(DIY#3)腌制黄瓜 Homemade Pickle


所需要的材料如下:黄瓜1-2公斤 (装满容器为准),醋一瓶,糖适量(图中为印度黑糖)。
(All you need are : Cucumber 1-2kg, Vinegar 1 bottle , a glass container and some sugar or Jaggery.

1.把黄瓜放满玻璃容器。Fill the glass container with cucumbers.

2.注入醋一瓶及适量的糖。 Add 1 bottle of vinegar & sugar.


3.讓所有的材料在玻璃容器里腌四个星期。Set aside & let all the ingredients preserved in the vinegar for 4 weeks + .


完成品如上。 The finish product will look like this.

注意:所有材料一定要洗干净及晾干 (Note: All ingredients must be clean & dry)



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