(DIY#18)自制椰子油 Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil

我在前几天的卫塞节假期里,买了5颗椰子,照着从绿意园圃学来的方法,用发酵法做了这个被谓为世界上最好的油 —- 椰子油( Virgin Coconut oil) 

方法简单但过程是非常繁琐 ~~~

coconutparutperahbahan0 hour

5 hours7 hours20 hours20 hours

24小时后得到的是 500-600 ml 純正椰子油 !

virgin coconut oil

Procedure :


1. Go get 5-10 pcs of matured coconuts.


2.Hold the coconut in your hand firmly. Hit coconut hard with hammer. it will break open in few attempts. Catch and pour the coconut water in a glass/pitcher. Hitting with hammer, break each coconut half into pieces. Do all this, over a clean, empty kitchen sink- very convenient to pick up the falling coconut pieces and also to clean the whole mess.

Using a knife, separate the coconut piece from its shell. Slice them into very thin pieces. Place the coconut pieces in a blender and grind smooth. Cover a bowl with a cloth and pour the grinded coconut liquid-slush into the cloth. Allow it to drip for few minutes, and then squeeze handfuls of the coconut meat to extract as much liquid as possible into the bowl. Discard the squeezed pulp and use coconut milk in recipes.

What you want from the whole step 2 are the coconut milk & juice.

    p/s: alternatively, you can just go to the market and ask the pakcik (uncle) to do it for you.

3. Get a clean bottle , pour both coconut milk & juice into the bottle and mix well by stirring.

4. Let it ferment, do not disturb anymore for 24 hours. (Yes, just like that.)

5  After the fermentation, you will get 3 layers of liquid mixture as shown in the above photos.

6. The virgin oil is the second layer of the mixture, get this layer out.

7.Here come the nightmare part of the process, use all the suitable tools you have in your house and separate the oil from the rest of the layers. You can filter, scoop, complain, grumble, curse me(?), do whatever you can think of and get yourself the pure virgin coconut oil.

8.The top layer is the oily coconut milk cream (residue). I do not know what to calls it but I think it contains white mold and it feels like lotion and smells like….coconut lah what else.  So if you want to use it on your face (Joyful ?), please don’t ask me. 

9.The bottom layer is the sour coconut juice, dilute and use it as the fertilizer. 

10. Lastly, go wash your oily hands, bottles, tools, table, sink, floor, ……… because you’ve asked for it !




    椰肉含油达33% 。几千年来传统的提油办法相当简单,只要把椰肉制成碎屑,放在水里煮,油就会分离出来浮在水面上,然后把油撇出来。另一种办法是从椰肉碎屑中挤出椰乳(也称椰浆),然后使它自然发酵24—36 小时,这样油就与水分离,再取出油,短时间加温以除去水分。这种中等温度加热的方法对椰子油没有损害。另外还有多种提取椰子油的方法,不同方法取得的椰子油其外观、质量、口味和香味互有差异。但大体上可分为两大类方法:一类是经提纯、漂白、脱臭(RBD)的“净化”椰子油,另一类是常温下不经化学处理的“冷榨”(“virgin”)椰子油。净化椰子油多由椰肉干制成,普遍用于食品工业。一般认为这种椰子油还是健康的,因其脂肪酸未被破坏。由于它无色、无味,许多人也喜欢食用这种油。冷榨椰子油多由新鲜椰子制成。这种油的液态清澈如水,固化后是白色。由于未经高温和化学物质处理,这种油保留着原有的成分并有椰子的特殊的气味和滋味。

   你可以在生活上没有太大变化的情况下,享有椰子油给你带来的好处。办法有三点:1, 在烹调中使用椰子油而摒弃其他油;2,经常食用椰子和椰子制品;3,用椰子油直接涂在皮肤和头发上使之被吸收。

   用椰子油于烹调   为了增加中链脂肪的摄入量,用椰子油代替其他食用油烹调是最简便的办法。由于椰子油是饱和油,烹调加热不会产生自由基。椰子油的熔点是23℃,在这温度之上,它是液体;低于此温度是白色糊状物。其发烟点较低,为177℃ 以下。使用椰子油烤制面包、松饼或烹调时,炉温可高于此温度。由于食物的湿度,内温仍可低于100℃ 。注意任何食用油,如果被过热,都会产生有害物质。椰子油性能稳定,不需冷藏保存。它在常温中至少可放置2—3年。 




