(DIY#2)自制酸奶(优格乳) Homemade Yogurt

自制酸奶 D.I.Y. Yogurt (优格乳)

p1030566.jpg所需要的材料如下:鲜奶1公升,酸奶2汤匙酸奶(优格乳)当菌种,不锈钢容器及汤匙。 (All you need are : 1 Liter of Pasteurized Fresh Milk, 2 tbsp of Plain Yogurt, a S/Steel Container & a Spoon.

p1030572.jpg1. 把一整盒鲜奶倒入不锈钢容器中。 (1.Pour the whole carton of milk into the container.)

p1030574.jpg 2. 把容器放入已煮开了的水中加热, 以便加热。 (2. Set the container into a wok-full of boiling water to heat up the milk.)

p1030578.jpg 3. 搅拌使容器中的鲜奶均匀受热。 (3. Stir well so that the milk get heated evenly.)

p1030586.jpg 4. 讓鲜奶在加热到大约40C熄火, 可用手背试下温度, 有温度但不会烫的感觉。 (4. Switch off the heat to around 40C, drip some milk on your hand to feel the temp, just like how the baby milk is prepared.)

p1030596.jpg 5.把2汤匙酸奶(菌种)加入,充分搅均。。 (6. Add 2 tbsp. of plain yogurt, stir well.)

p1030598.jpg 6.如有气泡, 把它拿掉, 做出来的酸奶(优格乳)比较滑及好看。 (6. Scoop out the bubble so that your yogurt look more presentable.)

p1030603.jpg 7.盖上盖子。 (7. Cover with the lit.)

p1030610.jpg 8.把放入饭锅保温(不开电), 讓鲜奶在里面保温,隔夜发酵。 (8. Keep the whole thing inside a rice cooker or any place that can keep the whole whing warm, let the milk ferment over night.)

p1030621.jpg 9. 第二天早上, 鲜奶便会凝结成酸奶(优格乳)。 (9. By the next morning, the yogurt should be solidified.)

p1030627.jpg 10. 如果有需要可以保留2汤匙的酸奶在一个消毒过的容器,以供下一次用, 但需冷藏 (10. Keep 2 tbsp. of yogurt in a clean sterilised container for next use in the fridge, if you wish.)

11. 完成的酸奶可直接享用,也可加入果汁。 (11. The yogurt can be served plain or you can add some fruit juice or jam if you wish.)

Important :

1. Use pasteurized fresh milk. If you want to use raw milk, you have to make sure you  sterilize the milk completely before using. It is safer to use the fresh milk from supermarket because it has been pasteurized.

2. Full cream milk, UHT milk, high calsium milk, low fat milk or milk with fruits favor are NOT recommended.

3. Make sure all of your containers and tools are clean (no dirt and oil) and dry under sunlight before use.

4. Take special care on the hygiene issue after step 4 ,as you do not want contaminate the milk after you have sterilized it.

5. Make sure the milk is cool below 40C before you perform step 6 because high temperature will kill all the good organisms in the plain yoghurt. Also use plain yoghurt for this purpose, the use of low fat yogurt, high calcium, low sugar or yogurt with fruits favor are NOT recommended.

6. The finished product may contain some clear liquid separated from the solidified yogurt, DO NOT pour the liquid away, these liquid are nutritious by-product, you can stir & mix the whole thing together with a clean spoon before you consume.



Factors affecting the “watery/solidity” of the homemade yogurt :

(1) The duration of the fermentation process—The longer you leave your yogurt to ferment, your yogurt will turn into more solid form.

(2)The amount of yogurt you put in (step 6) — The more the bacteria, the faster the fermentation process will take place hence your yogurt will be more solid. BTW, certain type of bacteria ferment faster than others do. If you do not like the way your bacteria ferment or if you do not like the texture of the yogurt, change the seed (yogurt brand)

(3) The temperature — The bacteria will ferment faster in suitable temperature, if you put your yogurt to ferment in room temperature (Malaysia at night 25C-27C ) it will take slightly longer time.

What you need to do is to try and error and strike a balance between these 3 factors to obtain the type of yogurt of your like.

Also, some of the yogurt you make may leak whey (the watery substance) , do not pour away as these are very nutritious, Mix it back to your yogurt before you consume. Some large dairy companies rely on a faster process to produce more yogurt, but use thickeners to reduce the degree of whey leakage, try to avoid those commercial yogurt when aver possible.

Lastly, no matter how your yogurt looks like, it is as nutritious as any other yogurt in the market because It has your LOVE inside, it is the best gift for your love one and I am not joking.

