1. About Me 我是谁?

我叫汤姆斯理,是一个热爱蔬果酵素的凡人,我自2005 开始自制蔬果酵素,对自制酵素有一点心得,但我不是生物科技专家也不是营养师。

我是酵素食谱- 《酵你酿健康》的作者,但这本书已经绝版, 如果你是新手及对自制蔬果酵素有兴趣,可以按这里买一本电子书来参考。


My name is Thomas Lee, I am just a someone who have the love and passion in homemade enzymatic probiotic drinks. I started making fermented homemade enzyme syrup since 2005,  but I am NOT a nutritionist or a biologist.

I am the author of “Simple Homemade Enzymes” , unfortunately this book has already out of print. Alternatively you can buy my eBook  that teaches newbies how to make simple DIY Enzymatic Probiotic Drinks.

I am willing to share my knowledge & experience with you but bare in mind that I am NOT responsible for your health. Please consult your doctor if you have ailment.  I am NOT recommending DIY enzyme syrup as an alternative medication as well.

Please read my  disclaimer before you proceed.