(DIY#14) Homemade Roselle & Papaya Enzyme (in English)


Ingredients :

1.5 kg of Roselle Flowers

1.5 kg of papaya

2.5 kg of brown candy /brown sugar or other type of sugar


1. Wash and dry your utilities (knife, chopper board, bottle & lid) under sunlight so that they are sterilized under the direct sunlight.

2. Wash & peel the petal off the Roselle flower so that each of the flower can set to dry easily. DO NOT dry under direct sunlight.

3. Repeat step 2 for papaya as well.

4. Cut papaya into thin slices and set aside.

5. Fill the bottle with the Roselle flower first, cover with a layer of sugar  (approx. the same weight as the Roselle).

6. Put in all the papaya slices, cover with the rest of the sugar (approx the same weight as the papaya).

7. Close the lid (not too tightly so that air can escape during fermentation) & keep the bottle in a dry & clean place away from direct sunlight.

8. Let it ferment for about 4 weeks. During the first 2 week, please give it a little shake ( plus your loving care as well) so that the top portion of the ingredient is always moist.

9. If it smells good with no black mold after 4 weeks then it is ready.

10. You can filter the enzyme juice into a clean & dry bottle and store in the fridge (if you want). Otherwise you can store it in a dry ,cool & clean place.

To make healthy beverage: Dilute 2-3 tablespoon of enzyme with half a glass of water (at room temperature) or adjust according to your taste.

Enzymes are substances that needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in our body. No mineral, vitamin or hormone can do their work without proper enzymes. Our body is under great daily burden to produce the necessary enzyme ,so drinking enzyme juice during or after each meal will help your body to replenish your digestive enzyme.

Happy Holiday  !


33 thoughts on “(DIY#14) Homemade Roselle & Papaya Enzyme (in English)

  1. Wow Thomas,

    This is great. I suppose you did not add lemon is because roselle is sour in taste, am I right? I could imagine the nice taste of this combination. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I only use fresh ingredients that are available, if the lemon is not fresh, I will not buy, so no fix rule for me. I want to make good healthy enzyme not good tasting enzyme. TQ

  3. hi,thomas你好…..第一次到访….请多多指教哦….最近因为看到很多关于酵素的报道…再加上受到阿公的影响开始对酵素有兴趣….便开始上网找资料….找啊找不知不觉就找到你这儿来了….看了你所提供的资料……觉得还蛮不错的还蛮详细的…..今天买了黄梨…..在等熟些再开始…..觉得很奇怪为什么有些资料说水果酵素秩序发酵三两个星期就可以了….有些又说须等到大概三个月才开封…..到底哪一个比较恰当?

  4. Hello,

    I have been trying to make a few on my own, but mould appear everytime after 1 month on the top layer, need your expert advice of the proceedure and does it required to add water, and what is the proportion , proceedure of water, sugar, and fruits, are sugar using black retangular hard sugar or can I put raw honey?

    If I using non-organic fruit with skin peeled is it ok?


  5. hi amy …
    so long u don get the black1, white mould is ok .. if u don like the sight of it … u can give ur enzyme a good stir … it will go off …
    generally addition of water is not recommended in diy enzyme for consumption … unless u r making eco-enzyme for household cleaning purposes …
    if fact u can use all type of sugar … but WHITE sugar highly discouraged … cos it has no nutritional value … brown sugar … be it organic or not is recommended … of course … if u can afford … u may add in raw honey …
    usually non organic fruit r peeled cos of the pesticide n other chemical …

  6. Amy,
    If you are referring to Roselle enzyme, first of all you need to discard the seed and clean the petal nicely. Let it air dry so that there isn’t water hiding in between the petals. I normally add juicy fruits because roselle petal doesn’t produce much juice.

    The method Thomas teaches here does not require water. You may use honey of any type. I usually cover the top layer with brown candy sugar if I do use honey.

    To prevent white mould, you need to swirl the bottle to keep top layer moist as much as you can. If black mould appear, it is a sign of failure.

