which means never 发酵?

    3. i heard my fren said if v consume molded enzyme will cos cancer huh?

    tq for all ur kind reply n advise. 谢啦 :>

  148. hi mtsk …
    i nvr tried oligo … so i m not quite sure … but i did try to diy vinegar enzyme … using apple cider vinegar … no bubble throughout the fermentation period … though i used pian tang n honey … so bubbling and fermentation are not correlated …

    mold causes cancer is a rather sweeing statment … cos there are good n bad mold … just like there are good and bad bacteria …

    so long u only get white mold … which is supposed to be good mold … then it is ok … otherwise u have to throw away your enzyme if you get black / green mold …

    so i think smelling your enzyme is a good way to test the quality of your enzyme … cos only good bateria will produce enzyme that sweet in aroma n fruity … otherwise u will get foul smell if your enzyme has been contanimated by bad bateria …


  149. hi 凡夫俗子
    i did 枸杍 + oligo on 13/04. as usual la nothing until now….. n is very sticky like glue wo. so can i add in some vineger ah ?? 4 make it more juicy……..

  150. aiya…不好意思。。按错了。我等着收成一瓶木瓜萍果酵素(25/4/2009做的),突然发霉了(白霉)way???还能喝妈?好心痛哦。。。

  151. hi mtsk
    since 枸杍 is dried fruit … it wont give out a lot of juice like fresh fruit … that is y get sticky like glue …
    ya … u can add in vinegar … to do wat we call 2nd round fermentation for another 2 – 4 weeks …
    i will recommend you use organic apple cider viengar … i usually use the braggs’ acv … which u can get in most pharmacy …
    ciao …

  152. hi leng leng …
    white mold is ok … not to worry …
    u get the mold is becos u nvr / seldom shake ur btl … once the top layer of fruit get dry … n not coated with sugar syrup … mold start to grow …
    if u don like the sight of it … u can give it a good stir with a clean spoon … it will go away …

  153. hi 凡夫俗子
    i hvg brown rice vineger so can i add brown rice vineger? qty? just pour on top or hv to stir?
    tks 4 ur kind advise.


  154. HI, 我听邻居说她的朋友做了lemon酵素。喝了黑斑淡化了还廋了,皮肤变滑了。真的那么有效吗?真的那么miracle ?

  155. sure u can … just that brown rice vinegar is VERY expensive … i cant afford … LOL …
    u fella must be rich … making me jealous … hahaha …
    if u want to stir it … make sure u use a clean dry spoon … otherwise just let nature takes its course …
    cheers …

  156. haha … it is a very common feedback from ppl who take enzyme regularly for at least 3 mths …
    cheers …

  157. hi 凡夫俗子
    aiyo, im only a “huang lian phuo” no $$ 1 la…………;>
    if not bcos of my hubby’s health problem ah, i won’t spend tat $$ la…
    so qty of vineger??


  158. hmmm … generally … we remove most of the seeds as far as we can … cos seeds contain enzyme inhibitors …
    since ur mother in law has already done it … be it la … not to worry …

  159. 我不管了,今天已经把发了白霉的木瓜萍果酵素收成了。。。应该喝不死我吧???haha

  160. hahaha … just kidding … so long u feel comfortable with wat u r doing … cos we cant ignore the psychological aspect of well being … if u think the $$$ is well spent … why not ???

    since brown rice / apple cider vinegar r produce of fermentation … u may just add in vinegar enough to loosen the 枸杍 so that they wont get stuck together in a lump …

    btw … u can juice green n leafy vege for ur hubby cos it is a good way to detox liver … also green pea + sea weed tang-shui (soup)

    cheers ………

  161. hi leng leng … congras for ur harvest of papaya + apple enzyme … the wine taste comes from apple … which i always find such taste if i use apple or grape …

    hahaha … if u die cos of taking the enzyme … u will sure hit the guneiss book of record … just kidding …

    no worry la … since ur enzyme taste good .. sweet n aromatic … u have already graduated … gong xi gong xi …

  162. ok tks …… im blending vege & fruit juice for him everyday (Dr. tom wu’s recipe). so far so good la …… btw y all my enzymes so sour huh? not sweet at all like wat ur said le?

    i did papaya with seeds b4 also….. but i feel a bit bitter lo….. so from now on i will take out all the seeds in my diy enzymes……. ;>


  163. 嗨, 大家好, 我又來問問題咯…

    我的奇異果酵素已經超過四個星期啦!!! 但我還想放它多兩個星期. 最近發現奇異果肉有往下沉的現象, 這是正常的嗎?! 謝謝!!

  164. Hi MTSK, what sugar u use? ur sugar ratio? and ur recipe?

    Hi Emilia, 对是正常的, 如果放的更久的话果肉颜色会变得更浅, 酵素颜色会变得更深。我的火龙果酵素放了6个月了,果肉颜色从红色变成白透明的。:)

  165. hi morning….想问下,这里不能放photo吗?我很想看看大家的酵素。。。那大家就可以把自己的制作过程show show给大家看。。。。

  166. 我对第一個月是酒、第二個月是醋、第三個月是酵素的疑问???

  167. leng leng …
    this topic has been discussed quite a fair bit previously liao … u may refer to the 我对第一個月是酒、第二個月是醋、第三個月是酵素的疑问 …
    u may understand the statement is not pretty accurate … it is more complex than just time factors …

  168. hi 原子小金刚,

    d recipe of my sour enzyme is
    1. ginger + lemon + molesses
    2. papaya + dried red dates + dried longan + oligo + honey
    3. p/apple + kiwi + lemon + oligo + honey


  169. Hi MTSK, I’ll try to answer this by my limited knowledge on using Oligo & Honey, both has low sugar content and since our fermentation dependancy is sugar, after fermentation where the sugar was completely “consume”, the sweety taste will also disappear which leave the soury taste of the fruit enzyme.

  170. 昨天收成了一瓶葡萄+萍果。。。哇酒味很重哦。。。跟红酒没两样。如果喜欢喝红酒的人我建议你做这个包你满意。。。ha.ha….

  171. Hi,

    May I know when is the best time to consume enzyme? morning before breakfast/before meal/after meal/before sleep?

  172. hi bonnie …
    there is no best time per se …
    but if u have gasric problem … it is always recommended to take it diluted with water after meal …
    once in the morning … once at nite … abt 30 ml / dosage …
    ciao …

  173. we stir or shake our enzyme for not getting mold ma right den how about with vineger 1? we still have to do the same?

  174. hi mtsk
    no worry … generally vinegar enzyme wont turn bad … unless u extremely unlucky … no shaking required as vinegar itself is a fermented product.

  175. O I C, other thing ah…… i did 银发酵素 & 排毒酵素 as per enzymo’s recipe so should i fermented for 3 wks or 2 wks cos im using oligo & honey …….. T Q


  176. 各位楼上的朋友,你们好!
    做了两瓶,一个是tomato+lemon+sugar;另一个是celery+green apple+lemon+sugar。。


  177. hi mtsk …
    don worry so much whether u use oligo n honey or brown sugar …
    just follow mr enzymo’s instruction lo … if he said 3 weeks than follow 3 weeks la …
    may be u r a newie, that is y u are so uncertain … cant blame u … it happens to all of us … but after a few trials … everything become routine …
    cheers …

  178. hi cindy …
    if the beet u bought is organic … then u may just wash n keep the skin … otherwise … it is recommended to skin the beet roots …
    i have tried a few time using beets … it belongs to root vegetable … so if u use too much of the beet … the resulting enzyme is rather sour n u will get some vege taste … some ppl may not quite like the taste …
    i will suggest the following combination … papaya + tomato being the main ingredients … supplemented by one or two beets …
    taste wise … it is sourly sweet … nice color … light maroom color …
    cheers …

  179. 凡夫俗子,谢谢你的回复。。和意见!



  180. hi … cindy …
    ya … its quite true the fermenation varies btw 2 weeks to mths … i think the most important thing is ur comfort zone … confidence n comfort of mind are important elements in watever we wanna do …
    my harvesting period depends on how urgent i need the enzyme … whether i have enough storage space in my fridge … otherwise … i just let it sit there for another week or so … very flexible one …
    cheers …

  181. thanks…. you are really kind!
    cant wait to do more for myself and family…
    hopefully i can continue maintain the enzyme spirit…. make more and more enzyme! :p
    aza aza fighting!! ^_*

  182. hi 凡夫俗子 is me again, how is ur storage of ur enzymes? U keep it into fridge after harvested or just keep it in dry & cool place? how long we can keep in fridge & dry cool place?


  183. hi mtsk …
    u can keep it either in the fridge or in cool dry place … the choice is urs …
    but i prefer to keep them in the fridge to slow down the fermentation cos if u keep it outside … the enzyme tends to get more sour n gassy …
    so long ur enzyme is not contanminated … u can keep it as long as u like … cos i have friends who keep their enzyme for months if not years …
    hahaha … but i usually try to consume it as quick as i could … i still cant get over the threshold to keep consumable items for so LONG … mayb i m still kia-si … hahaha … as i said earlier … comfort zone varies from one person to another … so long u feel comfortable … why not ???

  184. im having back pain problem so my chinese “shen shay” said try not to eat any food from fridge cos windy……. he said every food which keeping inside fridge will become 寒性. but so far my enzyme never gassy but only sour either i keep inside fridge or cool dry place also the same ……. ok la s long s not get “臭酸” then i will keep it at dry cool place la………. tks 4 ur advise ;->


  185. Hi MTSK,

    You may do smaller batches of enzyme more frequently and that way you can finish up faster, thus avoiding long storage.

  186. hi mtsk …
    if u have lot of wind in ur body … why don u try doing ginger + lemon enzyme … it is good to expel wind from our system ….n it taste just great … try it out …

  187. hi ling …
    don treat enzyme as a miracle cure … it is not a medicine … but it helps to boost our immune system over time …
    once the immune system is good … one tends not to fall ill so easily …
    from my experience … taste to kids is important … hence i will recommend tomato + papaya + pineapple … pretty good combination giving u great tasting enzyme …
    cheers ….

  188. 大家好,

    我的奇異果酵素收成了!! 不覺得特別好喝但也挺好喝… (可能我還不習慣那個味道,有少少酒味?!) 現在已經開始第二瓶番茄酵素了. 想請問一下, 我把番茄的種子也放了進去會有問題嗎?!


  189. 俐贤 …
    i tried once but not much juice though … n very sticky n slimy …
    i think it will be better if u mix noni with pineapple …

  190. 凡夫俗子,

    Once u recommended the combination of tomato + papaya + pineapple … pretty good combination as it’s giving u great tasting enzyme …

    1. Would you advise the proportion of each ingredients?
    2. use cane sugar?
    3. Do I need to peel off the skin of Tomato & Papaya (if we can be wash very clean)?
    4. Those normal Tomato, not cherry tomato, rite?

    Thank you so much

    Hv a nice day : )

  191. hi barbara ..
    1. u may have 3 equal proportions … or u may want to reduce the proportion in p/apple … cos it is more sour in taste … but nice fruity aroma though … which i like …

    2. ya … u may use cane sugar … it is cheaper as compared to honey … i usually use cane / brown sugar but i will drip in some wild honey on top b4 i close the lid …

    3. if they are organic … u need not peel the skin … but at least remove the papaya seeds … cos seeds contain enzyme inhibitors …

    4. normal tomatoes are ok … of course u may use cherry tomatoes … but usually they are more expensive …

    u too have a nice day … ciao

  192. 早上before上班,我做了一瓶满满的酵素,放工回来那些糖已经溶化了,只剩半瓶,请问at the same day我可以再add on 材料吗?or过了几天才add会有影响吗?

  193. i work @ ecoparadise. we do sell the ‘special pail’ for DIY making fruit enzime. fermentation olny take 5 days for using d ‘pail’. product inport from japan.
    any info pls email me maggiemii@hotmail.com

  194. Dear Maggie,
    I didn’t mention this before, I actually have 2 of these pails since early 2008; to be frank, I didn’t notice any significant difference between the pail and normal glass bottle. That’s why I did not recommend it here in the first place. Furthermore, the high price tag will be a setback to most, I am sure.
    Anyway, I am not saying that the pail is a fake, I just wish it was as good as it claims.

  195. Halo 🙂
    I’m new learning to do garbage enzyme, i wat to ask if the enzyme i oldi do for two weks but now i wat to add somemore in .Can i add ??
    ( more thing i put r fruits )
    pls help…..thx

  196. 大家好,
    昨天看到巴剎有賣洛神花, 買了少少想試做洛神花酵素, 但不肯定制作方法.
    請問是直接將整粒洛神花放進去嗎? 或是需要切半后才放?
    謝謝… 🙂

  197. 俐臻
    如果是当天, 你还可以再加些水果和片糖, 是应该没问题的。
    如果它已经开始有泡泡了, 我觉得就不要再加了,另作一罐吧。

  198. aileen …
    ya … u may add in more fruit peels if u like … give it a good stir … but please bear in mind … the fermentation period starts from the last batch of ur addition …

  199. Hi there,

    Report fm Barb – My first pineapple enzyme looks & smell pretty good, thx so much : D so I wanna to start my 2nd round, all the same but wanna replace the honey by maple syrup (Grade B). This syrup actually is gift fm fd but my whole family didn’t like it, so dun wanna waste.

