Mushrooms Can Save The World

Here’s another video from Paul Stamets the “Mushroom-man” who is an American mycologist, author and advocate of bioremediation.  Stamets runs Fungi Perfecti, a family-owned gourmet and medicinal mushroom business in Shelton, Washington.

It might be a little “dry” for those who do not have biology background but I really hope you can spend sometime watching it. Very informative. Best if you could find out what is fungi (菌类) and mycelium ( 菌丝体) before you watch the video.


2 thoughts on “Mushrooms Can Save The World

  1. Hey Thomas, this is something new to me. I find it interesting though a bit hard to digest upon viewing it once. Perhaps I need to drink 30ml of enzyme first before I view it again.

    A friend from kampung gave us a big bag of wild mushroom, white and firm ones, a bit like the button mushroom except it has a pointy tip on top. He said these fungi only popped out during the month of March, June and Sept each year and the villagers had been taking these for some time. We were a bit cautious. I am still contemplating on whether to eat or not to eat. I do not want to appear on newspaper for this :0

  2. hi joyful …
    hahaha … i wont dare to try wild mushroom … cos some of them r toxic … i will leave it to d professional to grow them …
    unless someone teach me how to grow ….mayb i will consider …
    just like diy enzyme … a lot of ppl wont dare try unless they diy themselves … cos if u donno the process … the fermented fruits may look very unsightly la …


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