PROLACTOR-10B (Live Cultured Probiotics & Prebiotics)

Today I want to share with you a type of probiotics that is available OTC. It is call PROLACTOR-10B which is locally manufactured by Herbal Science Sdn. Bhd and it is KMM certified. I bought it for RM80.00 in a bottle of 30 bovine capsules.

Prolactor-10B All

It comes with a travel bag and a thermafreeze. The themfreeze will keep the Probiotics bottle cool so that you can take tit for distance traveling.

each Prolactor-10B capsule consist of :-

Lactobacillus acidophilus 5.97mg [2 billion CFU]

Lactobacillus casei 4.55mg [2 billion CFU]

Lactobacillus bulgaricus 40mg [2 billion CFU]

Bifidobacterium longum 33mg [2 billion CFU]

Bifidobacterium bifidum 40mg [2 billion CFU]

Inulin 120mg

Arabinogalactan 50mg

The Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium are Probiotics (the “good” bacteria). Inulin & Arabinogalactan are the Prebiotics (food for the good bacteria)

You can google and done your own research on the pro & con of the probiotics and I am NOT promoting Prolactor-10B to you here. I just want to share with you the type of probiotics available on the market at this moment.  If you have come across any other type/brand of probiotics, please share with me as well.

It seems to me that most doctors (in Malaysia) only prescribe probiotics for constipation, actually probiotics is much more powerful and useful to treat or fight  allergies and asthma,  IBS, inflammation immune system related illnesses , obesity and many other illnesses.   If you are interested you can read more from this book: The Probiotics Revolution by Dr. Gary Huffnagle.

If you would like to discuss the benefit of the probiotics or if you would like to share any of your experience taking any type of probiotics, please feel free to do so.

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PROLACTOR-10B (Live Cultured Probiotics & Prebiotics)”的一个响应

  1. Dear Ong, If you are in Bkt Mertajam, you can get it from 杨丁泉-小儿科(南美园)。just to let you know that it is quite good for skin allergy. Contact me if you want to know to know more.

  2. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me, can the prolactor enhnace immune system and any side effect? can it being take for long term.

    It get to know this when doctor presbride this for constipation fro my BB 1 year old

  3. First of all, I am NOT a doctor or a nutritionist or a biologist. I can only share with you what I know from experience and what I have read from articles and books.

    It is very difficult to give advise to parents who are so use to ‘modern’ medication treatment. Most parents seek treatment from pediatrician in the hope that their children can get well soon, I mean ‘very soon’. As along as their child can ‘recover’ soon, they are happy, that’s leaves pediatrician with no choice but to give you the so call ‘mighty’ antibiotics. Most doctors nowadays do not care whether it is a viral or bacteria infection, they will tell you that even if it is a viral infection the antibiotics can serve as a preventive medicine so that your child will not get a secondary bacteria infection.

    Probiotics is the opposite of antibiotics, probiotics improve immune system by the facts that if your bacteria in your child stomach is balance (healthy), his/her immunization system will work properly and the chance of his/her getting sick is lower ( NOT zero) .

    According to the book ‘The Probiotics Revolution’ , there is basically no or very little side effect from probiotics. I seriously recommend this book to you if you really want to know more about probiotics. BUT there are 2 risk factors that I can think of base on what I know/read from elsewhere.

    Risk# 1 is the type of Probiotics that you buy and eat, because the probiotics that you buy OTC may not be 100% as same as what the authors of the book was saying. We are also assuming that what we buy is 100% clean & safe.

    Risk #2, one may develop probiotics dependency syndrome if you take OTC probiotics for a long period of time. That’s means you may be too dependence on manufactured probiotics to keep you healthy. Remember fresh oranges is much more healthier than Vitamin C pills. You just cannot take Vitamin C forever.

    But the side of probiotics is much much much smaller than antibiotics, that is for sure. You can google to find out.

    My advise is read the book or other related books and talk to your pediatrician.

  4. Hi,

    Just would like to ask can the 3 years old child take the PROLACTOR-10B?

    I started gave my daughter a Probiotic (OMX) since she is 3 months old 🙂

    Have you heard about OMX?

  5. Best if you can ask your doctor, bcos I was told only doctor can sell Prolactor-10B. The lady (I assume she is a pharmacist) in the clinic told me children any age can take Prolactor but that was a general statement i suppose.