(DIY#2)自制酸奶(优格乳) Homemade Yogurt”的一个响应

  1. Dear Kim, Thanks for your Q. I have updated my post to include the answers to your Q. Feel free to comment.

  2. You are welcome, please note that even though the yogurt you have made appear watery, there is no difference in terms of nutrition content.
    You can add some fruit juice and it will become delicious yogurt drinks ( Lassi-Indian beverage) , I am sure you will like it, have a try and enjoy.

  3. 非常高兴发现你的blog,因为从这我学会做yogurt. 原来是这末容易的....

  4. 请问ENZYMO , 酸奶是不是比牛奶更容易让小孩吸收?

  5. vivienne,

  6. 发酵10-15 小时。 你买的多久一定要喝完,照样对了,还有要看看卫生程度,如果污染多就不能留太久。

  7. 1/9 我照您提供的方法做优格乳。
    2/9 傍晚吃,上面的有点酸,下面的淡淡,结果我参水果一起吃,感觉还不错。有剩余。

    哈哈,我喜欢吃,有空时会再做啊……. 很愉快,吃自己做的食物。谢谢您的分享。

  8. 我尝试做了几次的酸奶,只失败过一次,其他的都成功。
    失败的那一次,说起来有点“歹势”。因为把鲜奶倒入不锈钢容器中的时候,倒得太多。当加入酸奶(菌种)时,牛奶过满,流了出来。情急之下我竟然用嘴去喝!:) 结果,发酵后上面那层可嗅到一丝丝的臭酸味道,下面的还OK,还有酸奶的味道。当然,我全都倒掉了。
    还有一次,酸奶还没吃完就去出差数天。回来后发现酸奶有一条条红色的线, 但没臭味,当然也倒掉了。请教过汤姆斯理后,确定是臭酸了。在此分享一下…

  9. Thomas, can i used the yogurt maker to make yogurt as you mentioned above?
    i hv bought the easiyo yogurt maker , i just put in cold water and yogurt powder in a jar and stand inside the yogurt maker fill with boiling water and set for 8 hours, but that one is more expensive, RM15 for 1 kg yogurt. I wish to do the cheaper one.
    pls help, thanks!

  10. ehon, y not tried the one Thomas taught here. 1 litre of Tesco fresh milk is less than RM5, 1 cup of Nestle Natural yogurt is less than RM3. Add up, less than RM8. Plus, u dun need a yogurt maker.

    But of coz, it’s always encouraged to try new way and share it wt us here. Unless, as u mentioned, u want to do a cheaper way. All the best trying!

  11. I have made yogurt following your instruction, each time was successful, except once when i tried using the strawberry flavoured milk(which is not recommeded, but i tried also, still edible but not so nice).
    My 2 yr old daughter loves the yogurt very much. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the information.

  12. I ‘m glad your daughter likes it.
    I am sure she will like this [Lassi] as well, you can even use banana, apple or just add in some fruits juice.
    Eat yogurt everyday, keep the doctor away. 🙂

  13. Hi,Thomas,at about 10.30 pm just now, I am so happy when i “discovered “your home made yogurt blog,without hesitating,i go to buy one liter fresh milk from the nearest 7 eleven and start doing yogurt following your photo instruction I didn’t notice the most IMPORTANT note at below the photo(too exciting la…………!!! )I didn’t sun dry the stainless steel container ….! so, don’t know what will happen to my first DIY yogurt ??(I already sms my friends tell them i will bring them dragon fruit yogurt tomorrow…die hard liao!!!)

  14. when i open the container this morning at about 9.30 am…….hurray…..hurray the yogurt is successfully “born’ its look so “beautiful”although its doesn’t taste like my expectation but its tasty after blend with dragon fruit, ha ha ha happiness is just something very simple .Thomas ,thank you very much.

  15. Amber,
    Glad you like it.
    Of course it is difference bcos this is the healthier version, maybe if you add those sugar, artificial flavor, preservative and the thickener back, it will taste like the commercial yogurt 🙂

    p/s: I have bad experience with the fresh milk from 24hours sundry shop cos not fresh, maybe due to the storage temp, (hopefully it was an isolated case).

  16. Thomas,
    Someone gave me a batch of “Kefir grains” which I had started brewing it. I knew very little about Kefir but from what I read so far, it is quite a good gut food, almost surpassing yogurt. Do you have any experience in Kefir culture? I hope to discuss with someone who have experience in Kefir brewing in our region with similar climatic condition.