   椰乳(或称椰浆)是把椰肉磨碎后挤出汁液,除去椰渣得到的,乳白色,不透明如牛奶,本身无甜味,含脂肪17—24% 。商店里有罐装椰乳出售。它既可冷饮也可热饮,亦可混入其他饮料中。也作为菜肴的调料。


  抹在皮肤上的椰子油也会被吸收,效果和食用接近,有护肤护发的作用(食用椰子油也可使皮肤、头发柔润光滑,但其作用需要较长时间才能显现)。每天抹两三次,几个星期后即可见效。   抹在皮肤上的椰子油也会被吸收,效果和食用接近,有护肤护发的作用(食用椰子油也可使皮肤、头发柔润光滑,但其作用需要较长时间才能显现)。每天抹两三次,几个星期后即可见效。


    无论是病毒还是细菌造成的疾病,椰子油都有防治作用而无副作用,所以可以放心服用。现在虽然还没有用椰子油治病的服用定量标准,但是专家建议每日可服用4—8汤匙(57—114克),就是每餐服用2—3汤匙。很多人报告说,为治时疫,全天中每隔两三小时就服用椰子油一次,效果很好。病愈后每天还要服用3。5汤匙(50克),以巩固疗效。此外还要大量饮水,多休息和服用维生素C 。如果觉得单纯服用椰子油口感不好,可以用椰子油烹调食物或加入饮料中,也可以涂在皮肤上并加以揉搓,通过皮肤吸收。但是要记住椰子油和其中链脂肪不能包治百病,得了病还应当去看医生。最好把椰子油当做一种可以防病的保健药品使用。如果每天一个人服用3—4汤匙,并且注意饮食健康,这个人一般不易得病。但如果还是患病,那就是椰子油对病源无效,就要使用其他药物和治疗方法。从总的方面来说,食用椰子油和摒弃其他油类将会使你受益终身,你应当坚持下去,也只有这样才能见效,使你的健康状况发生奇妙的变化。 

周苓仲 摘译   

参考文献:Bruce Fife: The Coconut Oil Miracle     http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org



  1. Coconut Research Center
  2. Coconut Oil: Why it is Good For You
  3. Here’s the Smarter Oil Alternative – Dr. Mercola
  4. Side Effect

(DIY#18)自制椰子油 Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil”的一个响应

  1. Thomas,
    I think you could have guessed the Q I am going to ask, hehehe…
    So, how’s the actual precedure? How tidious is it? Do you use sugar to ferment the coconut milk?

    For the volume of coconut oil you produced, it would cost RM50-60.

  2. Sorry, what I meant was, it could sell as high as RM50-60. I was half asleep when I type the above, hahaha.

  3. joyful,
    Half asleep in the afternoon? you must be enjoying life now. Where are you now, Mauritius ?
    RM50-60? Nolah, I am willing to sell at RM50 nett (including Citylink F.cost), so any taker ?
    It seems like you are the only one who is interested in the (hehehe) Q. Let you know later.

  4. hahaha … not true … mr enzymo … i wld love to know the steps to diy virgin coconut oil too …
    there r tons of literature to promote the health benefit of the oil … in contrary to wat ppl think that coconut oil is no good for health …
    i have all the ears if you don mind to share …

  5. 凡夫俗子,
    Not that I dun want to teach but I just don’t have those english or chinese words in my head now, all I know is Bahasa Malaysia word like “parut” , “perah”, “santan”…. so give me some time to think it over. OK?

  6. Hey Thomas,
    The time I clocked in to ask for the v.coconut oil recipe was actually 12.15 past midnight liao….that’s why I was really truly half asleep after a long day of travelling and work.

    Mauritius ? Ahaha, close enough but not quite….You know Gurney Dirve? I am sure you wouldn’t think that it is any less than Mauritius….There I was asking for the recipe “hehehe”, so, are you convinced now that I am very sincere, and oh….I can translate BM into English pretty well….since I have the support from 凡夫俗子 🙂

    I paid RM30 for 250ml….:( by the way….

