Virgin Coconut Oil Soap with Pineapple and Lemon Enzymes

Virgin Coconut Oil Soap with Pineapple and Lemon Enzymes

A friend ask me to make facial soap for her so that she can use it daily to remove her makeup.
Since I have been making my own enzyme soap for a while now,  I decided to use Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) as the main base ingredients so that the end product can be really good on skin.
Unlike the VCO in the market which are extracted by heating, I am using is the VCO from the fermentation method, which are time consuming and low in total output but with the best quality.

(Note : Upper row are 100% Pure VCO soap ;  Lower row are VCO soap with added pineapple and lemon enzymes, both are unscented. )

You can follow any cold process soap making method available online, if you want to add any type of enzyme, just add in 10-20ml and take out the same potion of water from that recipe. (for example : if the recipe require 400ml of water , you can add in 20ml + 380ml of water so that the total volume is unchanged =400ml)

材料 Ingredients:

处女椰子油  1 公升   VCO  1 litre

水 (400 毫升)  water ( 400ml)

氢氧化钠 (120 克)  Caustic Soda (120g)


  1. 把氢氧化钠加入水里,稍微搅拌(注意:这混合液体会很热,发出气味难闻,小心烫伤和避免吸入气体)。
  2. 把这混合液体搁置一旁,让液体降温至室温。
  3. 把处女椰子油装在一个方便搅拌的大容器里,再把以上步骤(2)的混合液体倒入。
  4. 马上用塑料或木勺不停的搅拌,拌约10至15分钟,直到开始呈浓稠状。
  5. 再把浓稠的液体,尽快倒入预先准备好的模型之中,让其凝固。
  6. 要经过一个月的皂化过程时间,肥皂才可以使用。