    My question is I believe the sugar content of maple syrup should be a bit higher than honey (as a little bit thicker). If so, what’s the proportion should I use/follow?

  200. Enzymo,
    你的意思是將它剝半, 去掉種子?! 不好意思, 因為怕做錯, 所以希望問清楚一點.

  201. hi barbara …
    i m not sure if the sugar content in maple syrup is higher than honey or not … but i think u need not be so concerned … it wont make much difference …
    anyway … sugar … be it brown sugar … rock sugar … honey … or maple syrup … acts as a natural preservative n food source of the good bateria during fermentation … so it wld have been “disgested” by the bacteria by the time it is ready for harvest …
    congras for ur maiden batch of enzyme … keep it up … cheers …

  202. barbara,
    common sense tells me that maple syrup (liquid) should have lower sugar content than sugar in crystal form (solid). agree? So you can use it as if it is honey, not much difference.

  203. Hi Barbara,
    From what I understand, Grade B Maple Syrup is processed longer than Grade A therefore it is more concentrated with higher sugar content. I can understand why your family does not like it as it has a strong flavor with darker color. It’s intended mainly for cooking.

    If you would like to use it, I don’t see why you can’t use it as the same amount (or even less) as honey. Generally, I would use 500ml of honey to perhaps 1kg of fruits and top up with a layer of candied sugar.

  204. Halo, good day every body. 1st thankyou MrThomas for setting up this site so that new hand like me learnt lots of knowledge. Am doin pineapple enzyme garbage enzyme last week and i think should be successfull . . . a lots of bubble already. thank you once again all “SIFU”.

    I did the 5 color beans also , but very little bubble. During the process of soaking, it smells fermented. Is it ok?

  205. Just sharing our experience with those who are interested, hopefully it can help those in need.

    If you cannot find your Qs by searching within this blog, you can post it here, one of us will try to respond. If we have overlooked yr Qs, just repost it.

  206. 叶 …
    ya … soaking beans always give u some sourly smell … its ok …
    soaking is important cos only then the beans will break to release the enzyme inhibitors …
    usually i change the water a couple of times … at an interval of 6-8 hours of soaking for 24 hours …
    cos beans are basically dry stuff … it wont bubble as much as fresh fruits ….
    in order to get more juice … u may add in lemon … pretty good combination though ….
    u may also just use black bean + black dates … it is supposedly good for qi n blacken one’s hair …

  207. What happens if you don’t add sugar when making the eco enzyme? A friend of mine is doing just that coz she try to avoid the gas. And she seems to be able to make use of her so called enzyme after leaving it to ferment for 2 months. It seems to has good effect as cleaning agent anyway. She mainly make use of fruit skins and water only.
    I would be interested to know is this also enzyme, or some other forms which is also good to use for cleansing sewage, and washing dishes etc?

  208. Hi SL ..
    sugar acts as a food source for the bateria … n also a natural preservative …
    i suppose u can don add sugar to do ur eco-enzyme … cos the peels itself may contain some natural sugar in it … but the chance of spoilage can be pretty high …
    emitting gas is a natural process of fermentation … whether u add or don add in sugar … i think …

  209. 凡夫俗子 & SL,

    I tried once doing eco-enzyme by not adding sugar BUT not purposely, I have ran out of sugar so left the pineapple skin in the water for 2 days only and the rotten smell came out on the third day.
    A sifu told me I can try making pineapple vinegar without sugar but it failed as well because it actually need a clean room to do so.

  210. Thanks for the responses. My friend mainly uses orange skins, so far seems to work ok, coz no bad smell. I think might be due to orange skins which contrubutes to the nice smells. She tried with sugar before and was concern if children accidentally opens the enzyme, the gas pop up and the cover may hurt them. Anyway, she’s happy with that.

    I tried with apple skins with some sugar and it works out fine. I didn’t have lots of skin so I used just a smaller container, and turns out ok too. I guess it’s easier to handle when not making the enzyme for consumption.

  211. 叶 …
    if ur enzyme already started to bubble … i think it is not advisable to add in lemon now … keep it for ur next batch la ….

  212. My personal thinking, it must be a resaon why MUST add in sugar (why not salt, sand, or …? ) and the particular measurement too, this Thai Professor has studied and tried for 30 years before she really announce this eco-enzyme …

    SL, can you share with us is your friend a specialist in this and what is her personal understanding and opinion ?

  213. Hi SL,
    Actually with a bit of practice you’ll find that making enzyme for consumption is as easy as eco-enzyme if you are doing it with sugar.

    Once, I forgot to let the gas out for a few days and when I finally did, the eco-enzyme gushed out and got into my eyes but nothing happened thankfully.

  214. 凡夫俗子
    Thank you for your advise. I have another question, i had drank once half a coffee cup of enzyme (after meal) quite a concentrate one (selling at store type) and later i feel that my shoulder is like 酸酸 and tired. Is it consider overdose? I try also the DIY enzyme (the plastic pail), as it is like sparkling juice and i drank even more : }
    I remembered I can feel the alchohol, but i sometimes drink beer also but won\’t have the 酸酸feel wo.

  215. hi .. .叶
    not quite sure abt ur 酸酸 feeling … cos most enzyme has alcohol in it … may be the % varies according to the fruit we use and the fermentation period …
    your 酸酸 feeling may be u feel drowsy becos of the alcohol …
    but i think half a coffee cup is a little too much … this may be the reason u have the 酸酸 feeling la … but i don think it is an over dose that may cause u health problem … the best remedy is to head for ur bed … n have a sound n deep sleep … hahaha …

  216. U using cucumber + alor vera + rice eco-enzyme, it is work for apply on skin?
    What is the color & what smell it’s? when apply that time u fill stick or not? can u teach me to do ???
    Last week i read wrong information, i using pineapple, apple, orange, pear to make enzyme, but the ratio is 6-water, 1-sugar, 3-fruits skins, it’s correct??? i read a lot of comment, i think my 1 the ratio wrong already… so can i add more water again? after few day i saw on top the fruits got some white thing + got a bit 发霉 it’s correct??? but already take out the 发霉 thing, somebody help me, which is the correct way…

  217. read whole day till now still can’t finish… i got a lot of question pls HELP!
    1. Who those are making grape before… i like the taste got gasses like campaign or wine anybody did before???
    2. During fermentation time, can i open or not, the fruits will spoil or not?
    3.I heart my friend friend doing another way, it’s mean after finish fermentation, just take out the drink then remanded 渣 can be reuse, add in water & sugar to fermentation again… repeat, repeat again call 养…
    4. still remember when i was kid time my grandmother make the grape taste a bit gasses like wine, until now i still can remember, miss it’s so much! too bad don’t know how to make it’s, anybody make grape before?

  218. Hi 好奇者, You can still add water during the initial fermentation period, but make sure there is enough space, I usually leave about 15-20% space. The white thing floating are yeast and its normal. Give them a good stir and it should work well. Cheers 🙂

  219. Thank you 原子小金刚! Too bad @_@ !! yesterday i saw got black mushroom come out on the top, buy i already take out, still can keep it???
    Got how many method? I heard some ppl said for drinking can’t add water ohh, so can or not!!! ^_*

  220. since i read a lot of this, anybody make before for wash facE!!! using rice + lemon ( rice row or cook) how to make ?

    原子小金刚 if i take out the mushroom fruits, do i need to add more fruits cause quite lot went i trash “≤_≥”

  221. 嗨, 原子小金刚
    你的意思是说像我们平时的做法,经过3~4星期的发酵后但不收成还能加入水让它发酵吗? 为什么要加水? 谢谢.

    其实制做任何口味的酵素方法都是一样的, 不必紧张 🙂 我做过纯葡萄的(很甜很温和适合小孩子喝), 葡萄+香茅+老姜和葡萄酒(给表妹坐月喝, 有点辣口味不错), 葡萄+黄梨+柃檬(口味最好, 很香很多气真的像香檳酒).

  222. mr enzymo …
    i did a btl of of mangosteen 10 days ago …
    its my 1st attempt … not sure how it will taste like …
    i added pineapple + fresh + inner pulp … it looks like it is going to taste very “siap” le …

  223. 哈哈, 真的很巧, 我昨晚也做了, 但我只用山竹肉+黄梨+柠檬, 成本很高哪, 3kg山竹只得1kg果肉, 我那7kg的玻璃罐用了$50的山竹… 原来山竹皮也可以用, 会不会苦涩 ?

  224. It’s mangosteen season, if we do not do mangosteen enzyme now, we’ll miss out. 🙂
    I did mine 2 weeks ago. I added lemon, plum and lemon to the white flesh and the soft skins.

    It has a dark maroon tint and smells alcohol, very strong…I am getting a bit worried now.

  225. 谢谢您。Cynthia。

    Anybody did before using candy to replace sugar, cause i got a lot, almost expired, it’s can?
    also can add in 人渗须???my friend make 1 is reusing THe 查+水+糖来养 did anyone make it’s before?
    one more is for apply on face, how to make it? i read it is using rice+lemon don’t rice is raw or cook got recipes?

  226. 好奇者,

    You are welcome. Using candy haha you are very creative …
    I think I have answered your question regarding the BZ, please refer to 环保酵素区。

  227. Hi Cynthia, can add water/fruits anytime but still need to add sugar to let it ferment, but if the whole thing is at the later stage (about 3-6 mths) I’ll let it remain at it is until about 6 month later, the whole liquid becomes clean clear.

  228. Thanks 原子小金刚,
    What is the purpose to add water, is to get more juice or it can help to fully ferment the fruits. Thx.

  229. 山竹酵素的气很强呐, 早上发现糖有些沉底拿了根竹筷子去搅动, 幼幼的气泡一下子涌上来流失不少, 让我措手不及(我才放八分满), 大家要小心哦.

  230. Hi Cynthia, adding water only dilute the whole enzyme, I found more sugar/fruits the enzyme becomes more acidic and more alcoholic, the better the antiseptic function, but not good for direct contact to skin becos of the acidic level.

  231. Hi 原子小金刚,
    “not good for direct contact to skin becos of the acidic level” you are saying the eco-enzyme or consume enzyme ??? Thx.

  232. Thanks 原子小金刚,
    I think the initial question by 好奇者 dtd 23/6/09 is about drinking enzyme…
    But I get u, drinking enzyme after harvested the remain still can use to do eco-enzyme. 🙂

  233. 请问在发酵过程中是否需要搅动?

    “攪動次數:第一週每天一次 。



    第四遇每四天一次 。



  234. ccw81,
    攪動次數不必硬性规定. 我建议第一週每天一次,懒的话每两天一次; 过后就不必了.
    当然你要照网上方法也行; 是怕卫生条件不好而引起污染就得不偿失了.

  235. hi luoise …
    the rule of thumb is …
    the dosage is proportional to the body weight … eg if u weigh 50 kg … u may take 50ml of enzyme per day … 25ml each time in the morning and nite …
    if u have gastric problem .. it is suggested u take it after meal … diluted with cold water to suit ur taste bud …

  236. ecoparadise 桶很好用制 作酵素四天完成。不用加柠檬, 只要水果500g和红糖1kg加水6ml就可以了。在马来西亚和新加坡才有卖。

  237. i made dragonfruit, lemon and grape enygme i add in aligo sugar and honey, fermenting for 3 weeks but come out not sweet. Actually how is the taste and smell. I we consumed engyme everyday morning and nite at 30ml per drink. Is engyme that good. Worry consumed everyday might have side effect later. Pse advise. I do made pineapple, kiwi and lemon but taste a bitter and a bit alcohic using the pang teng.

  238. hi khoo …
    most of us here are neither doctor nor nutritionist … but most of us do read-up literature relating to enzyme … not just merely hearsay …
    enzymes exist everywhere in life … in short … without enzyme … there will be no biological chemical reaction … no reation means no life …
    enzyme is probiotic … it simply means for life … as against antibiotic which is against life …

  239. Hi, Im new here. I just have a project to run a test on fruit enzyme. I choose carrot, so i may want 2 ask, What’s the benefits of carrot enzyme.? Anyone try carrot before? Mind to share? Is carrot common to fermentation?

  240. hi LS …

    i usually use carrot as one of the ingredients … have not tried just carrot on its own …

    basically carrot enzyme will contain all the goodness a carrot has … including enzyme naturally found in carrot … but once the carrot is cooked … the natural enzyme in it will be totally destroyed … together with some of its vitamins … noticeably vit c …

    the goodness in carrot enzyme is that the carrot used is raw … hence it contains all its naturally nutrients … and when it is subject to a fermentation process … u will find good bacteria and yeast in it … hence a fermented carrot juice is a probiotics …

    probiotics = for life as against antibiotic = against life …

  241. Hi LS,

    上次我照 enzymo君 的材料做的 “排毒美容保健酵素” 内加了红箩卜感觉很呛喉, 可能你能用其他水果再加一些红箩卜, 一方面减少呛味一方面可以增加它的水份 🙂

    很多人都会问什么什么酵素该会有什么作用? 其实酵素就是把原材料的好处发酵得比较小的份子让我们的身体更容易吸收它的营养和主要是能帮助我们消化, 减少我们消化系统的负担而更有精力为身体排毒.