  7. hahaha … mr enzymo … just wanna u to vefity the following steps to diy the VCO … learnt from a philippino maid … who told us they use to do it in her kampong :
    1. grated old coconut meat with its natural water
    2. mix them until creamy
    3. sqeeuze the cream through cheese cloth
    4. pour the coconut cream milk into a wide mouth glass / plastic container
    5. cover the container and let the mixture sit for 24 – 48 hours
    6. throguh natural fermentation process … u will get 3 layers … top layer is the VCO, 2nd layer water and bottom layer cream like liquid
    7. scoop the top layer VCO and filter it 3 time to ensure no impurities / residual and ready to be btl …
    8. if we like we can do a 2nd fermentation of the water for vinegar.
    9. we can cook the cream mixture to extract more oil which can be used for cooking or hair.

  8. aha … it sounds horribly messy wo … hahaha … u try to frighten us off huh ??? just kidding …

    ya … ur procedures sound quite like wat the maid told us … but we nvr tried … the only difference is the fermentaiton period 24 vs 48 hours …

    mayb u shld try 48 hours the next round … may be the residual will sink to the bottom of the bottle … cos she said the VCO is floating the topmost layer … then the sourly water … n cream-like residual at the btm …

    may be if i m in good mood for trying something new … i will try on a few coconut … but i will get the grated coconut from the pa cik la … hahaha …

    right now i m very busy baby sitting my newly adopted kefir babies … haahaha …


  9. Maybe I m a bit clumsy so have to do a lot of washing, hahaha……
    I actually leave it for more than 24 hours but not much difference that is why I recommended 24 hours. The floating top white layer will not go away because it is solid, and it won’t sink either because it contain oil. I actually can say is 4 layers but the bottom 2 layer are water and “powder” (water soluble) so no point.
    Take note that there is no sugar added so if we leave it for too long , the mixture may turn bad and man coconut is not cheap.

  10. Well, well, well Thomas,

    I couldn’t stop laughing after reading your extraction methods, sorry I should say “your description of the extraction methods”. It’s all 凡夫俗子’s fault, pressure you to squeeze out all the methods before letting it spin a few rounds in your head first…hahaha. This is truly the “hehehe” recipe, I enjoy reading your post.

    Apart from the hammer and the applying to my face part, I think the rest is doable. What 凡夫俗子 said make sense you know, 48hrs of fermentation may push the oil up to the top layer. Pure oil must float, that’s what I learned in science subject.

    May be we should try sucking the top layer and the last layer with a straw? That will leave us the middle pure oil layer, right? H..mm..mmm, perhaps I should just outsource the extraction to the Philp maid? Anyway, thanks Thomas for sharing, you are so kind, I must try to do it, 才对得起你… :0

  11. Actually I copied the hammer part from somewhere else.
    I have let it ferment for close to 40 hours liao, not much difference but the water underneath start turn sour and I don’t want to take the risk because I have no control over the hygiene matters when pakcik perform the step 2 for me.
    FYI, the top 2 layer are oil base material, so all type oil will float not only pure oil, try and see if you can find better method.

    p/s: see..see.., you have Philp maid , 凡夫俗子 has Indonesian maid (I guess) , I have nobody to outsource you know. not fair.

  12. Thomas,
    Wrong, wrong, I have no maid, stopped having one years ago, to avoid turning my chidren into princesses, it’s scary you know, I am not a queen and if they turn into princesses, just imagine.

    Actually, I thought I could outsource it to the Philp maid who gave advice to 凡夫俗子. Her step 1-9 looks so simple, hahaha… Looks like I’ve got to diy now, just to be fair 😉

    ps: why some of the posts mixed up like rojak, not following sequence one?

  13. wau lao … why my fault ??? joyful …
    did i pressure u … mr enzymo … hahaha … i only asking u to verify the steps le … 🙂
    no … no … i don have either indo or phil maid … but i have a china maid … my mother in law … hahaha … sh …. not so loud … hahaha …
    hmm … i may try just using one coconut n ferment it for 48 hrs to see if i get the 3-layer separation of oil, water n cream …
    if it dun work … hehehe … i will use it as plant fertiliser lo …
    as joyful put it … i too think the creamy stuff may sink to the btm of the container … just like the enzyme … it is floating initially n later the fruits oso sink to the btm of the container …
    no venture no gain ma … i will try … n keep u2 posted ..
    hahaha … do u know the creamy stuff is the best nite cream u can get … if joyful apply it on her face … i m sure her face will b super smooth even the flies will slip off from her face … hahaha …

  14. Do you know that another health benefit of diy v.coconut oil is in “laugh” therapy 😉 ? It turns many people into cheeky fella? I had so much fun in this thread, hahaha…

    That’s right, the next thing is action liao and MUST experiment on the extraction methods. I think 1 coconut first is the way to go. I’ll put on the surgical glove and probably surgical mask also….and line the kitchen bench and floor with surat khabar lama…..haha.

