(DIY#19)自制韩国泡菜 D.I.Y Korean Kimchi

Kimchi Day2

韩国泡菜是营养丰富的发酵食品, 富含多种益菌,  是加強人體免疫力的好幫手, 连美國《芝加哥太陽時報》最新報導稱,食用發酵食物,特別是韓國泡菜,對預防A型流感有顯著效果。

我一家都喜欢吃韩国泡菜, 外面卖得很贵,自己做省很多,韩国泡菜制作方法五花八门,但都大同小异。以下这款比较正宗,是从 Youtube 学来得, 但我把其中材料(生蚝)改成江鱼仔(也可以用鱼干,虾米,柴鱼之类的材料).


材料(I) : 2大颗大白菜; 食用盐一大包

材料(II) : 水 3 杯; 江鱼仔 200g; 糯米粉半杯; 糖1/4杯; 辣椒粉 随意; 鱼露 1杯

材料 (III ) : (用搅拌机加水搅细): 姜(Ginger) 1块 (2 寸);  蒜头(Garlic) 1杯 ; 大葱头(Onion) 1颗

材料I(V) : (切段切丝): 韭菜 1 把; 青葱 1 把; 胡萝卜 1 根 继续阅读






如果我吃的脏兮兮,甚至已不会穿衣服, 继续阅读

The Tale of Kefir (克非尔) – by Joyful

This below article is written by Joyful, she is one of the active participant in the discussion area.
Kefir is one of the very important source of probiotic. Read on to find out more about kefir and how you can D.I.Y.
自制”克非尔” 中文版 在【这里


(pictures taken from Dom’s)

Kefir is a unique fermented food which is rich in enzymes. The medium of culture used is commonly dairy milk even though nut milk or coconut milk are being used. Kefir is filled with friendly micro-organisms that balances your digestive system. In addition to beneficial bacteria, yeast and enzymes, Kefir is an excellent source of complete protein, essential minerals, lactic acid, valuable B vitamins (B2, B12), Vitamin K, A, D and Tryptophan.

Kefir is similar to a drinkable yogurt except it is more therapeutic than yogurt.

Brewing “real”  Kefir can be done at home. It is very easy and economical. This is one health product that commercialism fails to get a handle on. You need the following common household utensils to start the brewing process, 继续阅读