  17. joyful,
    I do not have experience in kefir fermentation, but kefir, yogurt & enzyme are similar because they all are rich in probiotic and good for our gut.
    It just that yeast in the kefir fermentation may turn the end product to contain a little bit alcohol just like our enzyme fermentation.
    Give it a try and hope you can come back and share with us.

  18. Thank you Thomas for your reply.
    You are right to say that Kefir will contain a small amount of alcohol, if we close the lid (as I read). What I did was, I covered the mouth of the jar with clean cloth and let it ferment for only 24hrs. The end product was a very nice, sour kefir, tasted a bit like yogurt except it is smoother and runny than yogurt. I did not taste alcohol, I knew because I have an extremely low tolerence for alcohol…Shandy can make my head spin 🙂 and so are our wonderful enzymes…hehe.
    I started with only a very small batch (I got only about 1 teaspn of kefir grains), so would not know its health benefit on me yet. Hopefully, the kefir grains will grow eventually to the amount I need for bigger quantity to feed my entire family.

  19. hi, i was sucessfull to make this homamade yogurt and thanks for ur good recipe :p
    i got 1 question as i m on diet so i wonder this homemade yogurt will help me on diet or not

  20. domino,
    yogurt is full of probiotic which help your digestion system, it will definitely help in weight control, you can google ” probitic & weight control “

  21. I am into the 2nd week of kefir brewing. I enjoy it very much and so are my family members. It’s very easy and one does not need to spend a lot of time doing it. Once you settle into a daily routine of harvesting and making new batch, everything just falls into its place. You just need to ensure daily supply of fresh milk.
    Please check this link for more info and understand the difference between Kefir and Yogurt.


  22. Dear joyful,
    I understand Dom is the “king of kefir” quite famous in Autralia.
    Some Qs: Where to store the kefir grains if you decided to stop for a while ? In the fridge? I heard you need to activate the kefir grains if you put in the fridge? How to activate ?

  23. Hi Thomas,

    According to what I read, there’s a few methods to store milk kefir grain.

    1. Store in fridge with some fresh milk in a jar, that could last 1 week. Strain and pour in new milk every week. To activate it, just take it out, strain and add fresh milk, let it stand outside to brew. That’s all. This little creature is very robust, but just beware of chemical exposure esp chlorine in water and metal utensils.

    2. Dry it and sprinkle dry milk powder then freeze it, some say it could stay alive for 2 years but 2-3 months is recommended. It will take 4-6 days to reactivate with daily milk change as per the usual brew.

    You can read Dom’s website to find out more. I do not have the experience yet. I am still trying to brew daily to let the grain grow till it is enough to feed my entire family daily. I am harvesting about 0.75L now.

    Thomas, I remember reading a post here from someone who said that she brews enzymes with the mother culture in sugar and water for 24 hrs and harvested it. I think it could be the sugar kefir grain, what say you ?

  24. joyful,
    I have no experience in sugar kefir fermentation that is why cannot comment much. I know bacteria better than yeast, I know how to prevent the bad bacteria from growing but I have no idea on yeast. As far as I know, yeast is good when under controlled , but too much yeast is bad.

  25. 保留2汤匙的酸奶以供下一次用, 需冷藏, 那么下一次就直接用这酸奶当菌种 ?
    把放入饭锅保温 ? 饭锅需开电吗?谢谢

  26. Yesterday night i try to make the 2nd time of D.I.Y. Yogurt. Both time also success! I like the taste & I make the apple lassi for my family, they like the lassi drinks so much.

    Thanks a lot to Mr Enzymo.

    I will share this wonderful D.I.Y Yogurt with my friends also.

  27. 保留2汤匙的酸奶以供下一次用, 需冷藏。。。

  28. thanks! 那下的酸奶可以放多久呢?如果不是很长做,那要如何保留这些菌种呢。。。

  29. 一定要放在饭锅保温吗?如果放在钢煲可以吗?不好意思太多问题了,麻烦你了。。。

  30. 看看卫生条件把,也不能收太久,我收过最多3个星期。当你做出来的酸奶越来越”粗“ 就是时候换了。

  31. Hi Enzymo,

    Thanks for speedy reply
    I have gone thru the Q&A few times but yet to find to answer to my question. Was it in chinese character? I am sorry I do not understand Chinese character.