    Guys, spare me on the night cream thingy ok, I don’t want my hubby to “slip off” through the back door in the middle of the night… 🙂 hehehe….

    ps: Ah, no more rojak posts…all in order now. You did midnight spring cleaning, Thomas? TQ

  15. Aisay, I bought 1 coconut in the form of santan this morning from the market. I tried to get the Ah Pek to hammer one for me and extract the c.milk for me on the spot but he avoided my request. After my chicken and duck conversation with him, I gave up. I ended up buying 1 pkt of ready squeezed one.

    Looking at the tiny bag of santan and unsure about the standard of hygiene, it went into my crockpot for kaya instead 😦

  16. Joyful,
    Forgrt it, Ah Pek’s biz is so good on Saturday, where got time to entertain you.
    P/s: I added a few tablespoons of the VCO into the almost cooked rice, it will smell like nasi lemak.

  17. Thomas,
    Hey, I haven’t given up hope yet. I am waiting to exercise my art of persuasion on his brother, the Ah Chek. I just need to get to the shop early enough to catch him while he starts his machine….heh heh…

    Boy, the nasi lemak idea really makes me more determine to get the VCO out sooner than I should…but then it is for my family, because I don’t eat rice 😦

  18. Joyful,
    Trust me the solution is either $$$ or 美色, see which one you want to use to get the job done….. hehehe
    On 2nd thought, 凡夫俗子 method is better, since you are going to mix both milk & juice anyway, why not ask Ah Chek to pour the juice in while he is extracting the milk, maybe you will get more liquid by doing so.

  19. A..ah, this is exactly what I have in mind….wait ! I don’t mean the $$$ or 美色, haha, I mean the part about adding its juice while extracting the santan.

    I am going there with a big pitcher to bring the whole mixture back, then pour it into a big glass bowl with cover. I reckon that way it will be easier to scoop out the top layer of coconut solids (which I intend to Pos Lambat it to you and 凡夫俗子 as day & night cream, since men need this stuff more than ladies nowaday)…heh heh…

  20. i m speechless joyful … cos as u said it is pretty interesting to read this thread … it just make me laugh …
    may b u are right that i need u to send me the coconut solid to plaster my face … cos i found i have more laugh line around my eyes every time i read this thread … hahaha ..
    but fren fren … send by post laju la … by the time it comes via pos lambat … i can imagine the smell …

  21. mr enzymo …
    i have a small request ..
    it appears to me that diy VCO is rather messy if not complicated … that is y i have not started experimenting … esp after reading wat a mess u have created in the kitchen diy VCO …
    on the other hand …i find diy kefir is pretty straight forward … hahaha … it is my new foundl love …
    why don u start a thread on diy keifr … u may appt joyful to be ur resident consultant … as usual … i can kepoh in abit la … lol ..
    cheers …

  22. Thomas,
    Trust me my solution to get Ah Chek to nod his head is never ….&… as you suggested, hehe.

    I got a NOD from him this morning liao, yippy!!

    However, he said he couldn’t add in the natural juice as the machine doesn’t work that way. I couldn’t quite understand why even though he went through a great length to explain…never mind la, in short, I am going to bring my big pitcher tomorrow, hahaha…

  23. O..o..ok, now it sinks in to you that it “smells” huh, 凡夫俗子…. some more suggest that I use it on my face?

    Choose between laugh lines and VCO face plaster, I would go for the former…no second thought….NO !