  6. Hi.
    I have giving my kids (age 6 & 3) the Prolactor liquid for more than a year already & have found that less stomach problem, good motion. They love it.

    My mum has been taking it longer & it has improved her digestion problem tremendously (stomach wind, bloating). She was the one who recommended me.

    A btl of 80ml costs me RM30, from a child specialist in Puchong.

  7. Hi Thomas,
    I know of a probiotic product also manufactured by Herbal Science and distributed by Total Health Concept (THC) called Lacto-5. It has 10B of 5 strains of locally cultured friendly bacteria similar to the Prolacto. Lacto-5 requires no refridgeration but no prebiotic in it. It costs about RM1/vcap.

  8. Tracy,
    I am not in KL are. You should ask the Pediatrician, they like to use it to treat children constipation.

  9. I would like to know the best way to store this prolactor – 10b. the doctor prescribed my 6 yr old daughter for her tummy pain. I have kept it in the room temperature for about a week. if it is supposed to be stored in the fridge, can i still use it now or should i dispose it.

  10. Hasna,
    You suppose to store this Prolactor-10B in the fridge that’s why it comes with a piece of themfreeze for you to carry around. So if you have kept it in the room temp for a week now, I afraid it is too late now. But it is still looks & smell OK (with no black moulds) you can just decap the capsule and mix it with you garbage enzyme. Worst come to worst, mix it with water and use as the fertilizer.

  11. Hie, there is another probiotics that called Bioflora….wondering is it the same with Prolactor? I was thinking about changing Bioflora to Prolactor….any suggestion?

  12. My personal opinion: the more the numbers of good bacteria the better, “10B” in Prolactor means 10 billion bacteria.
    What is the purpose of using probiotic, do you mind to share?

  13. It was recomended by doctor for my 3yrs old daughter . It is to improve her immune systems. She is easily fall sicks ( fever, coughing, flu and intestines infection) Then they recomended Bioflora 5b, take twice per day. So far, she is ok with it but if Prolactor is way better than Bioflora, I might consider to change it. She is also taking vit C ( Appeton ) in a meantime. I just wanted to keep her healthy and sick lesser. What your opinion? Can share with me?

  14. I am not a Doctor nor am I medical professional but common sense tell me that 5B twice a day (Bioflora) and 10B once a day (Prolactor) is the same, in terms of bacteria counts. I am not familiar with Bioflora and I am NOT saying that Prolactor-10B is better, it is just the type of probiotic that I can find near my place. Take note that Prolactor-10B has to be kept in low temperature at ALL time so it might be inconvenience to some who like to carry them around. So it is up to you. Yogurt is another alternative that you might want to give it a try.
    But I am against the Vitamin C tablets of any kind, it is better to take an orange a day rather than taking those vitamin tablets.

  15. i do agree with mr enzymo cos i believe that human is just a part of nature … like all other animals n plants on the earth … so i strongly believe that watever we take into our body must be as natural as it can be … i/o taking in processed … value added … chemically assembled food …
    read an article that mentioned that God said to Adam & Eve … heth has provided all the fruits n plant as food for them …
    so eat naturally … our health will sure be ok …

  16. I echo what Thomas and 凡夫俗子 said regarding the goodness of natural and “whole” food. I had never put my children to any synthetic vitamin. I simply give them vegetable and moderate fruit juice extracted from twin gear juicer.

    Their diet is controlled from home, but I still lose out to the lunch they take in school and sometimes outside, when we dined out.

    So far, I have saved hips of medical expenses. My eldest is at her teens with the other two just 2 years apart, they only saw the doc when they had to take their vaccine. Simple running nose was fixed with honey and simple herbs. Their lungs were always clear and hardly had fever. So, they kept themselves away from antibiotic. Thank God.

    I am fermenting Kefir since last Nov. Having lots of positive effects. I save on probiotic capsules again…hehe.

  17. hi joyful …
    i must call u sifu this time … cos can u show me how to diy kefir ???
    not sure ur method is the same as wat my fren told me … but she called it sour milk … i presume they are just the same …
    wat she told me is real simple … but i have not tried b4 …
    just bring the milk to boil …
    cool it at room temperature …
    add in 30ml of enzyme … any flavour …
    n let it sit ove nite … here comes the sour milk ready on ur breakfast table the next morning …
    is is wat u do ???
    thanks ….

  18. mr enzymo …
    ya .. i know roughly wat the ingredients needed and the preparation process … but where to buy the seed “kefir” … organic shop ???

