Chikungunya: the virus that “bends up”

I came across this news last night about The Chikungunya disease is to hit South America, it reminds me of what we have suffered almost 6 years ago, where thousands of Malaysia, especially those living in the rural area were affected by this highly infectious disease that swept through Malaysia in 2008.  If you were among the unfortunate patients that suffered from Chikungunya, I believe you will remember how painful the disease was.

I hope the history will not repeat, anyway Chikungunya is cause by the same type of mosquitoes as Dengue disease, so in terms of reducing fever and increase platelet counts,  papaya leaves juice should be able to show some good result, most importantly even if it does not work, there is no side effect by consuming a few ml of papaya leaves juice.  Furthermore, according to Tradisional Chinese Medicine, papaya leaves juice which is bitter in taste will have the cooling effect, good for high fever and can be use for detoxing purpose.

Finally, it is up to you to try out this “remedy” for Chkungunya or you can wait until someone publish their research after many years like the Dengue Disease’s research paper.  The choice is yours.