  24. 凡夫俗子,
    I agree that diy kefir is a lot more easier and I am glad that you like it. I just do have not time to take care kefir as it is a daily job, not like enzyme fermentation/yogurt which I only need to do it once a week, or a few times a month. DIY VCO is messy but I just need to do it as and when needed Kefir need more attention and I don’t want to do it and then abandon the kefir grain after I post it. But don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against kefir, just because I don’y diy kefir doesn’t mean I don’t like kefir. Kefir is a very good source of probiotic, those who are interested should try it.
    I appreciate your suggestion and keep it coming. I will do whatever I could to make this blog informative and resourceful, that’s for sure.

    P/s: Joyful, you can actually send me your photos and write-up if you want, I will put it up here.

  25. Thomas,
    Let me officially register my utmost appreciation for the great work you have done here. From diy fruits fermentation you led us on to other related types of fermentation. Thank you.

    I always advise those who are interested in Kefir to do some research before they get the grains. In fact if they can endure through the reading of Dom’s site, then they are in a better position to start…lots of info to digest (It tooks me a few days to read and re-read). That way, they would have counted the cost (like you did) before they dive into it or opt out. If they just rely on hearsay, it won’t sustain.

    There is no way I can claim to be consultant just because I have read some articles and brewing Kefir for some months. So, I need to think through this proposal. I do not want anyone to be misguided due to my inedequate knowledge, and I am mindful that, this is your blog your house.

    Another hindrance is, if someone is interested in Kefir brewing, how are they going to get the grains? Not every interested party comes from Cheras you know, one in a million perhaps ? hahaha… To mail, to courier involves $$, very 麻烦啦, and I do not know whether the grains can survive in the mail, and what if they receive the dead garins and…aiya…the list goes on…

    Thanks Thomas, thanks 凡夫俗子, for the suggestion and the offer. When I am ready one day, I will send in the write-up and photos to conteng-conteng your “house of diy” 🙂

  26. hahaha … both of u are equally modest …
    but there is no such time as one is “ready” … i believe one shld learn and teach and learn … nvr let the cycle to a halt … only then one will excel … i think u have a warm heart, joyful … so i think it will work la …
    the very least i can help if anyone interested to have some starter kefir grain … preferably those who live in klang valley … i too can “sccop” some for him or her …
    i got to reciprocate the kindness that someone has extended to me … my sifu taught me the more i give the more i will get in return … hahaha … honestly that is wat i always believe …

  27. yaloh, Joyful, just share the procedure on how to diy only (of course if you want to put your face in the photo, we also don’t mind), if others have question that you cannot answer then we can go search together/brain-storming or send email to Dom. I am sure it is not too difficult to find the answer.

    P/s: one more thing ….. don’t “officially…” me lah, when you “officially …” me, you put me under pressure & then the bacteria in my gut cannot grow healthily 🙂

  28. Ahahaha, Thomas, Thomas, if my face is full of laugh lines since I laugh too much and refuse to apply the white moldy VCO face cream, can you come up with one good reason why I want to put my face in the photo, even though two of you don’t mind, huh?

    E..e..mm, looks like I can’t say no for this simple task of writing down the procedures. I am touched by the support both of you extend here. Hey, together three of us can make it, right?

    Grains wise, I always have extra, because I feed them raw milk so they are very strong breed. Delivery le, ahem, 凡夫俗子, it’s safer for you to go lah (you know what I mean right?)

    ps: oh, about your one more thing, when I “officially” you, then you will come begging us for kefir grains liao because Kefir is best for people under pressure….;) The bacteria in your gut needs new friends lah.

    pps: 凡夫俗子, you can’t say I don’t try hard to drag him into the water huh….;)

  29. Guys,
    I FINALLY got what I want….the clean, freshly extracted santan this morning, ha! The Ah Chek insisted I should take the extra natural juice. He gave I took lah. This is my day and I hope tomorrow will be my day also because tomorrow is the big big EX..EX..traction day!!

  30. hi joyful …
    no worry … u can leave the delivery to me … i know u have risked once … but thank god … u met someone so genuinely wanting to diy kefir milk … lol …
    i think so long the person asking for kefir grain live in klang valley .. i don mind to make an extra mile to give him / her the grains …
    though i m a newie in diy kefir milk … i have gently “scooped” baby grains to more than 10 families already …
    hahaha … i do agree with mr enzymo … posting of ur photo may be an added selling point for kefir milk … that ppl who drink kefir milk will look joyful like u …
    cheers …

  31. Oh my goodness, my EX..extraction of the VCO was a disaster. It wasn’t that messy as I would imagine. I was quite light handed when scooping out the oil, so much so that the oil I extracted was only less than an inch in a soup bowl. The rate of return could not justify the effort…

    My conclusion to this is, I think the VCO I bought was quite reasonably priced. It’s RM30+ for 500ml (I checked, not 250ml as mentioned before).

    ps: however, I must say that the taste of my 1-inch VCO is very delicious, very phang.