  32. hi…mr enzymo
    must use fresh milk to do this diy yogurt?can i change it to low fat milk?thx for ur sharing…

  33. 我昨天做的yogurt已经可以吃了,我加了点果汁和水果。。。emmmmmm比外面买的还好吃呢!我女儿超爱哦。。。
    mr enzymo thanks ur 无私的分享和教导。。。

  34. hi bonnie, u no need to swtich on the rice cooker, only but in. not only rice cooker, other cooker also can…

  35. 还没加入果汁时味道酸酸的~可是加入果汁后味道一级棒~~~加入果汁的同时我也加入了少许糖~调解酸酸的味道。

  36. Xinyi,
    Try not to add sugar in your yogurt if you can help it. It will nullify the goodness of your yogurt. In fact, avoid sugar if you could.

    You may add freshly squeezed juice eg carrot, oranges etc or fresh fruits like mango, papaya or banana.

  37. thx joyful.i’ll try it.but not now.coz my new sem started ady~didnt hv enuf utensils.haiz…nid to drink packed yogurt.

  38. Hi Leng leng,

    Thanks for your reply. It was edible for the first time(skimmed milk) but not the second time cos i used soya (sweet) instead of milk. i guess because the sugar content in the soya

  39. Hi Bonnie,

    Soya cannot make yogurt, even the soyabean itself cannot eat together with milk, cheese and yogurt, these will effect the calcium intake.

    Try use Fresh Milk it taste better.

  40. 您好, 我自制酸奶成功, 但是在享用了第一次后,放回冷藏,大約四五個小時后再打開,切發現上層有點帶黃色的液體,為什么? 是不是壞了?

  41. A Q from my 9-yr-old child: Why must use stainless steel pot? Can air-tight container (plastic) be used? Thanks.

  42. I am using s/steel bcos it is easier to heat up, you can transfer to other type of containers, but make sure those containers are clean.

  43. The link seemed to be on strike for a couple days. Finally, tonight I am able to see it.
    Aiya! I thought it might be plastic could cause some sort of chemical reaction, thus must use stainless steel. Fortunately, I have not told this to my child 不然教错小孩!

  44. Hi, thanks so much for the recipe to make yogurt. I use Nestle yogurt to make. It is always successful and the taste is very good. Even my child says that it “tastes better than yogurt from the supermarket.

    I tried to use homemade yogurt to make a new batch. The result was… how to describe…
    slimy, runny, off taste, etc. What had gone wrong? Thanks.

    Another Q: if I add in more yogurt into the milk, what will happen? Presently, I use 2T of yogurt for 1/2 L of fresh milk. I know your recom. is 2T for 1L. I am a bit kiasu. So use more but would like to use less if possible.

  45. Foong,
    The fermentation process is very much depending on the temperature, duration & bacteria counts. So increase these parameters will speed up the fermentation process hence “harden” the end product. Since we are not doing it under stringent condition, the output may not be perfect all the time but who cares…. these are very healthy DIY yogurt. Wonder why those yogurts in the market taste so nice and look so consistence in terms of taste & appearance ? Don’t ask me.

  46. Haha Thomas and Foong,

    Those commercial yogurt last a long time sitting on the shelves too, without turning more and more sour. Think again, what method they use to control the good bacteria in it if there is still bacteria in it ??

  47. Since I don’t know why by using homemade yogurt, it often doesn’t work, I now use only Nestle yogurt (our preferred taste). I use 80g of yogurt (2 big tablespoons) for 1 L of milk. So far it has always been successful. Most important of all, my vegetarian child likes it. Once she tried the former, she pleaded not to eat it anymore. So this vegetarian mummy would rather be safe than sorry. I stick with Nestle.

    Thank you so much, Thomas. 愿以此分享的功德回向给诸善心人氏。

  48. Foong,
    You are welcome. I hope Nestle sees this and gives you some life time discount since you are such a loyal customer 🙂

  49. hi, Thomas

    Last night I had try diy my homemade yogurt following ur method, the result came out excellent, soft, smooth not sour and no milk taste.
    Thank you for sharing ur knowledge.

  50. june,
    I am glad you like it, it will eventually turn sour if fermentation process prolong.
    If you dun mind the sour taste, you can try to make some kefir as well.

  51. hi, Thomas
    my sister-in-law also ve the interest of diy yogurt, but I do not know
    if she doesn’t ve a thermometer how does she estimate the temperature.