  19. 凡夫俗子,
    I have no idea where to get the kefir seeds but I saw in the google video that someone oversea is selling and they will send to you by post.

  20. 凡夫俗子,
    “Kefir grains” is the common name for the starter. I don’t think you can buy them in any organic shop.

    I don’t think the sour milk mentined by your friend is kefir because boiling of milk is not necessary in kefir culturing. You just need to put 1 tbspn of kefir grains into a cup of milk (cold or room temp) and leave it in room temperature for 24 hrs and strain it. Then you repeat the process all over again.

    I am culturing kefir daily so obviously I have the grains lah…hehe. I have shared the grains with many friends and relatives and they all find it good. Thomas is right that some people do sell the grains overseas, both fresh and dried ones.

    Which state are you living in? KL? I guess if you do want it, we probably could work out the logistic.

  21. joyful …
    i know u need the kefir grains … but we do u get them ??? i m sure u must have got it from somewhere …
    don tell me u start from scratch ???
    i live in kl … cheras area …
    may b u can send me by post laju … i will reimburse u for the cost …

  22. 凡夫俗子,
    Sorry, I did not make myself clear. I obtained the grains from someone.

    Could you please email 凡夫俗子 my email address (with my permission in this case:)) so that she can contact me for further arrangement. Thank you Thomas.

  23. joyful & enzymo ..
    i got lucky last weekn … was talking to a friend of mine … he knows someone diy kefir … he will cut some culture for me … thanks anyway ….

  24. Lyn,
    There are many articles out there that you can refer to. For example this below statement

    Your body has a natural bacterial balance that prevents you from suffering from infections such as yeast infections and nail fungus. You have beneficial bacteria that live in and on your body that keep yeast and fungus under control so they can’t start causing you any problems. Once your bacterial balance has been upset then the yeast and fungus can start infecting any part of your body.

    But you have to judge for yourself , some are ad. blog. If you ask me , iw would say ……. No Harm Trying.

  25. The doctor have giving my son the Prolactor b-10 for 1 week supply, I found it is really good, so I decide to let my son continue to take the Prolactor 10-b. 7 pills is charge around Rm 25.00 is expensive, can I get the b-10 in which pharmacy?

  26. Daphne,
    A bottle of 30 capsules is around RM80. Not sure if you can find at the pharmacy near you.
    10B is good but taking it daily for long term is not a good idea to me, firstly it is expensive, secondly these are a high concentration factory made probiotics. Thirdly, there are other natural alternative like yogurt, kefir or enzyme which is cheaper & safer to use. Lastly, A lifestyle change and a commitment to a healthier life is more important than anything else…….. Cutting sugar from our children’s diet is a good start but not many ppl willing/able to do that. You will be surprised how much sugar we feed our children everyday…. Just my “dua sen”

  27. the problem is that we are always fooled by our eyes … to many ppl they take “sugar” literally … not realising that sugar is hidden in a lot of food n drink that we consume daily … technically sugar is just a form of carbohydrate … so we got to cut down not of the sugar per se but refined food …
    hahaha … this is also my penny worth of thought … u may scold me luan luan kong … but don quote me …

  28. You people here in Malaysia are so oblivious and gullible about probiotics or good bacteria in general. Below is a link that you can conduct at the privacy of your home, to see the viability of the probiotics in the local market. This will tell which probiotics are the genuine and which are the phony products.

    There is 0 probiotics manufacturer here in Malaysia, all these brands in the market are resellers or marketing agency who import probiotic powder from unkown sources repackaged them using their created names and sold to the local market.
    Many local Malaysian probiotics products claims million, billions, zillions of cfu, imported from Australia, New Zealand, China, India, locally cultured probiotics & etc(so far there’s no commercial scale probiotics facility here in Malaysia or South East Asia. so how is it locally cultured) , all just a marketing gimmick for gullible locals. Malaysian are very deprived of quality supplements and medications. Even the very best clinically proven Lactobacillus GG by Culturelle is only $19.99 for 30ct in the states that even cheaper than most local brands. Expensive products in Malaysia does not necessary translate to being the best. Shop wisely!

  29. Expat,
    Probiotics is relatively new to our country, I guess we do not have a choice when the technology/know-how is controlled. When businessmen only care about making money, I think expensive products in any parts of the world will not translate to being the best.
    Thanks for sharing anyway.