    I have tried, yes I did try 😦 ….. it’s fun!!

  32. hahaha … how many coconuts did u use ??? to get ur 1-inch vco … cos it is difficult to visualise how big ur bowl is … did u manage to get 100 ml ???
    hmmm … the question is how pure is the vco u get in the market … even for olive oil … u get extra virgin … virgin and pure olive oil …
    practice makes perfect … may b the yield will be better once u have mastered the skill of extration ???

  33. I used 3 coconuts. I think I scooped out only about 150ml. Lots of wastages, the oil was soaked up by the cheess cloth, stuck to the scoop, strainer, spoon, my hands, and it was quite difficult to separate the cream from the clear oil. Sometimes I even scooped out some coconut juice with the oil. I could not even store the oil in the bottle I prepared, other wise more wastages.

    Well I can’t be sure about the purity of the VCO I bought but it tastes fresh and nice. I only can take what it says on the label ie. “Organic VCO, cold extract” production of Phillipine.

    At the moment, I can’t see how I can master the skill… 😦

  34. hey joyful,
    Haha… now you know how it feels.

    BTW, Did the pure VCO float and the residual sink to the bottom after 48 hrs?

  35. Ya lah, Thomas, if without the eco-enzymes, I will need tons of detergent to do the wash-up.

    I did not let it go beyond 30 hrs, as I could smell the mixture turning quite sour. I believe if I let it go for 48hrs, it may produce more clear oil because as I monitored, the layer of oil increases as time went by. But you are right, the cream floats on top of clear oil.

    Looking at the amount of clear oil I scooped out, even there was still a few speck of cream, I just could not filter another time, because if I do so, I will be left with perhaps 1 tablespoon VCO….hahaha.

    How did you get rid of the “accidentally scooped” coconut water, huh?

    ps: good thing I was alone when I did the extraction, I looked very 狼狈 and everything I touched was..was….was oily lah, what else. :p

  36. Oh it’s so comforting to know that I am not abnormal to have scooped up coconut water hahaha..

    Apart from nasi lemak, do you stir fry vege with VCO? Mum is cooking curry tonight, so I’ll stir some VCO in the rice (with pandan & lemon grass, probably a sprinkle of turmeric, that would be nice I think) and I’ll get her to use VCO for the curry also.

    So far, we just drink VCO straight or sometimes I’ll stir in the rice bran with water, on rare occasion, into my fruit & vege juice….oily juice hahaha…

    ps: been thinking about the extraction (aisay, haven’t given up hope yet) I think I may try a narrower and taller bowl instead so that the oil layer can get thicker and easier for me to scoop.

  37. 斯仪,

  38. You won’t believe this Thomas,
    This morning, I tried adding some kefir grains into santan of 1 coconut, without its natural water. I meant to ferment the santan and consume everything tomorrow.

    Just now, I saw the 4 layers separating. I then poured the whole thing into a smaller bowl thinking that it would be easier to scoop the oil tomorrow, guess what i got? I’ve the top layer being clear oil, cream 2nd, c.water 3rd and sticky smooth stuff at the bottom.

    The kefir grains seems to hold onto the cream and let the clear oil float wo.. hahaha.

    I think I am going to extract quite a fair bit of VCO and the rest of the mixture can be consumed 100% no wastage.

  39. I’ve extracted about 75ml of VCO out of kefirised santan of 1 coconut tonight. I did not filter, just scooped from the surface with a spoon. No mess. There was still some VCO mingled with the cream but I just left it there as I planned to consume the residue with kefir milk anyway.

    The mixture of kefirised santan and kefir milk tastes good. Adding kefirised mango juice to it tastes even better.