    所以普通常识红箩卜有什么营养那就有什么功用咯 🙂

  242. Thx for ur sharing. What’s the exact enzymes that contained within carrot? So, actually the method for making carrot enzyme is same with other fruits?

  243. I had been used (consume enzyme) 水果渣 (without hard seed) as body scrub once or twice a week. The result better then SPA treatment. 保证皮肤水噹噹. Anyone try before.

  244. 你好~我是新手,刚制作完成了奇异果酵素,但下面还有很多冰糖还没融化。。。怎么办?丢吗?


  245. 奇异果是最容易发酵的水果之一, 不要用冰糖吧, 用片糖. 我搞不清楚为什么你的冰糖会在下面, 糖不是应该在上面吗?

  246. Hi 糯米糕,

    有时糖是会沉淀在底部的, 你只须拿根干净的筷子或汤匙搅动让糖融化就可以了.

  247. 水果的分量与糖的分量比例到底是多少?

  248. Hi, I am trying to make the DIY#8 today, but forgot to put in celery. Can I know whether the result for this enzyme will be the same if lack of celery? Too many fruits to take care of, I am afraid of failure as no water is allowed and have to dry thoroughly….

  249. lasita,
    我是建议新手先用1:1, 成功率比较高. 等你会了再慢慢根据水果含水量及甜度来调配. 你可以用少一点, 老手一般都不再量准确地量糖的重量. 但糖份太低是有风险的.
    nvm, forget about celery for this round, as long as you put enough sugar & take good care during the first few days, it shld be OK.

  250. enzymo: 不清楚,但是就是会沉下去。。。原本以为用冰糖会好些 😛

    cynthia: thank u cynthia ^^

  251. Ok, thank you Mr Enzymo. Hopefully it is done. I will take care of them and let you know the outcome after 3 weeks. Once again, thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

  252. I now trying to make carrot enzyme. Anyone can guide me? Is the method same as usual ? What’s the differences by using rock sugar instead of brown sugar?

  253. Hi, Thomas,
    got a friend of mine commented that: fruits enzyme must be controlled for the good bacteria that growth inside, those home made or DIY fruits enzyme can’t assure the types and whether are they all good bacteria, so better we do not make and consume ourselves, and therefore those selling outside with higher price must have their reason and quality. what do think about this comment? thanks for your time.

  254. Ellie,
    Damn…. I should have sold my enzyme at much higher price, then customers will say oh Thomas’s enzyme must be of very good quality, that’s why it is so expensive…. hmm…. a good marketing strategy.
    Come back to your Q (that I have answered several time in the past), it is true that fruits enzyme fermentation process must be controlled, that’s why we use lot of sugar (as preservative so that bad bacteria cannot survive, as food for good bacteria) so that the good bacteria can out number the bad bacteria during/after the fermentation process. Notice why I always insist on the high sugar concentration when DIY is done by newbie?

    Anyway, when you want to ferment fruit enzyme in large amount (read: commercialized), the process is much more difficult to control. That’s when they have to use specific bacteria type so that the successful rate is higher. By using specific type of bacteria thay have better control of the process.
    If you want Bromelain , they will use bacteria that can produce bromelain. Just like if you want vitamin C , they will extract vitamin-C and sell it to you. Did they tell you that taking vitamin-C is better than taking oranges ?

    I have been taking enzyme ( and yogurt and now kefir ) for years. The reason why I set up this blog is to share the goodness of probiotic (enzyme, kefir, yogurt included) to you and you out there. Selling enzyme is not my main intension here, besides I only sell a pathetically few bottles of enzyme in a month. If I rely on the enzyme business for living I would have stop blogging a long time ago.

    Lastly, if you feel “unsafe” with your homemade enzyme, yogurt or kefir, then don’t do it, you will not enjoy the benefit if you have doubt on what you are doing.

  255. Hello Thomas,
    I definitely feel safe and confidence about my own DIY fruit enzyme, and sorry too for not being noticed you have answered several times before…

    i just don’t know how to explain to friends that are interested in enzyme. that’s why i turn to you for a better explanations. at least now i feel even more confidence about DIY enzyme. i shall divert my friends that doubts about it to this discussion area.

    for me, DIY enzyme is good for health and more economical compare to those commercial one, and sometimes, i just not trust those “biz man”, because i didn’t see in my own eyes how they make those products.

    anyway, many thanks for the explanation.

  256. Hi Thomas,
    how’s your Mangoesteen enzyme turn out? it is tasty? mind to share and post? coz i also very keen to make, since now is the season.
    thanks in advance

  257. Dear Ellie,
    You can share the goodness of probiotic and your experience with your friends, but it is not your responsibility to convince your friend to follow your footsteps. Do your part and the rest is 随缘. A lot of people around me doesn’t believe what I am doing, I am OK, this is a free world, you can choose to believe what you want to believe in.
    Some said since I am selling enzyme on line, I may hold back some secret. But if you are experience enough you will know there is no secret in enzyme DIY, the only thing is whether you have the time & passion when you do your DIY. I am not the only one who share DIY on line, you can always find others. I am doing it as a hobby and maybe for my karma.

  258. hi ellie …
    i basically echo wat mr enzymo has to say …
    lets not make thing so complicated into controlled environment bla bla … lets go back to basic …
    generally … do u believe that bad guys will do good things … and good guys will do bad things …
    same logic applies to the bacteria world … only if u have sufficient good bacterias that outnumber the bad ones … will u get an enzyme that smells fruity and tastes good … vice versa … u will get a foul smell bad taste (smell that u get when u pass by the garbage dumping ground) if ur enzyme has been contanimated by bad bacterias …
    ur nose and tongue will tell wat u r dinking ….

  259. hi ellie …
    high price does not equate to quality …
    the high price we pay … a big bulk of it goes to packaging … advertisement … the celebrity they engage to promote the product … and of course the high commission given the their pyramid marketing network … otherwise … how they award platinum to their top salesman / woman ???
    commercialism has created a perceived … not a real value of the product ….

  260. Ellie,
    I have some restriction to post lately due to the project that I am working on at the moment. I will announce the detail very soon.
    Anyway, if you want to do mangoesteen enzyme, just follow the usual steps, 1 layer of fruit and 1 layer of sugar, you can first add the skin at the bottom but take note that the skin taste 涩 , so if you use ….. say 20 pcs mangoesteen you can only use 3-4 pcs of skin. For the mangoesteen flash , choose those without seeds. Because seed will make your enzyme sticky. You can mix with some lemon or pineapple if you wish.

  261. Hi 凡夫俗子,
    thanks for sharing, indeed i some how agreed your point of view…

    Thomas, many thanks for sharing the Mangoesteen recipes…will try later.

  262. Hi, Mr Enzymo
    Last 3 weeks I made the DIY#8, finally can open the container today. I expected the smell and taste must be very weird to me. However, it is so delicious! I even try to eat the pineapple and gingers, it taste so nice so I decided to keep the fruit and gingers in the fridge and enjoy it. I like it so much! Once again, thanks for sharing & keep up the good work!!!

    By the way, how long can I keep those fruit and gingers in the fridge? Cos, I thought eat them as dessert, heheheh…..

    Thank you.

  263. Pinky,

    I keep my fruit and ginger residue in the freezer and they last for many many months.
    If you keep them in the fridge (chiller compartment) the residue will have raised alcohol content after some time.

    You can make fruit jam with the residue also, but then it contains no life after you cooked it.

  264. Hi Joyful,

    This is just my 2cents’ worth for discussion purpose. I believe the fruit/veg residue from our DIY enzymes are also packed with enzymes (after so long of soaking in the enzyme liquid) and I read that enzymes do not tolerate low temperature freezing, meaning the enzymes may be ‘frozen to death’.

    Is this true?
    Can anyone verify?

    Coz sometimes I have many enzyme residues and I usually refrigerate them (so far a few months still ok) and I wonder if freezing will be a better alternative?

  265. kleo13,
    you are right, just like orange flesh residue will still contains some vitamin-C even after you have squeezed the juice out.
    Most of the enzymes & bacteria‘s activities will become slow & inactive when the temperature is low. In extreme low temperature, bacteria will become endospore but still can be reactivated when the temperature is suitable.

    If you have kept the residue in the fridge for months, most probably you will not able to finish it even if the freezing can store it for longer period, I suggest you turn it into fertilizer, let it do some good to our mother earth.

  266. I agree with Mr Enzymo’s comment. Anyway, I will keep the residue in the chiller as Joyful said then turn them into fertilizer after few months. Thanks to all of you for the helpful comments.

  267. kleo13
    it is just not possible to freeze all the residue … especially if one does diy enzyme on a very regular basis … one may have to buy a very big freezer to do the joh … lol …

    this is how i dispose off the residue :
    … i blend and mix some with the dog food to feed my 4-legged friends
    … i blend it and pour it into my wash basin … n flush it down the toilet bowl … (blended so that they wont get stuck in the sewage pipe la )
    … i add it into my compose pail … as fertiser for my plants …
    …. i add it together with fruit peels for my eco-enzyme ….
    …. i pour the residue into the drains …

  268. Hi kleo13,

    I am an alcohol intolerant. The smell of alcohol can make me dizzy. So, I have to always find ways to slow down if not eliminate the formation of alcohol. Freezing the residue would solve this problem of mine.

    Freezing a good variety of residues would give me a wide varieties to savor from and they form a very quick and handy cool treat to children who may turn up my door steps unexpectedly. Blended residue + kefir milk is yummy.

    You are right that the residues still contain good bac and enzymes.
    When the living cells of these good bac are exposed to harsh conditions, such as freezing, they undergo sporulation.

    Endospores, as one of the hardiest life forms, are metabolically inactive. It is just like a seed that is able to wait for the environment to again become favorable. Once the environmental condition improves, the endospores then germinate back into living cells that are able to grow and thrive.

    So, they won’t be frozen to death lah 🙂

    Yes Thomas, turning residue into fertilizer is one of the good ways. Sometimes, I will add the extra residue into my eco-enzymes.

  269. 我的火龙果酵素上层严重发白霉,请问还可饮用吗?我放了许多片糖,还是一样。。请问该如何?

  270. 我的奇异果酵素上层严重发白霉,请问还可饮用吗?我放了许多片糖,还是一样。。请问该如何?

  271. hi shanel
    白霉的滋生通常是因为上层的水果没有沾上糖浆的关系 。。。
    在发酵过程中的第一个星期是非常时期 。。。 如果你不想有白霉的话,你一定要摇晃瓶子 。。。 或者你也可以用干净的筷子或汤匙把水果搅拌均匀 。。。 让水果都沾上糖浆 。。。
    过了几天白霉就会消失了 。。。

  272. I am keen to make enzymes and read a book on how to make it. Beside fruits, the liquid is make out from Honey and sugar only. I am curious, is it a must to add sugar without others like water? can i use mineral water and honey only?

  273. HI Shanel,

    I read a book it said during the fermentation, it is alright if you found white bubles. However, if it is in black, ur fermention is fail.

  274. 上星期三做的黃梨+橙的酵素里看到有兩片黃梨和一片檸檬發黑了,但我不確定是不是發霉。有可能是剛開始做的頭三天我沒搖晃的關系才導致這幾片沒潮濕吧! 雖然現在我已盡量搖晃玻璃瓶來保持表層潮濕了,但那幾片還是一樣黑黑的。其它的看來還是好好的,而且表面也沒看到有任何的霉菌。 請問我現在該怎么做? 我的酵素還可以喝嗎?

  275. Ivy,
    發黑和发黑霉是两回事。 你说的发黑可能是暴露在空气而氧化的柠檬吧, 那是不打紧的。

  276. hi, i started making DIY enzyme in 2003, there are still some which i kept at room temperature in glass bottle, can they still be drunk ?
    also i noticed those who drink enzyme, they will put on weight, is it because of the high sugar content?
    thanks for sharing your knowledge in your blog

  277. Enzymo,
    你好, 我大概是3-4个月前,根据你的recipe做了‘排毒保健美容酵素’,非常好喝。才喝了一个月左右,缠了我多年的每月一次的偏头痛,好像好了,至今已两个月没发作了!好高兴哦!真的要感谢你!很想知道,你是怎么样想出这样的combination?目前我全家都在喝,一有机会就向人介绍,还免费复印recipe给人呢!我现在做酵素做上瘾了。
    可是,几天前,我从朋友处听到说,有个朋友的朋友喝酵素喝到身体满是毒素而死掉,这。。。有可能吗?wat do u think? Anyway我会向哪位朋友find out more….