  30. I did the exact test in the link for “every” bottle of probiotics I opened irregardless of brand…for years. Some alive some were dead, even they could be of the same brand. I am sure if I were to conduct the test on every capsule within the same bottle, there would be failure too. Probiotics’s efficacy depends largely on its delivery system, outside your body and inside your body, of which we have not much control over.

    Therefore, I would not generalize that price or brand or where they came from be a criteria for the “best”, even some may claim it to be clinically proven. Aren’t any of our buying based on label first of all and our knowledge of the product is restricted based on the finding reports (of which we have no control over its accuracy)?

    Commercialism is everywhere. The developed nations are losing out to their own FDA, going around controlling “food” as “drug – medicine”.

    What we Malaysians have is a God given instinct within our “gut” to be able to tell what works for our unique bodies, and that, no commercialism can fool us. That is why many Malaysians hang around here, House of DIY.

  31. hahaha … expat …
    u r quite right … not that i m being defensive … i think not only malaysian r so gullible … generally the consumers at large r at the mecry of media advertisement that they have been brain-washed n misled … that ppl generally equate price to quality … sad but true that there aren’t so many wise consumers out there … otherwise the direct sale cos wont have mushroomed all over the place …
    it is very kind of us to share the link … which i m in total ageement … ciao …

  32. Hi, I saw a documentory show made by BBC, they did a test to see that does it really help in taking probiotics supplement after food, so they had 2 groups of volunteers to test for a week. A# Without control diet, but will take yogurt and probiotics supplement after each meal, B# Eat only Raw Veges and fruits but without any probiotics supplement. At the end of the week, testing shows that A# probiotics activity are still relatively low, whereas B# has very hight active probiotics acitivity found in thier faeces. They concluded that the Raw veges and fruits actually helps to create a good “environment” to promote the growth of healthy bacterias, while unhealthy eating habit will do the opposite, taking probiotics supplement only makes us feel good psychologically, this also sounds like throwing money into the drain if we do not practise good eating habit.

  33. Hi, FYI food with high fiber contents provide probiotics with suitable nutrients for optimal proliferation especially in the stomach. The acidic condition in the stomach is between 1-3, after an average meal it reaches the ideal acidity ph level for bacterial growth. Nutrients + acidity + warm temperature helps promote the multiplication in the stomach before moving to the large intestine where multiplication slows down and finally adhering to the mucosa wall in the intestine. Because probiotics are lactic acid bacteria it will no doubt survive acidic conditions in the human stomach, special coated capsules or encapsulation are just another marketing gimmick.

  34. Answer for Lyn Goh topic:
    May i know this Prolactor 10B can helps fro viginal fungal infection?

    For vaginal fungal infection or yeast infection, instead of taking probiotics orally. Insertion of the capsule or pill into the vaginal tract is found to be most effective in treating these issues.

    The importance of Lactobacilus in the female genital tract. In the female genital tract. Lactobacillus plays an important role in maintaining an acid pH (4.4-4.6) which
    inhibits the growth of E. coli, which can cause inflammation of the urethra and Trichomonas vaginalis. This can result in Trichmoniasis due to the an alkaline pH in the vagina, giving rise to foul odor, discharge, itching and the burning sensation of the vagina. As long as Lactobacillus is present in the vagina, the growth of these undesirable
    microorganisms will be suppressed due to the formation of lactic acid.

  35. hi kathy ….
    if i m not mistaken … u can buy it OTC
    but why not trying to diy kefir urself …
    u may refer to the kefir thread here … or email to joyful for more details …
    i know of a friend who has tried the product and kefir … she found kefir is doing equally good, if not better and it is much cheaper on kefir …

  36. Hi everyone,

    I’m a student currently doing research on probiotics for my thesis. Degree in Biotech. (IPTS)
    Hope that i can help around regarding this product as im having a sample for my research.

    There are a few others in the market now but to me this Proclator do stand out from the other because it has 2 special ingredients which are Inulin and Arabinogalactan. Both of them are not probiotics. They are prebiotics which are food to the probiotics, the friendly viable bacteria that are stored in the capsules form.

    Thus Prolactor actually is SYNBIOTIC (more advanced i think) which contains both prebiotic and probiotic as other products don’t have prebiotics.

    The purpose of prebiotics is to keep the probiotics alive as our digestive system maybe harsh towards probiotics and kill them b4 they can reach the proper place in our body to colonize and to perform its function and what v pay for.