  52. hi june …
    just follow thomas’ procedures will do …
    msian room temperature is ok … no need to monitor using a thermometer la …
    the fun of diy is to make simple … don over complicate ourselves that it becomes a chore …
    simpler still … u may try kefir …
    if u r interested in kefir … u may refer to the kefir thread here … or email to joyful @kefirbaby@yahoo.com for more details …

  53. hi, 凡夫俗子,
    bcos I do have a thermometer, and I’m using it,
    I will try not to repend on it too much, one more thing is
    my yogurt is a bid sticky and sour too.
    I did ask to get some kefirbaby b4, but afraid of the milk taste
    I still not ready to diy kefir yet.

  54. hi … june
    the quality of diy yogurt comes with experience …
    practice makes perfect … no cut la …
    keep trying … u will be there soon …
    hmmm … if u can stand the milk smell of yogurt … why not kefir ???
    aha … both are milk product le …

    ya … we do have friends who dislike the smell n taste of milk …
    in this case … u may want to try water kefir …
    unlike its milk counterpart … water kefir feeds on sugar …

  55. june,
    regarding to the temperature, tell your sister-in-law, she can drip some of the heated milk on her skin (like how to prepare feeding milk for a baby) as long as the temperature is comfortable on your skin, it is safe to stir in the yogurt.

  56. I would like to know the amount of consumption per day. I can eat the yogurt without adding any fruit or juice, right? What is the best time to consume it?

  57. This is the Q from 慧慧:-

    Q : I wonder whether you can answer my question about yogurt. Can I blend the yogurt with the dregs of enzymes such as pineapple which contain sugar? I understand that any sugar contain stuff is not recommended to add into yogurt. My sis is always complaint about her bloating stomach, can her problem be solved by eating yogurt? Will I gain weight if consume too much yogurt? A bit worry about this. Thank you.

    A: Sure you can blend the enzyme residue or dregs with your yogurt. Do that only before you want to drink it. When I said not to add sugar to yogurt, I meant white sugar, or any form of sugar as consumption of sugar can cause multiple health problems.

    You need to investigate what causes bloating stomach. I can’t tell you just by one phrase description of the condition whether yogurt can help or not. Why don’t you go to the Tale of Kefir to read up some of the links I recommended there to find out more on the benefits of probiotics.

    You need to assess the other food you take daily to avoid weight gain, not just yogurt. And, how much is “too much”?

  58. Hi 慧慧,

    250ml to me it’s not too much, it’s only 1 cup.

    If you are concern about the calories that may add on you, try to reduce the other high caloric food to balance up your daily calories intake.

  59. hi, Enzymo,
    Can i use milk powder instead of fresh milk, coz i don”t have fridge, and 1 L fresh milk to too much for me. So, i m thinking is it possible by using milk powder?

  60. 7pillars,
    I use full cream milk powder most of the time. May not be perfect but it serve the purpose, it woks for me, you can try iy.

  61. alternative to yogurt … u too can fee ur babies kefir (refer to joyful’s kefir thread) …

    turkish even feed their new born with milk kefir … esp if the babies are lactose intolerant …

  62. At first, i already found the Easiyo yogurt maker and placed the order already. Luckily, i found this websites, and realized that DIY yogurt is as easy as A,B,C… I tried it out yesterday night.. and yeah…. its really work. From now on, I can DIY yogurt for my baby. Thanks Thomas for sharing such a good recipe. Hope to receive the books from your sister soon.

  63. I wish to try to make and I can’t find any plain yogurt but “low fat” yogurt at the market.. anybody pls help..which bland u all use ?? Thanks

  64. A lot ppl think fat are unhealthy, that’s why there are so many “low fat” food in the market now.
    Anyway, low fat plain yogurt can be an alternative if you really can find what you are looking for.

  65. I see n i tried last Saturday using “low fat” plain yogurt,yes,it works. Thanks, n right now I can use it for my yogurt drink already. Yummyyy

  66. hi, my yogurt ‘s colour turn out a little yellowish (like mangoes puddin) without whey, but it taste ok. is it normal? thanks!it is after a few batches of homemade yogurt.

  67. wonder,
    It is norml to have slightly yellowish color but not as yellow as mangoes pudding. If you leave the fermentation for too long it will become harder & sour with less whey like toufu, so harvest earlier next time if you want softer texture.

  68. 我想問要是加入紅棗 ,果肉,等等。。

  69. I want to make yogurt with favour – like vanilla or chocolate. Do I add the favour with the yogurt ingredient before it become yogurt or after? Thank you.

  70. Annette,
    Is after. Anyway, by adding vanilla or chocolate you are turning the healthy yogurt back into unhealthy food which defeated the whole purpose, you can add some fresh fruits or fruit juice which is much healthier than any other artificial coloring/taste.