    I think I will diy VCO this way from now on. 1 coconut at a time is quite manageable 🙂

  40. i just got told by someone there is an easier way to separate the oil. Hopefully to cut down all the mess..
    You can freeze the whole container after it has separated into 3 layers and then just break it out.
    Personally I have not tried it, but I think it should work. 😀

  41. Haha, Eden, I left mine in the fridge but not the freezer, it works.

    I did not repeat this because I find that the method with kefir grains is ok, the grains will protect the santan from contamination.

  42. Joyful, how was the taste of the kefir coconut milk? can we use that to make Apom? since we have to leave apom batter overnight 🙂
    BTW, I have finally got my baby kefir! Thanks to you and Mr Enzymo 🙂

  43. PROTEST !! PROTEST !! Not fair…woo.. wwwooo..

    Sure Eden, you can use it for Apom…. if and only if you would pass some to me also, hahaha..

    I use the extracted VCO to bake my wholemeal bread loaf (replaces the usual butter or olive oil) and I spread it on the toast sometimes. I also replaced milk with kefir for certain bread recipe that calls for milk, h..mm, a bit like sourdough bread la. But then the friendly bac will be kaput liao …

    The taste of kefir coconut milk is nice, like sour santan lah, hahaha…

    I think it will be nicer if you mix with milk kefir, say… er… 3 tablespoons KCM to 1 small glass of milk kefir and to add a bit of sin to it, you may throw in 1 tablespoon of mango or orange concentrate (SunquicX). If you have children, don’t introduce this treat too early, you will spoil their taste bud. My children drink kefir daily.. neat, no added flavor…may be because their mom is too lazy ??? haha..

    When you have the grains, it opens up a whole world of possibilities…..

    Caution: always use spare grains to experiment and remember to keep backup grains. I try to encourage individuals to care for their grains as though there is no where else they can get it back.

  44. 为何我的VCO 液态不会清澈如水呢?(有点黄黄的)我是跟以上的步骤 提取椰子油的,请赐教, 谢谢

  45. jun,
    我真的想不到为什么会黄. 照理说椰水清澈及椰丝白色, 就算椰丝已发黄,提取的椰子油也不会发黄才对, 除非你用的椰子品种不同, 但我不肯定.

  46. hi yk woo …
    plse forward ur request to kefirbaby@yahoo.com … we will take it up from there …
    in ur mail … plse indicate ur location … to facilitate the delivery logistic …
    hope to hear from u soon … ciao

  47. Thanks to Joyful, I got the strong and healthy grains from her, and now I am enjoying the kefir drink everyday (I use Farmhouse milk).

    If I find the kefir milk too thick, what should I do ? Should I add more milk into the grains, or should I add water.

    What if too sour ?

    Joyful, since your grains are so strong, do you think I can start to make the KCM now?
    You think I can manage at the beginner’s stage (note that I am not a porr kitchen manager ?) How many coconuts ?

    (If it is so difficult to scoop the oil, perhaps you try with a small pump then it won’t be so messy ?)

  48. Hi Jen,

    All grains from the lineage of Joyful have these characteristics : joyful (J), energetic (E), strong (S). JES, yes !!!
    It thrills me to see people enjoying what they are doing everyday.

    Kefir too thick ? Thin it….. er, with fruit juice (fresh ones preferably), if not get the box ones with no sugar added. Or you may dilute it with water before you drink.
    Adding milk to the grains won’t thin down the kefir, you will get more curd, more kefir.
    Pasteurized milk makes very thick kefir.

    Once you have spare grains, yes, you may start coconut milk kefir. Buy the ready squeezed coconut milk (santan) and add same ratio of grains. Wash off the curd from the grains before you use. Alternatively, add some santan into the milk and brew as normal.

    Hahaha, I love your creativity. I suggested to Thomas before to use a straw to suck, he didn’t answered me. Now, you proposed a small pump, hahaha, I will leave this Q to Thomas while I enjoy my coconut milk kefir drink.

  49. Joyful,
    suck with my mouth? too tiring lah. I like Eden’s idea, freeze the whole thing, peel the top layer off.

  50. Can I just buy the freshly squeezed santan from the wet market and let it ferment for 24 hrs, or do I also need to buy the juice to add to the santan. What is the proportion of milk to this juice ?

  51. Jen,
    When you buy from wet market, you can buy 1,2 or 3 coconuts, and ask the seller to retain the juice when he crack open. Or ask the seller to estimate for you, I think the proportion is not that critical. Give it a try.