  278. Agnes
    I do not know how you do & keep it, so I cannot comment. Sorry.

    我是参考吴永志博士的食谱, 我嫌每天搅蔬菜果汁很费时,所以把它改成酵素食谱。能治好你的病当然很好,但也不要神化酵素的功能, 毕竟酵素养生在乎的是细水长流不是神呼奇技。

  279. jessie,
    My point is drink naturally fermented enzyme is safer than drinking contaminated fruit juice.
    Futuremore study shown that “fermentation can cause a marked decrease in the level of some toxic components”.

  280. 请问,我有多余的白糖可以拿来制作垃圾酵素吗?
    因为我在网上搜寻关于自制垃圾酵素,都是说用黑糖,黃糖, 红糖来做的。。。。

  281. 糯米糕
    这个课题已经讨论了很多次了 。。。
    基本上糖是益菌的食物 。。。 也是天然的防腐剂 。。。
    所以什么颜色的糖都可以 。。。 白糖最便宜嘛 。。。
    作出来的环保酵色水也比较好看叻 。。。功效不受影响 。。。

  282. I just brought this book: Simple homemade enzymes, and i try to make grapes enzymes,and it fail.I do it 2 times, it kept fail and i reali dont understand y this happening?I put lemon on the top but it show black mildews.Should i throw it away and redo it again?Please help me!!!Thanks a lot

  283. 您好,可以请问一下,为什么我做的龙珠果+凤梨酵素会发白霉呢?今天是第七天,还以为过了那么多天就没事,哪知道昨天看到很多泡泡,今天就看到上面一层发白霉。这已经是第二次了,之前做的一次在第二,第三天就看见白霉,隔天我就倒掉了。现在该怎么办呢?还能喝吗?谢谢!

  284. 您好,我看过之前有人也提到发白霉的问题。我已经跟着凡夫俗子的话用干净的汤匙把水果搅拌均匀 。。。 现在上面很多泡泡。没问题吧?

  285. Mille,
    Did you follow the steps and put the final portion of sugar on top of the lemon?
    You can also take a clean spoon and press the fruits down everyday for the first 7 days or so, make sure the top layer of fruits is alway moist with sugar/syrup.

    已经回答很多很多次了, 看看上面的上面的上面的上面的上面的上面的上面的上面的上面………. 我累了要睡觉了.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  286. 糖一定要在最上一层吗?我做的是水果在最上一层哦。过后,我先用保鲜纸盖上一层,才把盖盖上,而且关的很紧。是不是错了?

  287. hi joanne tan
    糖是益菌的食物 。。。 也是天然的防腐剂 。。。 所以最上一层加糖是很重要的一个步骤 。。。
    我个人认为不需要用保鲜纸盖上一层,才把盖盖上 。。。 给它透透气 。。。 酒味也没这么浓 。。。
    头七天是发酵的非常时期 。。。只要你小心照顾 。。。隔一两天用干净的筷子把它搅拌均匀 。。。应该不会有什么大问题的 。。。
    泡泡是正常的 。。。 白霉是ok的 。。。 黑霉就的赶忙处理 。。。

  288. 嗨~我想问寡糖浆和水果的分量也是1:1吗?

  289. 不好意思,又打扰了。请问用干净的汤匙搅拌白霉部份后,就不会再有吗?这几天我都是用汤匙搅拌,可是,搅拌后都会有很多泡泡,一旦泡泡停留在龙珠果上面,隔天又开始要出现白霉的现象。这种现象会持续多少天呢?

  290. HI, is really great to know about enzym.. and ways of making tem. I am new here.. really new.. I intend to try making them very soon. Just 1 question,how do i know the fermentation process is save… ? accordg to Thomas’s book the DIY enzym… the whole fermental process takes about 4 weeks to complete, my concern is if the black fungus grows in between, can this enzym be used and it is safe to consume?Or i just filter out the fungus …


    many queries, jacqui

  291. joanne tan …
    这种现象通常发生在头 7 – 10天左右 。。。 糖的分量,不同的水果和室内的气温 。。。 都会影响发酵的过程 。。。
    我个人认为你不用太过在乎白霉的存在啦 。。。 其实白霉是酵母 。。。 有丰富的B群维他命叻 。。。

    haha … this topic has been raised n times liao … there are ppl doing it as short as 2 weeks … there are also ppl doing it for 3 months … it is a matter of preference and experience …
    since u have bought thomsas’s book … u just follow wat he said la … that is wat i call good n obedient student … nvr question ur teacher … hahaha …
    u will get black mold only if it is not properly handled … hygiene is very important in doing enzyme …
    and black mold if there is any … it always happens during the 1st 7 days of fermentation … wat we call the most critical period (or icu la … lol …) … once it has passed that critical period … black mold hardly happens unless it is being contaminated …
    it is safe to consume enzyme with white BUT not those with black mold ah …
    again … if u also don like the sight of white mold … all u need to do is to give ur enzyme a good stir with clean / dry chopstick (not oily one please) every other day … this procedure also helps to reduce the alcohol smell …

  292. Hi thanks for your reply. Congrats on your new book released, my sister just bought one yesterday. 想请教你以下几个问题:Kiwi + A.vera 酵素和黄瓜酵素, 若怕太凉,可否加红枣(连种子)? 做牛蒡酵素可加柠檬吗?迫切期待你的reply, TQ.

  293. 啊呀!忘了问:any idea 胃痛的人该喝什么酵素? 什么酵素good for 腰酸, 杜仲酵素吗?TQ.

  294. 我第一次做的酵素终于好了。24/08做的orange酵素,今天倒出来了。妈妈说2个多星期的时间就够了!今天下午我装进了2个玻璃瓶,然后放进冰箱。刚才拿出来喝,却发现酵素好像香槟那样,上面有好多泡泡涌出来。过后,试了一试酵素的味道,感觉没有什么酒精,好像有点甜。没有我妈妈做的那样,喝了之后,整个人会醉醉的。为什么会那样呢?是不是那里错了?

  295. 请问酵素的渣可以和汽水混在一起喝吗//??


  296. Jess,
    若怕太凉, 可以加姜.

    混在水一起喝, 不是可以了吗? 为什么要加有害的东西?

  297. joanne tan …
    其实你和你妈妈的方法都没出差错 。。。之前不是讲过。。。 糖的分量,不同的水果和室内的气温 。。。 都会影响发酵的过程吗?
    还有每个人的手气不相同 。。。 作出来的酵素也不一样 。。。
    有时同一个人,用同一样的水果 。。。 作出来的酵素品质都不一样呢 。。。
    所以不用太过介意啦 。。。

    memoria …
    酵素的渣是可以和汽水混在一起 。。。 不过不建议咯 。。。 因为汽水对人体健康来说是垃圾食物 。。。 少喝为妙 。。。
    我会建议你加蜜糖混合搅拌就可以得到一杯可口的饮料了 。。。
    再不你可以加奶水搅拌就可以得到一杯可口的火龙果 milk shake 啦 。。。 你还可以加一 scoop 的 vanila 雪糕 。。。 就非常 yummy 了。。。

  298. 感恩你的答复。我将试试。希望加了姜的味道会OK。我看到了你的书里的香茅姜酵素,下一个就做这个!

  299. for me, those residues is very good for cooking, after blended or chopped them fine, then can always cook with pork/lamb chop or even beef steak. taste very good…

    and i use my radish/lemon enzyme residues marinated with cucumber, add on some small chili, after a day or two it become very delicious cucumber pickles, yum yum…

    haha..no waste at all…

  300. ellie …
    very good suggestion …
    the residue stiil contains enzyme and good bacteria … but once cooked … the enzymes and good bacteria are destroyed … so i think it is a waste …
    i will suggest u cook ur food 1st … n add in the blended or chopped residue n mix well … this way … u get the taste and goodness of the enzyme n good bacteria …

  301. 凡夫俗子,
    yes indeed i agreed what’s your saying, but rather than people find it very difficult to drink or eat just like that, so cook with food, or mix with food. even the good bacteria destroyed, but u have a good tasted dish and a very unique flavor, it saved $ for you buying sauces…it is also 1 way of recycle (环保), right? for me, if it can be utilised in any way, then it should be no waste…

    Thomas, ya good idea, salad sauce, i will try.

  302. Hi Ellie, Thomas,

    I tried in many occasions to pour Apple Cider Vinegar or brown rice vinegar and a bit of raw honey into the residue after I harvested the enzyme for secondary fermentation.

    I then left it for a month. Thereafter, I used the strained vinegar to make salad dressing by adding garlic, extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Bingo, a rich homemade salad dressing.

    I guess I may try to blend the above mentioned residue into runny sauce and drip it over the green salad, h..m..mmmm…my goodness !!

  303. Joyful,
    Haha, your second fermentation is much more expensive than the first one, even more costly if you are using unpasteurized vinegar.

  304. Heh heh Thomas,

    Well, it’s a bit cheaper than the salad dressing sold in Supermarket and very much healthier. Agree? What do you get ? Hey, a “RICH” homemade salad dressing, hahaha.

  305. hahaha … i did exactly wat joyful did …
    wonder if both of us are smarties think alike or fools seldom differ … lol …
    ya … no doubt it is a little costly … but i think it is worth the money spent … cos salad dressing on the supermkt shelves are not cheap either ….
    i prefer to know wat i put inside my stomach … cos commercialism has killed off watever little ethic and morale that have left …

  306. 哈哈 joyful ,凡夫俗子,

    你们的天然食材我举双手双脚赞成,巴不得还能自己种菜养牛吧 🙂

  307. 哈哈。。。
    真的吗?cyhnthia 。。。
    如你真的有个农场 。。。 我可以义务帮你除草 。。。 挤奶 。。。 嘻嘻 。。。 澳洲念书暑假在 farm 作过一个时期 。。。一笑 。。。

  308. Cynthia, 凡夫俗子,

    我老公有问过我是否要买头母牛来养,可当宠物又可供应 raw milk.
    既然凡夫俗子可以义务帮除草,又有农场经验,我可要考虑老公的建议咯, ;p
    酬劳? raw milk 咯….哈哈!!

  309. 我买了你的新书,在greentea和柠檬酵素的greentea 是用包装的,我可以用粉状的吗?要怎样处理呢?

  310. Hi everyone,

    請問膽固醇及三酸甘油脂高的人都要少食油及糖,他們可否食enzyme. Thanks!!

  311. Hi everyone,

    請問膽固醇及三酸甘油脂高的人都要少食油及糖,他們可否食 DIY fruit enzyme (有很多糖分). Thanks!!

  312. Stella,
    酿制酵素的糖是给益菌吃的, 酿制好的酵素已不含多少糖份了。 你如果怕糖份, 应该戒的是早餐谷粮(cereal), 咖啡/奶茶/Milo,饼干,汽水,瓶/盒装果汁,雪糕 , 蛋糕,数之不完呢。。。。。

    我的《酵你酿健康》食谱有一道 【牛蒡白萝卜酵素】, 去买一本吧。

  313. Stella,
    血液濃稠(膽固醇及血脂高), 本來就會很口渴,那是身體的自然反應, 跟喝不喝酵素無關.
    酵素是能增加消化系統的功能, 你的消化系統如果健康, 病痛自然少.

  314. Enzymo,
    原来在制作酵素时,上一层的糖要放很多是有他的作用的,我却嫌太甜(因我喜欢不参水喝 。。。。。被一些书误导。)自作聪明的把您“排毒保健美容酵素”里的糖随意减量。现在,我剩下的酵素成品,喝还是不喝呢?要我放弃喝酵素,不甘心lei!Please,可否请您依您的经验与知识,为我们highlight一下:自制酵素应要注意的细节,以减低其风险。感恩!!

  315. Jess,
    我没说“上一层的糖要放很多”。 我是说上层一定要是糖还有注意糖的比率。

  316. jess …
    疑心生暗鬼 。。。
    既然你对自制酵素没有信心 。。。 就不要勉强自己 。。。 我建议你干脆不要自制 。。。 市场上琳琅满目,你就买个安心吧 。。。
    要知道心理的障碍会直接影响身理的健康 。。。

  317. hi,大家好


  318. hi 大家好,


  319. I have bought your book. I’m happy u share your knowlerge through hard copy publication. TQ & have a nice day.

  320. bonniekoo …
    哈哈 。。。 是你太贪心 。。。 挤的太满了。。。
    没问题啦 。。。 你可以把些水果拿出来吃掉去 。。。 不就没事啦。。。
    要过了几天才有泡泡的因素很多 。。。 比如气温 。。。 糖的分量 。。。 每种水果有不同的性格 。。。 你那天作酵素的心情 。。。 都会有影响的啦 。。。
    不必太介意 。。。

  321. Hi Bonnie,


  322. hi 大家好,


    Hi Joyful,


  323. I am trying for my first enzyme but I don’t know whether can drink or not:
    1) After 2nd week, I saw some mould growing on top of the fruit (because I do not moisture it) but I did not remove it. Instead I soak them back/ press the fruits down to the liquid. The mould mixed into the liquid. After a month I don’t c the mould anymore.
    2) However, during this whole month I hardly c any bubles growing
    3) now I open the lid, it smells like alcohol
    Can I drink this ? Is it consider sucessful or not?
    Sorry I don’t know where to post my question, if u c I am cross posting please just reply me once TQ

  324. Jen,
    Pls read the Q&A in both old & new discussion area, if you have time, you will get a clearer picture.
    A1.White mould is Ok, black mould is not.
    A2.Dun judge the fermentation by the mount of bubles.
    A3.It is normal
    Successful or otherwise — have to refer back to A1 above.

