(DIY#5) 芒果酵素Homemade Mango Enzyme Juice


I went back for Qingming Festival last weekend. On the way back I stopped at Rantau Panjang, a Malaysian town situated at the Kelantan-Thailand border. There is a day market (pasar siang) selling all sorts of fruits, clothing, pillows & bedsheets, kuihmuih & cookies plus many other things.

It is the mango season now so there are plenty of mangoes on sale. I bought 20kg of the so call “Black Gold” mangoes (黑金 in Penang’s hokkien)

I have set aside some of the young & green mangoes for my first homemade mango enzyme.

3 Big Thailand Mangoes (or any other species that you prefer)

Jaggery Sugar Cube (same weight as the mangoes above ) or other natural unrefined sugar.


1. Wash and dry the mangoes under shade. Wash and dry the container, knife and chopper board under sun light.

2. Peel the mango skin and cut each into small cubes of 1X1X1 cm.

3. Put all of the mango cubes into the bottle container and cover with all of the Jaggery sugar.

mango Enzyme Day1

4. Leave it for night and then try to shake/tilt the bottle a bit so that the juice can wet the remaining of the sugar and melt.

5. Leave it in the dark clean place for at least  4 weeks .

6. Pay attention during the first few days. You can stir the whole thing with a clean spoon so that it mix well. make sure the mangoes cubes is moist most of the time at least for the first week.

7.  Raising the temperature to about 35-40 degree C can actually  help to speed up the fermentation process , if not just leave it .

8. After 3-4 weeks, filter and transfer the juice into a bottle. keep the juice in the refrigerator .

9. Add 2-3 tablespoon of enzyme juice to a glass of water (room temperature or colder) , drink 2-3 times a day after meal.

10. Enjoy !

P/S: this is the lazy method as I have put all the mango cubes and sugar in an easy 1 step. But if you like you can do it layer by layer just like this one. Make sure the top layer is sugar.


This is how the juice looks like after 2 months :

It taste special, a little bit like durian,  I don’t know maybe I miss durian too much.   You have to try it yourself.

Disclaimer 慎重声明


17 thoughts on “(DIY#5) 芒果酵素Homemade Mango Enzyme Juice

  1. David,
    Almost all fruits can be used. Best if you could use sour fruit bcos we use lot of sugar here. Also you have to balance up the juicy fruits & dry fruits in your mix.
    Go try out , you will learn along the road.

  2. Hi catgirl, one of the purpose of sugar is use to “dehydrate” the fruits, if you did not cut up the fruits, the skin will interfere this process. Try to do pineapple or papaya if you are doing the first time, the success rate is higher, cost is much lower, and is not as tedious. they are also the king of enzyme.

  3. hi catgirl …

    u shld have at least sliced open the grapes to facilitate easier fermentation … n remove the seeds if possible …
    but since u have already done … let it be la … mayb it takes slightly longer for the juice to come out …

  4. hi to the two shi fu that answer my question, thanks a lot, its a good lesson for me.. my first time, no sure, but now i know i have to cut up the grapes… even removing the seeds, haha, yeah , i better try other fruit next time , easier,

  5. Very impressed. Discovered this site via friend. Will try to DIY the enzyme juice and share the finding later. From : Steven

  6. hi steven … welcome to join in the enzyme kaki here …
    i can assure u that u will nvr regret that u have put ur little finger into this cookie jar … it will bring u a lot of pleasant surprises …

  7. hi, all the ‘si fu’! I just want to check with u guys regarding the 1:3:10 parts formulato make enzyme .Ifound it via you tube. ihave made some for eco-enzyme.It works great! I think it should works for drinking-enzyme,but wat is the different btw tis 1:3:10 formula and your” dry method “?their “power” and effectivenes wise ? ofcourse including their taste…….! thx !

  8. 想问你,去皮了的水果,不可以洗了吗?

  9. 版主你好,




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