  52. Hi Jen,

    If you use Thomas’ method to extract VCO, you need the natural juice like the way he suggested above.

    If you use my method with the addition of kefir grains, then there isn’t a need for the natural juice. I tried with the juice, wow, tasted horrible. Just use the coconut milk neat, ferment it 24-30hrs, extracted the VCO, strain and drink the rest.

  53. The store grinds the coconut meat and sells only the milk, I don’t know where the juice has gone. I asked if the milk was pure, of course she said yes. How can I know if they did not add water when they grind ?

    In this case, how much juice should I buy ?

  54. Jen,
    The seller “normally” dilute the santan with coconut juice not water, so it still can be used. You can estimate 1 coconut will have +- 500ml to 1 litre of juice, slightly more or less juice will not affect the fermentation much…. base on my commonsense. Give it a try you will find out.

  55. hi, thomas

    I had DIY Virgin coconut oil twice, one I keep it at the freezer to ferment and the VCO came out yellowish in colour. 2nd time, i just slow fire separeting the oil out and the oil is clear colour.

    I just would like to know the fermentation need to keep in the fridge? Thank You

  56. morning Joyful,

    I harvested my 2nd batch of VCO last evening, wow…. there is no oil at all and the grains are so small that i keep the strained kefir santan and consume the remaining plus the grains. Oh! my sayang i had eaten my baby grains as well leh.

    as for the 1st batch i can scoop it bid by bid with a sucker and the oil is so clear, The success make me very happy..py…py…. ha..ha…(bu hao yi si leh) I do not know the procedure is correct or not, I pour 300 ml of santan in the container and add in the kefir grains then cover with a cloth leave for 24 hrs. But??? the 2nd batch not successful ????? anything wrong???

  57. Hi June,

    Sometimes, I kept the brew for 30-36hrs. Then the oil appeared. Try stir lightly at the top layer after 12hrs and that will help the oil to emerge.

    Why did the grains become so small?

    Honey, you shrank the kids ???!!!!!!

  58. ha ha…Joyful,

    I also do not know what had happened, I am brewing it again today, see what will it be lah.

    OK lah, Thomas, will get an old coconut to brew & see.

  59. Hi Ah June,

    Thomas 他话中有话, 你别听他胡扯.
    Santan is never extracted from young coconuts, that is a universal fact….haha.

    However, if you insist on Fantasy Island old coconuts, Thomas can supply you, I heard he is the main distributor of OLD coconuts….. ahahahaha…..

  60. ha..ha, Joyful

    MY diy VCO is very successful, I used Thomas method is pretty good, so as yours
    by brewing kefir santan, also mananged to get for about 50 ml of VCO for one coconut santan.

    I don’t know whether the method of scooping the VCO is correct or not.

    anyway I am really v..v..v..very happy

  61. Hi June,

    There isn’t one right way to extract the clear oil. As long as you can skim the clear oil for your usage and you are comfortable with the method, then do it. 50ml for one coconut is not a bad yield.

  62. hi Joyful,

    I used the kefir grains to brew my VCO, after harvesting the color of the grains become brownish, alright? My last batch i squeezed the santan myself and it is not successful, no oil at all, pls comment.
    thank you

  63. Hi June,

    Yes the grains may turn slightly brownish as the santan may contain the residue of its husk. Throw them back to milk and they will be as white as Snow White again.
    (Thomas, Snow White is an ever green character, so it’s quite safe to quote her, heh heh)

    When you squeezed the santan yourself, your strength could not beat the machine so the oil was trapped in the grated coconut. I would suggest that you buy the ready squeezed santan and don’t torture yourself lah. Women of 21st century no longer squeeze santan at home, I think, hehehe.

    I bought santan of 1 coconut for only RM1.60, cheap and good, 100% success rate.

  64. Gary,
    至于胆固醇的高低, 我个人不认为是重要的考量, 但这种观念已是根生地固的, 我不是营养学家,讲了没公信力, 可以参考吴清忠的意见, 但他也不是营养学家,你要自己多读多思考,不然的话,你就得听医生或药厂来告诉你该吃什么样的降胆固醇的药了。

  65. 您好,请问上面这层是什么,能解释一下吗?谢谢!


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