  325. hi 大家好,


    thank you for helpful ^_^

  326. 请问,我照书里的方法试做了番石榴酵素,四星期后,试喝,很甜,但却没酒精味,是对的吗?这是我第一次做酵素,请多多指教。

  327. hi, thomas,

    sorry I had posted my question in your Sept discussion corner.

    Pls tell me the fermention of coconut milk need to keep in the fridge or just at room temperature for 24-48 hrs. MY first DIY VCO, fermentation process was keep in the fridge and the VCO turns out yellowish. 2nd diy no fermentation and separating at low fire process and the VCO is clear colour but not much VCO.

  328. Jun,
    Did I write anything about fermenting VCO in the fridge or under any fire heat? Room temp of around 26-30C is good enuf.
    FYI, fermentation process may disrupted by the low & high temp.

  329. Thomas,

    sorry for my misunderstanding. And also thanks for your prompt reply.

    I am very interested in your discussion corner, I am reading it every day since the past few months.

  330. 最近我有弄organic fruit juice喝。剩下很多果渣。这些果渣我就拿来做酵素。不知道是不是因为我用organic 的水果,产生的泡沫很多(之前我做的 Eco enzyme 没有这么多泡沫)?还是因为这些果实被榨过,比交容易发酵,所以产生很多泡沫?

  331. Hi Thomas, 凡夫俗子, joyful, 原子小金刚 & all ,
    Can anyone enlighten me what is your preferred choice of “sugar” for DIY fruit enzyme? I had browsed thru the DIY Enzyme Discussion Area but am confussed.

  332. Hi 法籣奇章,

    Wow, you are truly hard working, browsed through all the DIY Enzyme discussion area. I love to help people who help themselves.

    Basically, I prefer pian-tang 片糖 which is commonly known as brown candied sugar. It’s made from sugar cane juice. Sometimes I use honey and top with a layer of pian-tang.

    Of course honey is expensive and pian-tang is very cheap. It costs only RM1.50 per pack of 400g (5 slices). Easy to estimate the weight without having to weigh. 80g per slice.

    Hope this helps to clear your confusion.

  333. 法籣奇章,
    I use 片糖 for lower layes but cover the last top layer with brown sugar as brown sugar is in powder form so easier to “seal up” the top layer of fruits.

  334. hi Thomas,


  335. Bonnie,
    如果没错,是雪梨变黑了, 因为雪梨本身比较容易氧化变黑,你可以闻一闻味道,应该是清香的味道,不是发黑霉的味道。

  336. 哦..我是已经把蚂蚁都舀出来了,只是担心酵素会坏掉。好,我知道了,谢谢你 Enzymo ^.^

  337. Hi 法籣奇章,
    i also use brown candied suagr, pian tang for my enzyme …
    b4 i close the lid … i drip in some honey to moisten the fruits and srpinkle some bing hua tang, another type of brown sugar which u can buy in the chinese medicine shop …
    same reason as quoted by mr enzymo … to “seal” the top layer fruit la …

  338. Hi..I need help..

    My enzymes is just a week old…but got a bit of black mould..what I did was just remove the black mould then use a fork to push the fruits down to let it be soak. Now I am thinking can the enzymes be consume after 4 weeks or have to throw it off?? Some website said just remove the black mould and add more sugar…and still can consume..

    Another question is, can I open the enzyme everyday?


  339. Thomas,




  340. hi … bonnie …
    其实皮也有它的功能,它含有维生素,酵素和矿物质 …
    如果担心农药 。。。 你可以用一个软刷子把皮清洗干净 。。。
    哈哈。。。 如果还是怕死 ???
    买有机蔬果咯 。。。

  341. hi sherren
    no worry la … just remove the piece with black mold …
    and keep a watchful eye on ur enzyme during the critical period … ie … the 1st 7 – 10 days … i call it “ICU” … hahaha …
    after this … u can move it to the general ward liao …
    always use ur eyes, nose and tongue to judge if the enzyme has gone bad from contamination …
    the harvested enzyme must look good in color …
    smell fragrant & fruity to ur nose
    taste good … usually sweet and sour … unless u use bitter gourd / lime / lemon skin … then u may get a slight bitter after taste …

  342. Thank you all for your reply and sharing.

    Just in time for my three Nescafe bottle of apple, pineapple, apple + pineapple. I bought the ‘ping pian tang’ from Chinese pharmacy shop at S$0.9/pkt. I had tried to arrange in three portion in each bottle, manage to squeze the apple cube and slices of pineapple in the sequence of fruit (start from bottom), lemon slice then pian tang, finally cover with a layer of pure natural honey contributed from my wife (A product from Cameron Highlands).
    Today, after one and a half day, wow.. to find my apple shrink and soak in 3/5 bottle of liquid. Another bottle of Pineapple soak in 3/4 full of liquid. Observation: rise in bubbles.

    Using the left over fruits, I had aslo made two 4L plastic bottles of ECO enzyme.

    I hope to harvest the fruit enzyme in 4 weeks time without any problem. If not, my wife wants the honey back hehe. So, wish me good luck.

  343. 法籣奇章
    congras … look like things are in good hand …
    it is a good start … so will be the harvest ….

  344. Hahaha 法籣奇章,

    I don’t think you will need to return the honey to your wife. If you follow the methods closely, observe basic hygiene, top with a layer of sugar and sprinkle a dash of common sense, you will be fine.

    Even if you did not succeed, just bring her to Cameron Highlands for honey+moon. You will be fine that way too. (fine=well=ok, not the type of “fine” when you are penalized) hahaha 😀

  345. hahaha … joyful …
    don 4get 法籣奇章 lives in a very FINE country, singapore …
    so i m not surprised his wife will follow suit … n fine him … lol

  346. So far no more black mould growth on my grapes…Looks and smell ok to me..

    Just another question, do you all use the vege cleanser the soak the fruits for hours before use? I soak my grapes in the vege cleanser…so I am wondering if water seep into the fruits?

  347. hi 凡夫俗子,


  348. Hi 凡夫俗子, joyful ,

    The ECO enzyme 4L plastic bottle bloated just half a day if I don’t release the air. Now, I left the cap in the position when air start pissing out and my house is filled with fragrances from the fermentation process. Yes, I had also added lemon grass in it, feel so nice.
    Question: Just to confirm, am I have to wait for at least 2 month or so to harvest the ECO enzyme? I am very eager to try it on washing floor and cloth leh.
    My DIY fruit enzyme looks good smell good too. Slices of lemon are found floating on top, I use a clean plastic spoon to stir once and push it down under the liquid, every hygiene practice is taken care of, haven’t come to the extend to put on the surgical mask yet haha. No matter what is the outcome, Cameron Highlands here we come, hehe.
    Question: For best result and recommendation from Thomas, DIY fruit enzyme is 4 weeks to harvest, right?

  349. 法籣奇章 … hi hi ..
    ans 1 … the rule of thumb for eco enzyme is 3 mths from the last addition of fruit / vege peel …
    we usually don value things that come ez … so b patient to wait for 3 mths la … lol …

    ans 2 … again 4 weeks is just a rule of thumb … u can try varying the fermentation period ranging from 2 wks – 3 mths … n find out for urself which one gives u the aroma, taste and alcohol content u prefer …

    hehehe … no surgical mask … have u not heard that “clean water does not breed fishes” ar ??? once over the limit … both good / bad bacteria can’t sruvive and breed … just like the canned food …

  350. sherreen
    ya … soaking will activate the osmosis process whereby the vege clenser wil difuse into the fruit / vege and bleaching of nutrients from it …
    in my opinion … just wash n rinse will do la …

  351. hi bonnie …
    这是因为 oxidation 的关系 。。。 没什么大碍的 。。。
    如果你不想它变色 。。。 你只要常常搅拌它 。。。 就没有这个现象了。。。

  352. Hi 法籣奇章,

    Eco-enzyme needs at least 3 months to ferment properly, so just be patient and wait.
    Once, I forgot to let go the gas for only a couple of days, the whole plastic bottle bloated up like a round ball, couldn’t even stand properly. When I opened the cap, the gas and enzyme gushed out, got into my eyes. Thank God I didn’t lose my eyes.
    So, sometimes surgical mask or goggle may be necessary, hahaha….

    Normally, I’ll let the fermentation (DIY fruit enzyme) go for at least 3 weeks depending on my schedule and consumption rate.

    Have fun.

    ps: smart fella, choose the right holiday destination…hehe 😀

  353. Hi Enzymo,

    I start DIY Enzyme 2 months ago after read your blog, now already made上瘾 until not enough 酱清瓶 to fill the enzyme. Can you let me know where to buy and how much? I saw your enzyme is 400ml bottle, have bigger size like 700ml or 750ml?

    Thanks in adv.

  354. hi凡夫俗子,



  355. kxmay …
    if u know any1 working in bars / restaurants … u can ask them to keep some wine btls with caps for u … a btl can take 750ml
    i nvr run out of supply cos i have friends working in 5star hotels … hehehe …
    if u happen to live in kl … i dun mind to give u some …

  356. bonnie …
    恭喜你 。。。 看来你已成功啦 。。。 等丰收罢 。。。
    只要你的酵素能够过你的眼,鼻,舌的考验 。。。那你的酵素就算合格了 。。。

  357. Hi 凡夫俗子,
    Thanks for your advice, I have friends work in hotel too, I try to ask them to keep for me. I live in Kedah otherwise I can get some from you 1st… So no choice I have to delay open those enzyme until I get it from my friends.

    Hi Enzymo,
    Thanks for your information but I will follow 凡夫俗子suggestion because I think buy from soya sauce manufacturer must buy MOQ.

  358. Hi,

    May I know if the vinegar enzyme need to be stir or shake every 3 to 4 days? I just did the “Slimming and Detox vinegar enzyme” from the book..but the book didn’t mention about stirring or shaking…

    Can someone share of other vinegar enzyme recipe? I saw in the older discussion board that some ppl are doing pitted prune with vinegar. What’s the ration of dried fruit to rock sugar to vinegar like?


  359. hi sherreen
    cos pitted prune is dried fruit … so i prefer to add in some fresh one … like lemon …
    usually i will take 1 part of pitted prune to 1 part of lemon …
    i will put the dried fruits at the btm … top up with the fresh one …
    sugar as usual … u may try 1 : 1 … but i usually do 1 part of fruit to 400 gm of sugar …
    let the content to sit n ferment for 2 weeks …
    i will then do a 2nd round fermentation for another 2 weeks … by adding in organic apple cider vinegar …
    how much to add is up to individual preference ….

  360. Hi Mr Enzymo and followers,

    dropping in to say HI!
    I have just bgt your book in spore and really inspired to start my 1st bottle of homemade enzymes for my loved ones. But thought b4 I do so, I better prepare myself well by reading all your threads, suggestions and other QnA.
    Can’t wait to start (after i recover fr flu as dont wanna affect my harvest)….
    Bravo to all the tips-providers on this blog.
    Will b back.

  361. Hi ,

    Just curious, your ratio 1:1 means = Dried fruits+Lemon: Sugar ?
    And what do you all mean by fermenting it first for 2 weeks and then add in apple cider vinegar??
    I thought dried fruits got no water at all for fermentation…Hope you can explain in detail how you do it..or share your recipe…


  362. Hi Enzymo,

    Need your help again, I also made ECO enzyme and everything normal for the 1st month. But after 6 weeks the white mold was turn to jelly type. I remove them but next day it come again. What happen to my ECO enzyme? It is fail?

    Really appreciate for your information sharing.


  363. hi sherren …
    ya … it is because dried fruits hardly give out much juice … that is why u need to mix with fresh fruits like lemon etc …
    1 : 1 means 1kg of dried fruits to 1 kg of fresh lemon …
    if u are a newbies … u may add in 2kg of brown sugar … (usually i don add in some much sugar la …)
    and u ferment the mixture for abt 2 weeks …
    on the 14th day … u add in acv … n ferment it for another 2 weeks …
    u get i now ???

  364. kxmay …
    not to worry abt the jelly like thing … it is pretty common to get it … it is some sort of scoby … a yeast formation actually …
    after u have harvested ur eco enzyme … u may mash up the jelly like thing and mix it with water as plant fertiser … no waste …

  365. After I mixed the 3 tbsp of enzymes into 1 cup of water, how long can it last? For a day or only few hours? Or I must drink it immeidately straight after I mixed them together?

  366. My Detox and slimming vinegar enzyme is about 8 days old…I open up the bottle to check it last night..and was a bit shock to see a slimy layer on the top layer of the lemon…it’s milky colour..