  71. 谢谢你的回答!我用“脱脂牛奶” 是因为它含较淡口味和想减肥,请问 脱脂和全脂牛奶 有何分别? 冷牛奶一样也可制造吗? 谢谢!

  72. bb,
    用最天然的材料是最好的, 加工牛奶(如脱脂和全脂)倒是没有选择下才应用的。

  73. 明白了,我通常是买冷藏低脂牛奶来喝。那天刚好也用上低脂牛奶加温后来制造,也蛮算成功的。当然我也赞同你的意见“用最天然的材料是最好的”。非常谢谢你的答复与分享!

  74. Hi Fuckinawa,

    You have asked a very interesting question.

    If you are talking about homemade fruit enzyme making, I do not use stainless steel ware at all. I use glass bottles.

    If you are talking about yogurt making, I do not use stainless steel ware also. I use glassware.

    And, if you are talking about Kefir brewing, whether it’s water kefir or milk kefir, I definitely do not use stainless steel ware. I use glassware or glass bottles.

    In short, I do not use any stainless steel ware in any fermentation process 😀

  75. Fuckinawa,
    如果是需要长时间的蔬果发酵, 我会用玻璃之类的容器。

  76. 伶伶,

    果汁可直接加入酸奶内,搅一搅就可喝了. 如果你想用 blender, 可加点冰块.

    Thomas 的 diy-recipe-index 里, 可供参考.

  77. 伶伶,


  78. 伶伶,

  79. 请问发酵时间最少要多久,或是只要酸奶凝结就可以了呢?-天吃多少为宜?多吃会肥胖吗?

  80. golden hero,
    发酵时间多长, 你做一两次就知道了,时间短就软一点, 时间长就硬一点, 而且看温度。
    -天吃多少为宜 ? 我就不会回答了, 这是Yogurt 不是吃药, 你喜欢什么时候吃,吃多少就随你咯。
    一公升牛奶如果拿来喝, 我相信两下子就喝完了, 但做成一公升的酸奶你如果有本事一天吃完,还吃到肥胖, 我也无话可说了。

    I made 2L of raw milk yogurt the other day. After the curd has formed, I poured the yogurt into a cheese cloth pocket and let it drip for 12hrs in the fridge. What I collected was a tub of delicious, creamy Greek Yogurt.
    I served it with mango puree and fresh berries. Absolutely yummy and smooth.

    If you are brewing Milk Kefir, you may do likewise resulting in Kefir Cheese (like cream cheese).
    To make Kefir Cheese, refer

    I kept the whey in a glass bottle and used it in juices and smoothies. It can also be used in bread baking, soaking grains, beans, oat etc or for fermenting vegetable eg. Kimchi, Sauerkraut etc.

    You may also use whey as a face toner or cleanser. For hair care, after shampooing, follow with a whey rinse. Leave the whey on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off with water. Half a cup of whey to a tub of warm water for foot soak is absolutely rejuvenating.

  82. Hello Thomas,


  83. KhemHeong Gary,

    我不肯定温度是否会影响酸奶的硬度, 但是在鲜奶中加奶粉是会使酸奶偏硬.
    问题是, 奶粉并非最佳选择.

    另外一个方法是把它制成 Greek Yogurt 吧…. 麻烦少许咯 😀

  84. Wei Ying,

  85. 看到好久没人回复评论,但我还是姑且一试,希望还有人会回答我。我照着以上步骤做乳酪,但过了九个小时牛奶还不会凝固。这是什么原因呢?会不会我买的plain yogurt益菌已死呢?:) 可以指点一下吗?

    P/s:我是用全脂牛奶+plain yogurt.

  86. Emillia,
    1. 这是个做酸奶(优格乳)Yogurt的食谱,不是做乳酪Cheese。
    2. 建议用鲜奶(Fresh Milk) , 不是全脂牛奶(Full Cream Milk)
    3. 如果你是要做酸奶(优格乳)Yogurt而不能凝固,那多半是你没依照”第5个步骤”,结果把菌种烫死了;但你如果你是要做乳酪Cheese,你找错食谱了。

  87. 谢谢回复。我是打错酸奶为乳酪。

  88. 你好。
    我想自己尝试做优格已经买了good day fresh milk和nestle fat free plain yoghurt(not recommended,可是超市只有这个了。。有影响吗?)

    谢谢你的分享,我的问题很多,麻烦你解答了。Thx so much!:)

  89. Cheryl,

  90. Thomas,
    Thx for the speedy reply!


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