    As the probiotics, both the genus Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are originated from human thus can be taken without worry as reported cases of side effects were very rare thus probiotics are very good unlike other supplements.

    However this probiotics are still new thus the quality control issue may arise in Malaysia but in Europe many bodies already regulate the probiotics products as more and more are consuming it. One arising issue maybe the ingredients and specification at the bottles doesnt meet its label.

    The benefits mentioned aboved are all true. I hope can go on but its lengthy ( yup probiotics is that good).

    One thing to note is the storage of the PROLACTOR as this are alive cells like us thus an optimum condition like temperature is vital…follow the instruction given.

    p/s: Sorry for my grammar as im staying up late at nite to do my thesis. For sharing, i do feel glad that i can actually contribute back to the community via my knowledge after yrs of studying. Credits to my labmate n my supervisor too.

  37. Jimmy,
    Thanks for sharing, do come back often and give us your opinion on various topics that we may have in the future.
    Thanks again.

  38. Hi Jimmy,

    Most probiotics are cultured from dairy.
    Thus, does Prolactor 10B is a casein-free probiotics?

    Thanks & regards.

  39. Hi,

    May I know where to buy the Prolactor-10B in Penang Island near Pulau Tikus area..and how much is the price.


  40. hi, i live in Puchong. where can i get this prolactor-10B from and how does it cost. i have 2 children, older one is 6 years old and my younger one is 4. thanks

  41. Sharmila,
    It was a very old post, you can get other types of probiotics from the pharmacies near you with cheaper price now.

  42. Dear All,

    For those who are taking probiotics as their routine, may consider GainBac which is available in the market. It has 7 strains with 5 billions CFU. It could be consumed on long term basis. Cause Lactobacillus acidophilus and some Bifidobactrium spp. are natural habitants in human and classified GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). If excessive probiotics are consumed; the excess bacteria will be flushed out through excretion. For the storage, it could be kept in cool dry place, away from sunlight. No need for keep it in the refrigerator.

    Hope could help.



  43. My bb 10 months old easy to get flu and cough and get well very slow with doctor antibiotic+medicine. Is prolactor-10B benefits to my BB?

  44. hi Leng,

    Probiotic after a course of antibiotic is always beneficial. Probiotic can strengthen one’s immune system. I used to take store-bought probiotic capsules (very expensive) until I started to make Milk Kefir at home.

    Kefir contains a lot more good bacteria strains (more than yogurt in fact) as compared to any probiotic supplements. Kefir has all the nutrients found in milk and it is easily absorbed and assimilated into our body system.

    You may email me at if you are interested.

  45. Hi, I have taken prolactor 10b for 2 mths, it helps me a lot in my constipation.
    On the other hand, i discovered myself gain weight after i had it, is it possible?

  46. Hello,

    I have gave birth to twin baby boy and my 2 twin lung was not matured so he stayed 3 week in the hospital but now he is fine. They are 3 month old now but i am afaid as he can get ill very fast compare other.
    do you think that prolactor-10b is suitable for him and which pead do you recommend in kl

  47. My daughter 14 months facing a problem – constipation now i already change to mamil gold then i wants to start using probiotic can everyone help me.

  48. 不好意思,我想了解上面那個藍色包裝的良菌,網友有介紹這個良菌,可是我不懂英文,看不懂,懇請哪位好心人士幫我介紹一下這個食品,萬分感謝!

  49. my daughter skin allergy, i think 4 month …..ready…..sad…….so today i bring her got to see doctor , he recommand this he said can approve skin allergy well….

  50. Hi Kelly,
    In general, Probiotics is a very wide topic to discuss, it has a much powerful benefit than just curing stomach problem. Please read the books I have recommended or from internet.

  51. hi..may i ask about the PROLACTOR..because some mistake the PROLACTOR was taking out for more than 10 hours without refrigeration..can it still be used?

  52. smith,
    sorry, too late to comment, actually in this kind of situation, you need to judge it youeself.

  53. There are many other brand in the market now, you can look for the reputable manufacturers that offer the bacteria counts of 5B, 8B or 10B which suite your need. Most probiotics needs cold storage.

  54. my daughter only 9 months suffering from constipation, dr asked to take this, but i dun see any result.
    actually after consuming 6 mths, issit possible to continue or have to stop for few months, continue back ?

  55. darlingz, it is best if you talk to the doctor that prescribe the probiotic. I am not sure what do you mean by “dun see any result “.


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