    I peel the skin of non-organic fruits and make eco-enzyme with it.

    All these issues had been addressed many times in its respective threads but I thought I summarise for you since I have some minutes to spare 🙂

  7. Hi
    Has anyone using Royal jelly Honey to make enzyme?
    I made red dragon fruit enzyme , & use the oligo sugar and royal jelly honey. I kept this for 6 months , & the enzyme is sticky.
    My questions are :
    1. How long we shall keep the enzyme / in cooling room temperature
    2. I like red dragon enzyme, it taste like red wine
    but the fruit soak in the enzyme is black / gray color , & I’m not sure whether had blackmold
    3. can we use royal jelly honey ?? Is the stickyness vaued by the royal jelly honey ??
    Kindly advise, thanks.

  8. Hi L.Teoh,
    I have often use honey to make enzyme. However, I had never tried Royal Jelly Honey due to its high cost (I assumed). I reckon if you have the capability to buy RJ Honey, you might as well just consume it directly. It is good enough in itself.

    Having spent so much for the RJ Honey, and being uncertained about the end results (whether successful or not), I am not prepared to go that way. Anyway, this is just my personal preference.

    I have made red dragon fruits before but it was sticky and I didn’t like it. I ended up mixing just half a red dragon fruits with pineapple and other juicy fruits. Then I overcome the stickiness issue. Hope it helps.

  9. hi

    i recently use raw honey instead of oligo sugar to make my enzymes , will it work ? Just raw honey only without mixing oligo.. hope it does 🙂

  10. Hi catgirl,

    The suggested sugar in Enzymo’s method here has never been oligo. I tried combining oligo and raw honey once but didn’t like it. So, I’ll just stick to raw honey nowaday and top the fruits with a layer of 片糖 ie candied sugar.

  11. hi catgirl …

    sure it will work just with honey without oligo … so long it provides enough food source for the good baterial to breed …

  12. Hi, I agree with joyful, I think most of us will eventually come to this point when we have our first few successful enzyme, we tends to try several mixing style, but reconsidering the fact that fermentation dependancy is base on sugar, I have come to the point where I prefer to stick to brown & dark sugar.

  13. catgirl
    I just do not trust the oligo as it is a processed sugar & it is expensive. Anyway, it is up to you to decide.
    When I DIY, I just try to make sure my ingredients are fresh dan local, I believe local fruits have local “energy” that suit us. Just like you are not suppose to eat durian if you’re in UK.

  14. Hi joyful,

    Why u need to top the fruits with a layer of 片糖 (candied sugar) since u already use raw honey, it is to sweeten the enzyme, or … ? Thx 🙂

    各位同好, 好像我们用糖萃取法的酵素, 长期服用会不会对我们的身体造成负担甚至甜尿病? 谢谢.

  15. Hi Cynthia,
    Honey doesn’t coat the top layer of fruits very well, so I use 片糖 to cover the top to prevent bad bacteria’s invasion.
    If you let the fermentation go for longer time, the sugar will be eaten up to minimal, I believe.

  16. Hi 原子小金刚,
    You have put it correctly, experimentations or any variations are for improvement. We then have choices to cater for our own liking. But in this instance, I still resort back to using 片糖 after trying many types of sugar including honey 🙂

  17. hi Joyful and Enzymo,

    Thanks for the re-confirmation, i m more confident of my enzymes making process now …. as this is the first time i make my enzymes….

  18. Hi joyful,

    Thanks for reply. I “see” you all everyday just didn’t make any remark 🙂

    O ya, I think this is a very good ideal to [use 片糖 to cover the top to prevent bad bacteria’s invasion], mmm … I’ll try this also both the honey & 片糖 🙂

    I only use organic brown sugar or rock sugar since I start doing enzyme, I have cut my sugar portion to 70% and let it fermented for 3 months also can feel very sweet, I begin a bit worry that we’ll end up consumed too much of sugar … Recently I have seen a book regarding sugarless enzyme 无糖酵素, which is using honey & oligo … but, me too can accept honey but not oligo, so quite hesitate for me to start the sugarless enzyme. I’ll try your method to replace it by 片糖, hope the enzyme will be taste less sweet. Thx :).