    Is it normal for the vinegar enzyme? This is the first time I see this..never see this before in the fruit enzyme…

    Hope someone can explain. Thanks

  367. Sherreen …
    ya … i have come acroos this jelly like thing … it is sort of scoby … the one ppl use for kumbocha … it is yeast / bacteria formation …
    i found this most often in the eco enzyme … where i get thick layer of this jelly like thing … i mash it up … mix it with water as plant fertiliser …
    i have tried the venegar enzyme … but so far i have not had such jelly like thing in it le …

  368. hi I would like to ask how to do enzyme lime with sour plum. How many weeks it required? Can I use honey instead of sugar? Otherwise the jaggery can replaced by rock sugar
    thank you

  369. Dear all,
    为什么你们买的片糖一包才RM1 plus而已,而我买的要RM2.70,可是前天我要买的时候已经涨价到RM3.60- RM4.00。我是在中药店买的,可能东马卖的比较贵吧。我做一次的酵素的cost要接近RM20.好贵哦!

  370. thomas,

  371. vivian …
    就算是贵一点,也不应该贵的太过吧 。。。我通常只付 RM1.40 一包 。。。

    noni 水果不多汁 。。。如果单单只用它作出来的酵素会很 slimy and sticky 。。。
    我会建议加入多果汁的水果,比如黄梨之类的水果啦 。。。

  372. 你好!请问为什么有时候做的酵素有很浓的酒味?该怎么改善?因为皮肤敏感,喝了就会起”酒沫”…

  373. Hi 爱子,

    你可在 enzymo 的书 -《酵你酿健康》里找到山竹酵素的正确制作方法, 去买本来参考吧.


  374. sasa …
    我个人觉得用较甜的水果和较多的糖作出来的酵素酒味比较浓 。。。
    你不妨试试看用木瓜+黄梨+番茄 。。。 每 kg + 400gm 的片糖 。。。
    效果可能会较好些 。。。

  375. みな様


    我想弄火龙果酵素不过搜索了新跟旧的讨论区也没看到食谱。。 看了其他网页都要加水。。不放心。。 所以想跟各位讨论一下。。


    火龙果 (去皮)800g, 片汤/黑糖 – 700g,檸檬2粒

    先谢过了 ^^

  376. 你建议的食谱应该可行,但你要有心里准备过滤时会面对难题,所有用含种子的蔬果来弄酵素都会有这问题。

  377. wan ying …
    火龙果酵素我是试过好几回 。。。
    我认为用火龙果 + 黄梨 + 番茄 。。。 效果很好喔 。。。
    我是采用1份火龙果,1份黄梨,和2份番茄 。。。
    作出来的酵素色香味具备 。。。不妨试试看 。。。

  378. wan ying 。。。
    忘了提醒你 。。。
    你的火龙果酵素方程式作出来的酵素会甜到半死 。。。
    喝的时候,记得要加多些水喔 。。。

  379. I have been making garbage enzyme and rice water, and had just harvested garbage enzyme 1 time and rice water many times.

    My frustration is that during the fermentation and after harvest, there are flees flying around the containers (not to mention the sour smell).
    I thought flees should dislike the smell of the enzyme, but why they seemed to like it so much more than I do ?

    I start to think of giving up making this kind of enzyme. Could anybody help me solve this problem ?

  380. 请问膝盖疼痛,尿酸多的人,该喝那种酵素? 我在《酵你酿健康》里找不到相关的食谱.

  381. eggstan …
    虽然酵素带酸 。。。 不过它却会硷化我们的血液 。。。
    我有友人喝了一个时期的酵素,之前的膝盖疼痛好转了很多 。。。
    我还是认为喝酵素要有耐心,它不是仙丹灵药,一喝就见效的 。。。

    你不妨游览一下 joyful 的 kefir thread 。。。我也知道有些人喝了 kefir 後,疼痛也转好了 。。。

  382. 谢谢你凡夫俗子! 我会游览一下 joyful 的 kefir thread 。 可是,out of 这么多种酵素, 该喝那一种比较适合膝盖疼痛, 尿酸多的人呢?

    Also, can “nursing mothers” drink kefir or enzyme? Thanks!

  383. Hi egg2tan,

    如果是膝盖疼痛,喝 kefir 对某些人会有帮助. 很多此类的症状是由于体内缺乏钙.
    kefir 含丰富而又容易被人体吸收的钙.

    Since kefir is a probiotic drink rich in calcium and all the goodness of milk in a pre-digested form, so it is a good beverage for the nursing mothers.

    尿酸多的人就必须注意含高酒精的饮料. 酒精会引发痛风的症状.

  384. hi egg2tan
    尿酸多的人就必须少吃 / 喝高蛋白质和糖的食物 / 饮料


  385. 各位,我到目前已经弄了5样酵素。。 草莓+蓝莓,木瓜+黄瓜,葡萄, 萍果 和 Kiwi

    超爱草莓+蓝莓。。 现在把弄得很多的减肥酵素当圣诞礼物在公司里派送。。 哈哈。。掀起了风潮呢。。。

    Happy enzyme making and wishing you Happy 2010!

  386. Hi all I am Melvin.I just start learning to make fruit enzyme one month ago.Anyone who are experience care to share their experience after consuming fruit enzyme and fruit vinegar.

  387. Hi Melvin,

    I am glad that you have put your hands on DIY fruit enzyme.

    I find that my digestive system improves after consuming enzyme. That has translated into a much strengthened immune system. When my immune system is in order, I become healthier.

  388. hi super78 …
    i have not tried water chestnut b4 … but i have tried turnip (sengkuang) … hahaha … just lazy to peel the water chestnuts … too small n too time consuming …

    i find that sengkuang n water chestnut taste quite alike … that is y i chose the former la …

    the last batch i did … i mixed sengkuang with mama pear (those fat n rounded korean pears) n pineapple … the result turned out very good … n the yield was plentiful cos all the fruits r juicy ones …

  389. Yeah, Turnip is much easier to handle as compare to water chestnuts. Anyway, I have never tried both before, getting into organic enzyme DIY lately but confine to organic papaya & pineapple that I could get from Green Wish Vege Garden.

  390. ok thks .Last week i just made a Burdock Enzyme but seem like got very strong medicine smell.wondering whether i can add more honey to neutralise the taste?

  391. 我今天又再做一瓶酵素。

  392. hi super78
    i don think it is necessary for u to add more honey to neutralise the herbal smell …
    taste is only secondary … the most important in diy enzyme is the benefit to be derived from it …

  393. hi Thomas,

    请问花雕黑枣which is ready for harvesting, i should keep 花雕 and 黑枣 separately in the fridge or just keep the whole bottle in the fridge.


  394. june,
    You can use the remaining “syrup/juice” for the new batch of 黑枣.
    No refrigeration required for the “ready to eat 黑枣” , just don’t contaminate it.

  395. wow … super78 … that is great … so happy to hear that ur body is improving … very soon u will become superman … lol …
    taking enzyme or kefir is a long term thing … don stop … cos there r more pleasant surprises coming ur way …
    well done, melvin …

  396. Thks 凡 夫 俗 子.

    I had introduce it to my frds and they liked it so much.Two of them had start doing themselves already.Good things must share….

  397. hi super78 …
    ya … good things must share … share and share alike is the motto most of us have in this blog … keep it up …

  398. Hi,

    I got a little bit confuse over here, will the alcohol content within enzyme drink increase or decrease after storing in fridge for longer period? and Why it’s happen?

    Since enzyme drink contain alcohol, so is it suitable to be comsumed by children and pregnant women?

  399. Good afternoon. I am from Hong Kong. I found two little fly-like insects drowned in my kumquat (or cumquat) and loquet enzyme syrup today. It was prepared on 31 Mar 2010. I removed the insects. Is it still safe to drink the syrup or I have to use it as garbage enzyme?

  400. how are you…….
    im waiting yr answer…….
    thank you

  401. 汤姆斯李先生,首先感谢你无私的分享,谢谢

  402. 不好意思,我再补充一下,

  403. 雅真,
    很多时候,是一些不是黑霉的其他杂物, 拿起来丢掉就可以了.

  404. 对啊。对啊,你说对了。我把那片有疑是黒菌的柠檬拿出来,丢掉。然后用汤匙搅了一下。

  405. 前些天做的木瓜酵素。不知道什么原因,好多沉淀物?是糖放得少吗?因为。我试看少放点糖,居然就这样了,好浑浊。不过是白色的浑浊

  406. HI.。Thomas

  407. 花雕黑枣。味道好赞哦,,

  408. 如果没有黒菌。只是白色的。然后颜色是黄橙橙的,这样酵素就算成功了对吗?
    o(︶︿︶)o 因为这几次采收的酵素味道不同以前,让我有点郁闷。
    o(︶︿︶)o 。。。好郁闷

  409. 嘿嘿,不好意思表达不清楚。

  410. 呵呵,,带出国了哦。

  411. 我有多讓卵巢证,中医和西医看了也没效,所以先在想靠一些天然的食物来帮助治疗。请问有任何酵素能帮助?

  412. lulu,
    调理身体里的女性荷尔蒙原本就是你身体应该会做的是, 是日常饮食不当,药物或其他因素影响了荷尔蒙分泌.
    让酵素回归增强消化系统,进而加强身体新陈代谢的功用, 至于用酵素治疗, 用过酵素的人都有一些经验, 就是没有具体的理论和佐证, 没法回答你.
    在不影响你的追求其他医疗方法的同时, 如果能把酵素当作一般的保健饮料, 弄些简单的木瓜黄梨酵素,也未尝不是一个办法.

  413. 我觉得我可以称你为我的【酵素老师】

  414. 雅真,
    没什么老师不老师的, 我只是经验比你多有点, 有一天等你做熟悉了,你也会把你的经验跟朋友分享的.
    我没看过绿色的霉, 我猜是你泡的绿茶的泡沫发白霉看起来像绿色的霉吧? 你要自己确认以下,不要大意.
    我是少用有种子的水果包括奇异果, 常做的是木瓜黄梨芦荟之类. 主要是材料新鲜便宜.
    我对种子的毒性相当在意, 从一系列的经验, 资料, 不经意得到的文件,还有家人饮用的种子做的饮料(不是酵素)所发生的病痛; 进一步加深我对种子的是有毒的观念.

  415. Thank you for sharing.
    To make enzymes, must the container be air tight ?
    After a few days, can we open the container to stir the content in the container to even them for better fermentation ?

  416. puzzled,
    Must not use airtight container, but if you do, you must open the lid from time to time to let go the pressure if not it might explode.
    You can stir with a clean spoon.

  417. 想请问一下, 我做了黄梨酵素酿了一个星期, 看到一些白色霉和一些看起来橙色的霉…这酵素算不能喝了吗?

  418. Hi riss,

    白霉我有见过但是橙色的霉我倒不曾看过. 白霉是无妨, 橙色的霉我不肯定.

    如果你不放心, 把它酿成环保酵素吧.

  419. Hi ! May I consult you further :

    I was making apple enzyme. The top most layer was suger followed by lemon slices. After about 4 days, the suger was all melted but there was some black mould on the top few slices of lemon. I then removed those slices that had black mould growth. After another week or so, there was no further black mould growth. In this case, is the enzyme ok for consumption (if there is no more black more for another 3 weeks) ?
    Thank you very much.

  420. Hi puzzled,

    I am very careful with regards to molds especially black molds.

    Molds are microscopic fungi which cannot be seen with naked eyes. They have many branches and long roots that are similar to very thin threads.

    When molds are growing on food, the roots may be very deep into the food. The roots are not apparent to your eyes. Food that has mold grown on it may also have invisible bacteria growing along with the mold.

    So, when you did find black / bad molds on the top layer, I suggest you turn it into eco-enzyme. Your health does worth more than the fruits 🙂

  421. mdn.ang,
    你长期吃喝的咖啡,茶,果汁,汽水,蛋糕,甜点。。。里的糖份比酵素多很多,而且还可能是用 “高果糖玉米糖浆” (HFCS)做的呢。

  422. enzymo:你好我想请问你我做的水果酵素里面有一点甜菜根,葡萄,番茄,kiwi,lemon,papaya,pineapple,已经发酵好了这是第一瓶,我现在还有一瓶是黄梨,苦瓜,柠檬这是第二瓶。还有一瓶是芦荟。柠檬,pandan leave.我是否可以把第二瓶和其他一瓶的酵素加一些下去第一瓶吗?我致以万二分的谢意让你帮我解答问题。

  423. 想請問白怎麼做香果酵素?上回我log on taiwan website, 說加水和honey. 結果發霉了。听說要放mineral water. 對嗎?

  424. enzymo:我有问题想问你我的酵素里有百香果,黄瓜,蕃茄,龙珠果,木瓜,甜菜根,柠檬,黄梨,奇异果,为何做出来的味道是苦的?谢谢你帮我解答。

  425. sharen,
    简单来说: [ 百香果+(黄梨或柠檬或其他多汁水果)] 一份 [比对] 片糖 一份 (或少一点)

  426. dingdong,
    Sorry for the late reply, the postage to US is to high to justify, maybe if you have friend going over can bring it to you, if not just pick up any of the free DIY recipe here and try out.

