(DIY#15) Homemade Dragon Fruit Lassi (in English)

自制火龙果酸奶饮料 龙珠果優格乳飲品

Homemade Dragon Fruit Yogurt Drinks  ( Lassi )

Dragon Fruit Lassi 

I promised Veron to post this Lassi recipe over the last weekend but our Malaysia Boleh Streamyx
broadband speed really sucks. 

Ingredients (for 2 serving) :

D Fruit ingredients

5-8 table spoons of homemade yogurt

1/2 fruit of Dragon Fruits in cubes

1 glass of ice cubes

1/2 glass of water

Sugar / Honey (Optional)


1. Blend 1 glass of ice cube with 1/2 glass of water.

blend ais cubes

2. Add in dragon fruits cubes and yogurt.

D Fruit add yogurt

3. Add Sugar/ honey (optional) if you must eat sugar.

4. Blend for few seconds.

blend D Fruit Yogurt

5. Pour into a glass and serve.

pour out


Strawberry Lassi recipe available here.


2 thoughts on “(DIY#15) Homemade Dragon Fruit Lassi (in English)

  1. 哇!你又放假了?其實你可以不加冰,我是百般不愿才順從大家喜冷飲的愛好弄的, 其實良菌在室溫發揮的作用比冷的溫度好多了。


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