  19. Cynthia,
    Compare the sugar that exist in other form of our dietary, I think 30ml of fermented enzyme is very minimal.


  20. hahaha … mr enzymo u r quite right …
    for those who don read chinese … they usually don get the misconception that sugar causes diabetes …
    cos 糖尿病 has the chinese word 糖 … so most chinese speaking ppl relate sugar as the main course of diabetes …
    not realising that the presence of high sugar in the urine is one of the symptons that there is some problem in 胰脏的功能, 而引起胰岛素分泌失调,是后来才不能消化糖分.
    the irony is that for those who r so scare to take 30ml of enzyme cos of it sugar content … but when turn around they will reach for a can of coca cola without 2nd thought
    the difference is cos they donno how much sugar the manufacturer has put into the can of coca cola … so … most of us … are like ostrich … those we cant see … we assume they are not there …

  21. 哦… 原来祸源是因为吃太油腻… 木瓜酵素能分解我们体内累积的脂肪, 所以说反而能帮助减少胰脏的负担咯… (哈哈, 又为酵素加分了!)

    现在的人要他们放弃美食少吃哪样都很难, 但多吃一样酵素既能保健相信更容易办到… 拥有健康时请多照顾维持保健, 有病时才急迫改善调养事倍功半啊… (有感而发, 现在的文明病病患都有日渐年轻化的趋势…)

    谢谢 enzymo 君.

  22. I harvested my first batch of roselle from my garden patch this morning. The calyces I obtained were only less than ten so I could neither make enzyme nor jam with them.
    They went into my juicer together with my other fruits and veggies. The mixture turned out very nice except it left a “siap-siap” after taste in the mouth.

    Does anyone know if roselle can be taken raw in large quantity?

    Roselle is rich with Vit-C and makes a good diuretic drink, but raw? I’m not sure. I was told it is effective for lowering hypertension and preventing UTI.

  23. hi joyful …
    i use to grow them in my garden patch too …
    i use to half them … remove the seed … just use the reddish petal like stuff … juice it + drip in some honey … it taste good …
    i m still kicking around … so i think raw roselle juice is ok wah …

  24. Hello!

    I wish to know what enzymes is good for sensitif nose.My children have this problem and made me headache.I just made the apple enzymes only but I felt not so nice.

    Thank you.

  25. Hi Elaine,

    Generally, the enzymes we made here contain digestive enzymes. It aids digestion so that food can be properly digested for better absorption. It helps to boost our immune system too.

    To my knowledge, it is not meant for curing sicknesses per se.

    You need to find out first of all what is causing the sensitive nose. Investigate the possible allergens in the surrounding then have the culprits omitted as much as possible.

  26. hi,
    I made roselle enzymes according to your receipe from “Simple Homemade Enzymes” but i replaced partial sugar with honey and I FORGOT to add in pineapple. Is it OK??

  27. No pineapple is still ok, BUT if you forgot to put pineapple please also forget the portion of sugar (meant for pineapple) as well….. I hoper you know what I mean.

  28. just drink mine papaya roselle enzyme farmented few months ago…just like red wine :p

    izzit farmented longer time will be better? i got a bottle ofapple enzy me 3+..lol. Plan to do tomato enzyme.

    i wonder where can buy the horlick bottle at KL?

  29. manda,
    You can buy Horlick at any supermarket near you, you can send me the Horlick if you just want the bottle, Joyful might be interested too.

  30. Thomas,

    Ah ha, you always come out with good ideas. Since all my Horlicks bottles were passed down from past generations, I haven’t been buying Horlicks for years. Ahem…. send me send me…do send me 😉

  31. hi,
    i have left the enzyme for 2 years unopen at room temperature.can i still drink it/anyone knows/it is poisonouus?


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