Lactoses Intolerance & Yogurt


Lactoses Intolerance refers to the inability to metabolize lactoses a sugar found in milk and other diary products, due to the absence or decline of the required enzyme lactase.

About 70% of the world’s population just can’t drink milk or eat dairy products without getting an upset stomach. Lactose intolerance is genetic, and happens most often in people of African, Asian, and Mediterranean descent. Many people with lactose intolerance don’t even know they have the condition, while some may be misdiagnosed as having a serious bowel disease. Don’t believe you have a serious bowel disorder until you are sure milk is not the culprit.

If you have Lactoses Intolerance and cannot drink milk, you can try soy milk or better still try homemade yogurt. Some studies have shown that the active live bacterial cultures (also known as Probiotics) found in yogurt help lactose digestion.

Note that commercial yogurt may contain milk solids and may still cause stomach upset. So read the food labels and avoid lactose from your diet.



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