  427. Hi

    Regarding DIY enzyme.

    1)Making enzyme with brown sugar will result in fermentation with alcholic content,which is bad for people with liver problem

    2)Making enzyme with oligo(instead of brown sugar)will result in little or less alcholic contemt>>suitable with people with liver problem

  428. Hi joyful

    Storing enzyme in fridge will retard the activities of enzyme growth,should be discourage.

    To make enzyme with less alcholic content use Oligo+honey

    Do not use plastic container to make enzyme for human consumption cos tha plactic will
    leach out to the liquid.
    Use glass container for human consumptiom.

    Plastic containet to make eco enzyme for washing,etc etc

  429. hi Leo Pang,

    Thanks for sharing.

    I agree with you that we should keep away from plastic wares (no matter what the manufacturers may claim) when making enzyme. I personally do not use any plastic wares even when making yogurt or kefir. Not even for storing the starter or kefir grains.

    I read too many controversial discussions over the use of Oligo so I prefer to stay away from it till I am convinced of its safe usage. I do use honey to replace pian-tang sometimes but the alcohol content is still high.

    I reckon if the amount we consume in a day is only 30ml, it should not cause major harm to the liver as compared to the many other junk food taken in big quantity daily. Anyway, it is just my personal opinion.

    Pertaining to storing enzyme in the fridge, you may be right, but then, almost all the commercial enzyme sold in the market would instruct that their enzyme be kept in the fridge after opening. So, what say you?

    Some manufacturers even claim that the most stable form of enzyme for storage is in dry form (powder) and to be activated upon adding water. What’s your view?

  430. Hi Joyful

    Enzyme store inside fridge will result in lesser “bubble/gas production”
    Enzyme is a” live colonies”and will multiply when conditions are ideal.(Produce bubble/gas)
    RIght temperature and away from strong/direct sunlight(away from heat)
    Heat will destroy the microorganism.
    Storing in fridge with a lower temperature will reduce the activities.
    The manufacture want to protect their interest or after opening will be expored to atmospheric comtanmination.

    Dry powder storage is very contraversial,unless not store over “55” degree celcius and who can garantee it? .Validity period?
    Is it enzyme or filler to make it more bulky?
    Never buy enzyme in powder form unless from a very reputable company.

    If store in liquid and in amber/bottle there is adequate protection.

    Pure honey is very difficult to obtained uness from bee hive squeeze before your eyes
    Most of the honey sold in super market are not pure but adulterate from sugar.
    Honey sold in “the pasar”by indonesian are made from Pineapple juice +sugar.

    Sugar will be converted to alcholic under fermentation

  431. Hi, everyone !

    I spent 2 days to read all posts here and made my 1st enzyme on 28/3 only with lemons and cane sugar (pian tang). I was very careful and check everyday to make sure lemon slices on top were moisted. Almost one week past, nothing happens. No molds neither bubbles. Can anyone tell me if my enzyme is O.K. or not ? Many thanks

  432. Hi troublebubble

    Suggest to use brown sugar(buy from Sundry shop)
    You will get better result.
    1 Part brown sugar and 1 part lemon(equal ratio or equal weight i.e. 1:1)
    Once the system start to ferment(tiny bubble,you are O.K.)

    Omce you get started ,then experiment with other method.
    Brown sugar is much much easier to start with.

    No bubble no activities.

  433. Hi, leopang

    I used 1kg lemons (peeled and sliced w/o seeds) as welll as 1kg pian tang. So no bubbles = no fermentation ? What can I do now ? Throw them away ? What a waste, cry >_< …………………

  434. Hi troublebubble

    Pian Tang do not contain as much nutrient than raw brown sugar so the fermentation process is not that ideal.

    I had not use pian tang for fermentation yet, so can’t help out.

    Probably someone who had better experience with Pian Tang can help out with your problem.

    Maybe the pian tang had not completely melted/dissolved,wait longer till pian tang melted out or give the mixture a thorough shake to assist it to dissolved then wait for for some time and observed bubble production.
    Your patience will be rewarded.

  435. hi troublebubble,

    I do not see any problem with what you are doing. As long as you do not notice any black mold nor smelling any bad odor coming out of your jar, having bubbles or not is not critical (to me).

    I used pian-tang for some of my enzyme and I had never failed, not even once. Sometimes I see bubbles sometimes I don’t, the end products were equally good and nice.

    I suggest you continue on with the fermentation for a few more weeks, keeping the surface moist and observe the two things I mentioned above. I have confidence that it will turn out fine 😉

    Keep me posted 🙂

    ps: perhaps you may want to change your pen-name to “happybubble” ? LOL

  436. Hi, leopand and joyful

    Pian tang melted completely the next morning, the color was beautiflul gold/brown. I took really good care of my enzyme, checking 2 times a day to make sure no black mold, fruits on top were moisted and no bad smell.

    I won’t let black mold ‘attack’ my enzyme, haha. I breath a sign of relief now, thanks a lot to you both.

    P.S. Maybe I should change pen-name to happybubble then I will see bubbles popping up, lol

  437. 版主你好!

  438. 癌症医疗,如果要遵从西医疗法, 就听医生的话;如果要用自然疗法就听自然疗法的医生的方法;酵素不是万灵丹,我也不是执业医师,恕我无法给与意见。

  439. 请问一天喝两次酵素应该分配在什麽时间喝最好?早上空肚早餐前和晚上临睡前吗?

  440. Hi, Joyful !

    忘了要谢谢妳建议我把名字改成 happybubble,自改名起我做的几瓶酵素都有happy的bubbles。昨天已经在做第五瓶啦,现在已经可以把糖跟蔬果的比例做成 0.8 : 1。我的第一瓶酵素(只有柠檬和片糖)等了五星期才收成,放进冰箱後才发现只知道一天喝两次但好像没有读到该在什麽时间喝。现在知道了,今晚就可以开始享用自己的辛苦收成了,谢啦!

  441. happy bubble

    Enzyme are” living organism”.
    Our room temperature is ideal for fermentation.

    Store it outside the fridge for the reaction to continue for better effect,enzyme will not spoil.

    Do not store inside” 冰箱”.this will make the living organism “lazy” and “unhappy”

  442. 酵素先生请问:酵素发酵好了就把它过滤出来.后来上面老是有一层白白的.请问怎么回事谢谢

  443. hi thomas …
    lately i was told there are ppl up in the north, butterworth area, got themselves admitted to the hospital becos of diy enzyme …
    did u hear anything of that sort … ppl around are concerned … so i told them i will try to find out more b4 any conclusion to be made … thanks …

  444. 凡夫俗子,
    Sorry, never heard of such news. I want to advise those who would like to DIY , please pay special attention to the sugar ratio. If you drop the ratio too low, you are increasing the risk.

    p/s:I am still drinking mine and supplying some to a few close friends …. and it is coming to 10 years now.

  445. Hi

    When preparing making enzyme.Do not cross contaminate the mixture with other matter.
    Ensure that you seal the content carefully.
    There should be no red fungi mould on the surface of the
    mixture>>could be due to cross contamination
    a)Whitish growth is OK
    b)Red growth is NOT OK and must be removed quickly
    This could be the cause of the poison

  446. thank u, thomas …

    i told the ppl ard not to panic … even if these ppl got food poisoning … but it is not the diy enzyme per se … it is more of hygiene problem … afterall all food are subject to food poisoning if not hanled with care …

    i know there are ppl who use the eco enzyme formula to do diy enzyme for consumption … which basically i dont feel easy using this method … i still prefer the traditional method ie all fruit + sugar formula …

    thanks, thomas … have a good day …

  447. 大家好!


    Thomas 提到要留心 sugar ratio,我一般都是用水果跟糖 1 : 0.6, 不知糖是否太少?应该如何调整?谢谢解答

  448. Not required to embrace or give love to the enzyme while making it.
    For best result use 1:1 ratio with brown sugar,cause brown sugar contain all the nutrients for making more a better enzyme.
    White sugar had been chemically treated to render to remove all the useful nutrients.
    Also no need to sun dried the fruit/veggie .
    Water or fresh fruit/vegggie is OK.
    Rain or shine no problem .

  449. Happybubble,
    既然你有經驗,1: 0.6 是OK 的, 如果最頂層的糖多加一點, 那就萬無一失了。
    天氣冷的地方, 發酵時間理論上可能要長一點, 但我沒在那環境下做酵素的經驗, 所以只是推敲, 你如果有時間可以分享一下。

  450. pang1888 謝謝你意見,我多數到唐人超市買片糖,也曾經用過brown sugar跟冰糖,brown sugar用起來方便,片糖我會先用hammer將片糖敲碎讓糖比較容易溶化及容易覆蓋在頂層不讓空氣跟水果接觸。倒不是說做酵素一定要有好心情,不過一邊做一邊想是為了身體健康做的,心情自然就好起來。可能表達得不好,我只是把用具晒太陽,水果蔬菜不能晒太陽。

    謝謝 Thomas,我會把最頂層的糖多加一點。 我也是想氣溫低了發酵的時間可能要長一點,自六月踏入冬季,我都等六個星期再收成。另外,如果每天酵素喝多了會有不良的後果嗎?我朋友每天喝三次,每次30ml 酵素加200ml水,

  451. Happybubble
    Our body contain 70-80% liquid,so we need to drink more water to replenish the water lost daily.
    Your ratio of enzyme to water is OK. The rule of thumb is a big spoonful of enzyme to one mug of water.

    Twice or twice a days is OK. As long as you do not feel “heatiness” you are OK.If not drink more water and never take concentrate enzyme without dilution with water

  452. 因為紐西蘭正是冬天,請問酵素加暖水喝會影響效果嗎?酵素最好是空肚還是飽肚飲用比較適當?Thanks

  453. Hi I really impress and interest reading this forum, I had started to DIY fruits enzyme since last month and had harvest a few bottles, however I still confuse as when is the best time to harvest the DIY enzyme. A friend told me, DIY enzyme should be harvested in 4-5 days otherwise it became alcohol, after harvest it must be consume within 1 day or 2 cause the “harvested” enzyme will still 发酵although we kept in fridge. She said this statement was told by a nutritionist in an organic shop.

    Some fruits will have white bubble in 4th days,some don’t have but no matter how, I still harvest it on the 4th day to avoid alchohol taste, not sure whether I’m doing the right thing.

    The DIY enzyme processing I did is what was said in this forum, the only different thing is I add in a few big spoon of “snow lotus” enzyme I own did, my friend told me the snow lotus enzyme will help to expedite the 发酵process hence we can harvest the enzyme earlier, is this sound right?

    So far the harvest DIY fruit enzyme is fruit taste and sweet, some had a bit alcohol taste.

    Need you guys help to clarify the above in order for me to be more confident in making DIY enzyme, thanking you in advance.

  454. Hi Ben
    Enzyme harvested in fer days time had not been allowed to mature.Should be allowed to ferment longer or allowed to age

    You had been given the incorrect infros with regards to Enzyme making.
    1)Making enzyme with white/brown sugar will resulted in more alcoholic content which is not suitable with people having problem related with liver cos this will put more load on the liver to handle alcholic.
    2)Making enzyme with honey and oligo will give a very low alcoholic content so this method is more suitable with people with liver problem .
    Also some religious people avoid alcoholic content,this method is more suitable.
    3)Harvesting of enzyme>> Like wine making enzyme is best allowed to aged and harvested as long as possible.i.e. old wine and liquer fetch much much higher value.
    4)depend on what fruit you started with,some fruits produced more bubbles while other lesser .
    This could be due to the sugar contents in that fruits use for making enzyme.
    5)The reaction time of bubble production commence from vigorous initially then taper off during aging
    6)seeding with any enzyme or “snow lotus” will speed up the process,this is right.

    7)Our climate is very suitable for enzyme making,hence our ambient temperature is ideal.
    8)Lower temperature will slow down the fermentation process,hence “Do not store enzyme(this will reduce the activities of the store enzyme) in the fridge cos enzyme is alive and should allow to continue the process
    You have make a good start but need to master more.


  455. Hi Ben
    People with Kidney and liver problem do not handle alcohol well .
    So they need to harvest within 3-5 days to prevent it to change to a alcoholic stage as per aging process.

    Normal people need to allow the fermentation to fully convert/digest the fruit/veggie/grain etc for maximum effect.
    Most of the time the enzyme will taste slightly sourish and with some alcoholic content>>all depends on material used and aging period.



  456. hi happybubble,

    我认为酵素加稍温的开水喝应该不会影响其效果。澳洲冬天的气温和纽西兰大同小异,我在那儿居留好几年,我明白你在冬天早晨喝冷水的感受 >.<


  457. Hi, Joyful !

    謝謝意見!我的胃很不錯,餐前飲更好,可以少吃一點,正急需減肥 (^_-)

  458. I have just started to DIY enzyme and found from some website, it is better to use honey instead of sugar. DIY enzyme with sugar will result in high alcohol content, not good for long consumption. Might cause harm to liver. If want to drink it for long term, is better to use honey, less alcohol.

