Jaggery (Gur) 印度黑糖

一般DIY酵素用的糖不外是片糖,冰糖, 蜜糖之类, 今天要介绍几种叫 Jaggery (或Gur) 的印度黑糖。

第一种是球形的叫 Ball Jaggery,直径5寸,每颗500g 左右,淡褐色 味道特别香。

Ball Jaggery 印度黑糖 (球形) Ball jaggery compare with an orange (own photo)

另一种Jaggery是长方形,2寸x2寸x3寸,重量不详,黄色, 味道像片糖。

Cuib Jaggery 印度黑糖 (长方形) Downloaded photo

还有一种Jaggery,Wikipedia 里有照片,重量不详, 味道不详。

jaggery Cylinder downloaded photo

其实,印度黑糖是一种原始的糖,在印度乡村相当普遍。制造过程是把甘蔗搾汁,过滤后 再把甘蔗汁 反复煮滚,冷却成型。各各乡村制造的形状各异。
印度黑糖的用途多,除了DIY酵素, 在印度可拿来弄甜点,菜肴及养身治病。我试过拿来冲咖啡,特别香!试一试。
哪里有卖? 我真的不知道,我也找了好久, 最近因认识了个做杂货批发的泰国朋友才买到的,但一次要买很多。如果您知道本地哪里有散卖,请和其他读者分享一下!

Jaggery (Gur) 印度黑糖”的一个响应

  1. Hi Thomas, I am interested in the Jaggery sugar but cannot find near my place in Serdang. I will ask my brother in Puchong to look around. I may need your help again if I still cannot find it.

  2. Hi, i get “Jaggery Sugar” at Kajang town beside Billion Supermarket, 1 pkt (2 pcs.) around Rm 2.30 ++.

  3. Hi fy, Thanks for sharing

    Hi Crystal, how many gram is there in a pkt of 2 ? It is a ball or a square jaggery ?

  4. Hi fy, sorry to delay u, i brought it last week 1 kg is Rm4.50, they got ball or square, if u buy it, just tell them “GULA INDIA” they r not understand “Ball Jeggery”

  5. Did anyone know where I can get jaggery in Johor Bahru (town)? As I am not a local and hd been asking around and no one can tell me where to get it.


  6. Did anybody know where to get jaggery in Bukit Mertajam, Penang? I have been asking around and couldn’t get one.

  7. jaggerry can be found in little india, penang. most of the sundry shop run by indian or indian muslim sell jaggery.

  8. Just wanna share with everyone, i came across various types of jaggery at Subang Jaya’s Mydin, at the spices corner.


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