  459. Hi sweetie_me
    Not necessary unless currently you had liver problem.
    Taking enzyme with plenty of water in a very dilute form will not cause liver problem even for long term .
    The alcohoc content is consider very low in % term as compare with alcoholic drink.
    Minute drinking of alcholic as per traditional chinese health pratice is consider very beneficial to blood circulation .
    If you had this “fear factor”??? then no harm making enzyme using” honey with oligo” ,a more expensive process.
    Happy DIY enzyme

  460. Hi pang1888,

    Thank you very much for you info. I personally like to drink without water. Like the “strong smell” hee…..

  461. hi…thx 4 sharing
    uhm… actually i m a student n i m trying 2 do the fruit enzyme so i wan 2 ask if i really cant gt the glass jar can i just use the plastic bottle 2 make it? is it a plastic bottle just suitable 2 make garbage enzyme only?

  462. Yes polar bear, you are right. Plastic bottles are only good for making garbage enzyme.
    Please use glass bottles for any enzyme made for consumption.

    Glass jars are commonly available at any shops selling household items. Even Daiso holds a lot of medium size glass jars or mason jars for only RM5 🙂

  463. Hi polar bear’
    Some enzyme will cause plastic to leak into the content.
    If the enzyme is not for consumption Then OK to use plastic container.

    If enzyme is use for human consumption then you are advise to use glass container..



  464. Hi Polar bear

    Dark or amber colour glass container would be much better than clear glass container but more difficult to obtain, to block off sunlight..

    You can get discarded amber bottle from science lab or medical store.
    Most amber bottle are use for storing medical products.




  465. 想请教大家,酵素收成後剩馀的水果大家会如果处理?弃掉很浪费,柠檬我会用来冲水喝,像柠檬茶一样。其实那些水果还可以吃吗?平常我都用新鲜的苹果和香蕉煮麦片oats做早餐,如果做酵素剩下的水果可以吃那就不会浪费了

  466. hi happybubble,

    I don’t think avocado is suitable for diy enzyme. The fat content is high and the fruit is pretty mushy, oxidizes very fast too
    Avocado is a very nutritious fruit, why don’t you try to make it into,

    “Lacto-Fermented Guacamole”

    This guacamole is a good probiotic food, when you stir in some whey and let it ferment at room temperature for 8 hrs.

    * 2 avocados, ripe
    * 3 cloves garlic, crushed
    * 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan Crystal Salt
    * 2 tablespoons whey (drained off of yogurt or kefir with active cultures)

    Combine all ingredients together and mash well. Put it in an airtight container or bowl. Cover.
    Let it sit at room temperature for about 8 hours. Refrigerate until serving.

    Skim off the brown top layer if you prefer a bright, green guacamole. What you skimmed off is edible.
    Otherwise, just mix it up before serving.

    Serve with chilled carrot, celery sticks or tortilla chips, I love it !!

  467. Hi, Joyful

    Thanks for your advice and idea. I also think it’s probably not a good idea to make enzyme with avocado becoz of it’s texture and markedly higher fat content than most other fruit.

    I love tortila chips too and made my own guacamole with sour cream, red onion, green onion and red bell pepper. Will try your recipe later. Thanks and cheers

  468. 好不容易找到《酵你酿健康》这本书,已经开始酿制了”香茅姜酵素”,”青红苹果酵素” & “三色甜椒酵素”,希望成功!

  469. Hi,
    I recently find that there are some white mould growing on top of the garbage enzyme.Is it have any effect?
    And i wish to ask that is it possible the fruit and garbage enzyme manufacture in the form of soap?

  470. Can i know where to get this article..because my school teacher is requesting we all make the enzyme in soap form…but we cant find articles to support it…so can you tell me the where to get the articles?

  471. Then ask your teacher to find the article for you.
    (1) Garbage enzyme is only alive with micro organism and micro organism can only survive in a liquid stage.

    You can make soap using garbage enzyme as a base ingredient for soap making but will not be effective cos all enzyme would be inactivate/destroy during the manufacture process.
    You can claim that that soap is make from Garbage enzyme only but will not serve any purpose other than as a claim.

    In soap making you normally use a strong alkaline eq sodium hydroxide.
    Then add fat to emulsifz
    You need to heat and stirr the mixture.Then pour solution over salt water to harden it.
    Transfer to a mould to make the shape of the soap.

    Google: how to make soap.

    So in the process heat is applied thus destroy the enzyme in the garbage enzyme.


  472. Dear All,

    The is another soap making technique call cold pressed soap. you follow this link http://www.mpsp.gov.my/La21/sabun.htm
    If you want to add garbage (eco) enzyme, you can modify below steps :
    In step 4, use only 300ml water
    In between step 7 and step 8, add 100ml eco enzyme AFTER (I Repeat AFTER) the mixture temperature has fall till around 40 degree.
    Step 9 is VERY VERY IMPORTANT, make sure you STIR (I repeat STIR) until the mixture is thicken before pouring into the mould.
    Step 12 , LEAVE it for at least 1 Month, I repeat LEAVE IT, Leave it means LEAVE IT ALONE, and don not come back and touch it, press it, smell it or try to dig it out from the mold.

    If you follow all the steps carefully and pay attention to above writing in capital letters, I am pretty sure you will get your DIY enzyme soap, since you add your enzyme at around 40 degree, the chances of enzyme being destroyed by the high temperature as compare to other soap making method is reduce, but I have no idea how much enzyme left thought.

    I know the next Question you want to ask is where to get the Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide), you will have to ask around those shop that sell chemical ingredients , bare in mind that Caustic Soda (sodium hydroxide) is controlled item and can only be purchase by those who has permit, so the shop may not want to sell you if you ask openly and loudly. lower your voice and ask when there are no other people around.

    IMPORTANT : Sodium Hydroxide is strong alkaline that can cause chemical burns, permanent injury or scarring if it contacts unprotected human skin, , this is not making cakes and muffins, so DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT ask children to help you during DIY.

    Cheers and happy DIY.

  473. My husband is an end stage cancer patient, the doctor say he left 4 months to live. He try this snow lotus enzyme for about two weeks, his latest medical report cea drop by 54, is quite engourging,

  474. 這裡有許多有用的info,太感謝了



  475. 我做的木瓜酵素今天是第六天了,早上我打开来看里面生点霉菌了。请问这是正常的吗?还是已经坏掉了呢。

  476. 你好,我妈妈心脏不好,然后影响了肺跟肾脏。。请问一下哪一个水果酵素适合妈妈喝呢?。。谢谢你。期待您的恢复。^^

  477. Choo,

  478. 大家用的酿制瓶都是玻璃的吧?那盖子呢?



    相信很多人用宜家的密封瓶吧?那盖子也有塑胶边,不知道是不是bpa free的?我还看过很多书籍图片里用好力克瓶子,还铺上一层保鲜膜在瓶口,我个人觉得不太好,因为保鲜膜很可能会分解。


  479. 你好,我是新手刚刚学做水果酵素,我家人说没有我姑姑做的好喝,姑姑的有点象水果酒,我做的有发酵酸味,请问我做的对吗?谢谢你!

  480. 补充:我第一次做红苹果酵素时柠檬没切掉片,瓶子上是用胶袋 封紧紧。发酵时很多气泡,很有生命力,胶袋也涨的很高。 这是第二次做,切掉了柠檬皮(网上学的-怎样才不会苦-其实对吗?),放进可以可以封紧的玻璃瓶里(那中中间有圆形胶,有铁扣紧的瓶子里)气泡少了,九天后就没反应了。摇晃了也是没反应,请问是失败了吗?

  481. Priscilla,
    什么食谱,放那么多材料(一粒柠檬和十二条香蕉)才放两条片糖哦 ?

  482. Priscilla,
    不是我要吓你,封紧的玻璃瓶会气爆,危险。 几天后气泡会越来越少是正常。

  483. Hi !
    It seems that star fruit enzyme is not so common. Is there any problem with it ?
    Does anyone have experience with making star fruit enzyme – can you share your experience, please.

  484. Shuan Pei,
    我喝了整七八年也没有什么”症状”, 唯一奇怪的是,没再生病了,你说是不是好”症状”?

  485. Anyone tried with herbs like Mint or basil? Are dreid herbs ok too, like cinnamon? Am asking as I saw the recipe for cardamom enzymes.

  486. Hi Lin,
    You should use fresh herbs instead of dried herbs. I have done basil pineapple enzyme many times as per request by a friend of mine.

  487. 番茄加木瓜我有做过, 老人家喝的话可以加点老姜. (I wish to to tis enzyme.. can I have recepi) .. tq very much

  488. hi Thomas,

  489. 我做了苹果奇异果酵素,可是最上面 那层苹果有变红 是坏了吗 像苹果放久氧化的那样 还可以继续发酵吗 还有盖子可以每天打开搅拌吗 为什么有的人说可以有的又不可以 谢谢 是在是一头雾水

  490. 春泥,

  491. 谢谢您的回复 我的酵素已经开始使用了哦 还有个小问题现在2周后我开始打开使用了 每次打开用一点后需要把剩下的放回冰箱吗 还是只是放在常温的地方就好 还是要把汁和水果分开 把汁放回冰箱保鲜呢 期待你的回复

  492. 春泥,

  493. I noticed that during the making process, you al didn’t dilute the sugar with water.
    However, my mum will use sugar which has been diluted with water, the sugar water is to be used for the making process. We have used this method for 2 years. May i know is this the correct way?

  494. May I know if my drinking enzyme not successful, some brownise spot on the fruit, i dont dare to drink and would like to change the enzyme for cleaning, how should i go about it , must i add water to it for 2 more month fermemtation, how much water should i add, mine is about 1.5 litre juice bottle

  495. fatia,
    It is in bilingual English-Chinese but I am sorry, I don’t have it anymore.
    I am working on an iBook version, not sure when will it available in Malaysia.

  496. Phoebe,

    It is up to individual, I am using a more safer method, so that those who try for the DIY for the first time can have higher success rate.

  497. Thomas,


  498. Rita,
    加醋的用意是杀菌(好的和坏的)的用意比较多, 让成品比较安全稳定,你要去问教的人比较好,我是不加的。

  499. 謝謝Thomas的回覆,因為開始對酵素有興趣,所以閒時會搜尋資料,看書,其實只是好奇加醋的原因,可能越來越多人做,千百樣方法…最後都是跟你的方法做!
    但因為好愛家人,所以想健康長壽小小 ….
    真的感謝你每個分享! 祝大家也身體健康.

  500. 還想再請教你,我每天都拿出瓶子搖吓,怕浮在面頭的生果沒糖水浸到,一直到我收成,
    我是否做多了? 如有重複問題請見諒,謝謝

  501. dear sir,
    I have made 7 bottles of DIY ENZYME following your method with different fruits. They are all successful. Thank you. But every bottle has alcohol after 2 weeks. I am allergic to alcohol but I like the enzyme. Anyway that I can reduce or elliminate the alcohol. By the way I used PIANG TANG. TQ.

  502. Hi Henry,
    To totally eliminate alcohol, heating is needed but then again the heating process will destroy all the enzymes.
    You might want to try leaving the enzymes to the open air and see if you can eliminate the alcohol concentration.

    Alternatively, you might want to use a few pieces of cloth to cover your bottle during the fermentation process, which will let the alcohol escape.

  503. Thomas,


    有時間才答覆我,先感謝你! ^^

  504. Dear Thomas,
    Thank you so much for your reply. Apprecite so much for your suggestion.
    I love to do diy enzyme. I will try again

  505. Rita,
    膠盒是方便,但還是要在乎品質,她用的什麼材質,我也對塑膠沒什麼深入研究, 不好說。


  506. Thomas,

  507. 湯匙,鋼篩都是短期接觸,沒多大關係,當然可以避免最好;不過长期储存的容器一定不可以,毕竟做好的酵素,pH值(酸鹼值)會在3上下,是屬於酸性液體。

  508. Hi, If i wish to do red apple enzyme, shall I include the skin as well? How to clean the wax on the skin other than soak them into vinegar + water? Thank you.

  509. Hi, Thomas


  510. 请问我的秋葵柠檬酵素已做一个星期,两三天就轻轻的摇一摇。可是黄砂糖沈澱瓶底不溶解,我要管它吗?谢谢你!

  511. 用根长的汤匙,火上烘一烘干,再去搅一搅。如果过几天还不熔化,不理它,收成再看。黄砂糖有时候糖分太高。

  512. 你好,我想问一下,我的酵素有包裹柠檬,奇异果和苹果。我放了半年已经变黑色了。请问还能喝吗?

  513. 我用黑糖做了三瓶木瓜+檸檬酵素,其中兩瓶在三天後出現白菌,一瓶沒有。是有毛毛的那種白菌,爬了一些文說只要搖晃瓶子讓水果可以浸泡在液體裡,白菌就會消失。我早上搖了,晚上下班回來白菌又長得更多了,連續這樣三天⋯白菌越來越多⋯




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